Monday, November 18, 2013

Psycho-lady and Another Biopsy for Jerry

Hello from our real home in Southern Oklahoma.  Jerry and I were on our way to Walmart to buy groceries yesterday after church.  I had already put it off for two weeks, so we REALLY needed to go.  We were almost to the Walmart parking lot when Jerry said, "We COULD go home today."

I was wanting to go home because I could not find a very important box of my jewelry-making supplies -- the wire.  It is really hard to put beads on wire that you don't have.  I looked all over the place for it -- even in the two vehicles we had driven there.  I just ASSUMED I had left it here.

SO, when Jerry mentioned going home, I decided INSTANTLY that I would rather go home than go to Walmart, so we turned around -- went back to the house -- packed up the car and grabbed the cats -- and we headed here.  We weren't home very long before I was in my swing with a glass of wine in my hand.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Such relaxation!

We decided we would stay here until Jerry had to see the doctor again which was supposed to be TEN days.  Jerry got a call at noon today, however, telling him he was to return for ANOTHER BIOPSY this Friday.  Therefore, we will head back to Edmond on Wednesday.  It was still worth coming home even though my wire box is NOT HERE EITHER!  I can't imagine what I have done with it.  So much going on these days, I do good to remember where I am!

I have to tell you the craziest thing though.  Maybe I am the ONLY person on the planet that did NOT know this, but just in case, I must tell you.

As I was driving home yesterday, I turned my XM Radio to a talk show on a station called "Stars".  It started out as Dr. Laura.  She gets on my nerves at times, but overall, she has really good advice.  One lady was TRYING to tell her something, and she wasn't listening to her.  She actually hung up on the woman because she -- Dr. Laura -- wasn't hearing what the woman was telling her.  I was screaming at her, but I doubt she heard me.  And, of course, that is completely normal behavior -- right?  Screaming at a radio, I mean.

Anyway.  Dr. Laura finally went off the air and I thought I was hearing things when the next lady came on.  I THOUGHT I heard the announcer say that whoever she was could TALK TO ANIMALS.  I thought maybe she was a lady Dr. Doolittle, or something.

NO!  NOT Dr. Doolittle -- Dr. Nut Case!

Honestly, I cannot believe this lady actually HAS a program on the radio.

A young boy called in and told her (I'll call her "Psycho-lady") he had a hamster, and his hamster died.  Psycho-lady asked the hamster's name.  His name was "Charlie".  Then Psycho-lady began telling the boy WHAT CHARLIE WAS TELLING HER!

Yes!  Charlie told her that he really liked this boy and that he was a lot of fun.  He liked the food that the boy gave to him.  She told the boy that Charlie had not left -- he was still there -- and Charlie sleeps on the boy's pillow every night!!!  No joke!  Charlie, the DEAD hamster, TOLD her that!

I decided I had to keep listening to see who called in next.

The next caller was an adult woman.  She had a dog that died.  GUESS WHAT HIS NAME WAS?????

His name was "Charlie".

I thought, "You have GOT to be kidding!"  Are all the dead animals named Charlie?

She said she rescued Charlie, and she had him only 7 months when he died.  The psycho-lady told her that Charlie told her he really liked the other dog there, and she asked the caller what his name was.

WHY didn't Charlie tell her?????

The caller told her the other dog's name which was Charlene, I think.  The psycho-lady said that Charlie told her that the happiest day of his life was when he came to live with the caller.  She said that Charlie really liked the cheese the caller gave him.  The caller said she gave him all kinds of stuff to eat.  The psycho-lady said that Charlie was still there and was very happy.  Charlie told her he really loved it when the caller played with him like she was a dog.

The caller said she was going to get another dog very soon.  The psycho-lady said, "OH!!!!!  Can I please tell Charlie that?  He will be SO excited!"  I about gagged on that one!

I wanted to keep listening just out of curiosity at what kind of people actually would keep calling her.  IF Jerry had not been in the car, I would have called her myself and told her my cat Bootsy wanted to talk to her because he was very nervous.  Jerry made me turn her off though.  Darn!  I was having so much fun.

I've got to go.  Just wanted to say HI.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. your description of the lady talking to animals made me laugh out loud - and I needed that today.
    Hope Jerry's biopsy goes well.
    Your wire will materialise when you are looking for something else :)



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