Friday, November 29, 2013

Felt Like Talkin' To You Today

Has anyone watched the movie called "Trash Dance"?  Jerry just bought it on Vudu and we are watching it.  I like true life stories.  This is all about trash collectors and is very interesting.  I don't know how it will end.  The trash trucks are going to dance.  Hmmmmm?   I'll let you know tomorrow.

I made a video today because I was DETERMINED to make a certain bracelet.  I spent 4 hours trying to make it and I didn't even get ONE LINK done!  I just ordered another $300 worth of Swarovski Crystals, jump rings and wire, but I STILL couldn't do the project.  AARRGGHH!!!  I am the type to stick with it no matter what, but this may be the one time I just give up and try a new project.

Here's the video I made.  No big deal at all.  I do give an update on Jerry in it, and I show you the Art Bin box and how to keep from throwing it on the floor and jumping up and down on it.  (-;

I'll let you go.  Want to finish watching the trash movie.  Perfect show for a "people watcher" like me.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. I'm so glad Jerry is feeling better and that you both had a nice Thanksgiving. You deserved it!!!


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