Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It was a Lovely Day

This is Tuesday, 12-10-13.  It was Chemo Class day at Mercy Hospital.

Jerry and I arrived in the still icy parking lot to find Tammy walking from it to the hospital.  She was pretty far in front of us, but I recognized her shape and the way she walks immediately.

I said, "OH!  There's Tammy! Quick!   Honk!"

Jerry will never - ever- ever - push the horn in a car.  I don't know WHY that is, but he won't.  If a semi-truck is about to run us over, he won't push the horn!  If another car is pulling over into our lane too close to us, he won't honk the horn!

As I always do, I stretched my arm over to the steering wheel and started pushing on whatever I could reach.

Jerry pushed my hand away while telling me that it WAS NOT Tammy.

I said, "It is too, Tammy.  I think I KNOW my own daughter!"

She was getting out of eye sight, so I kept trying to honk, and I finally got one quick little honk out.  Tammy turned around to look, but then ignored it and walked on.  I decided to quickly roll down my window to holler at her BUT NO!

Jerry's little van has the window buttons in the NUTTIEST place.  They are BETWEEN THE SEATS!  By the time you figure out WHERE the window up/down buttons are, you have already arrived where you are going.  Suddenly, I remembered we were in the "nutty window" vehicle, and I pushed on the button and the window went down.  I hollered, "Tammy!"  She heard me and walked over to talk to me.  She said she would wait for us.  It took us awhile to find a parking space, but Tammy was waiting at the door for us.  We all went in together to find out what Chemo Class was all about.

We entered a very nice combination of interlocking rooms with lovely pictures, crosses and scriptures on the walls.  There was a coffee, ice and water bar and even some cookies on a tray.  We were escorted into a large conference room with a very looooooooong table and very nice high-backed, padded, swivel and rock arm chairs up and down both sides and on each end.  Very quiet and pleasant.

In a moment two ladies entered the room and introduced themselves.  Sherry was an Oncology Nurse.  Diane was a nutrition expert -- or was it dietician?  Anyway, she talked about what Jerry COULD and COULD NOT eat after his chemo treatments.  Jerry was ecstatic to hear that he could eat all the sugar he wants.  Evidently, there are new studies that show sugar isn't bad for cancer.  My Father sure wouldn't agree with that, but that is what Diane said.  She said he needs lots of protein and carbs.  He can't eat any fresh fruits or vegetables because of the danger of bacteria or insecticides.  Food has to be frozen or canned.  Beans are good.  Lots of beans.  Something I have fixed maybe twice in my life.  I'll fix them now though.

Sherry talked for an hour and a half about all the woes of chemo treatments.  It was enough to make one want to jump up and run away, but we didn't.  Sherry did convince Jerry to TAKE THE DRUGS the doctor has prescribed for him.  There are a LOT of them.  Some for nausea, some for diarrhea, some for pain, some for mouth sores, cream to put on the port before treatment, some for uric acid, some for inflammation, and on and on ................  Jerry is NOT one to even take a vitamin, and he hates to take pain pills.  Sherry and Tammy convinced him that it was better for his body if he DID take them, and it would be only until the chemo was over.  Jerry finally agreed.

And GUESS WHAT?!  Medicare may pay for a wig for Jerry -- or I guess it is called a Toupee for a man.  There is a shop that sells them not far from us.  Tammy and I are going with him this Friday to find out about them.  Sherry said to go NOW -- BEFORE the hair falls out -- or we won't be able to match it.  Jerry is really dreading being bald, so I am SO HAPPY we can do this.  Whether or not Medicare pays for it is irrelevant, but it will be nice if they do.  Jerry and I have the same haircut, so I told Jerry that I can wear the wig when he is done with it.  Wonder how I'll look as a blonde!

After listening to the two ladies and asking all the questions we had, we were escorted upstairs to the Oncology Infusion floor where the chemo treatments will be given.

AGAIN, a very nice, clean, organized, friendly place.  Big comfy chairs with TV's hooked RIGHT TO THEM -- every man's dream -- and a not-so-comfy chair for the wife or caregiver to sit next to the patient.

I am trying to figure out how I can haul over 30 Art Bin Boxes of jewelry supplies up there so I'll have something to do!!!

WHY didn't I take up knitting????

We were on our way home when Tammy called and asked if we would like to meet she and her husband, Len, for dinner at The Interurban Restaurant.  We had a wonderful dinner together just chatting about "stuff", and then we came home.

Jerry just found an old movie for us to watch so I've gotta go!

Tomorrow, the mediport is installed in Jerry's upper chest and the staples come out AT LAST from the long wound in his tummy.

All is good!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Wishing you both the best! Keep up your positive spirit for your wonderful husband. He deserves the best.

  2. Joy, have you ever thought about writing a book? You have such a wonderful talent for descriptive writing that I think it would be a best seller! So glad to hear the positive in your blog. The "doing" phase does help....you're so busy and getting ready that it helps with keeping the emotions controllable. Still praying for comfort during Jerry's treatments. Keep us posted.

  3. Joy thank you so much for sharing this experience with us. Those of us that have not experienced a loved one in chemo have no idea what it is like.


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