Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Staples OUT, Mediport IN, Happy Me!

Back to Mercy Hospital for Out-patient surgery today.  Dr. Ellis did the procedure.

Remember Dr. Ellis?  He is the doctor we didn't like much, at first.  I called his nurse "Nurse Ratchet".  We didn't like her AT ALL!  We heard from many people, including doctors my daughter works with, that Dr. Ellis was the best surgeon.  We decided we better use him even though he didn't seem to like us much.


I have to tell you.  I absolutely ADORE Dr. Ellis now.  After he removed Jerry's spleen two weeks ago, he came into the waiting room to tell me that Jerry was still alive and breathing, etc.  I was SO HAPPY that he had the knowledge, training, education, expertise and ability to do the surgery that saved my husband's life that I just wanted to give him a great big hug -- but, of course, I could NOT do that.  I probably would have scared the poor man to death as he is quite shy.  Since I couldn't hug him, I took his extended hand to shake it, and I told him how VERY MUCH I appreciated his expertise and knowledge and the fact that he saved my husband's life.

That compliment seemed to really bring him to life.  He looked me in the eyes, and he said something nice -- although I don't remember his exact words.

TODAY, when Dr. Ellis came into the little pre-surgery exam room, I smiled at him, and he smiled at me and at Jerry, and he shook both of our hands and asked us how we were.  He SMILED!  The first time I met him, I swear he was gritting his teeth and wringing his hands at my questions.  He looked MOSTLY at the floor and his feet.

When the surgery was over, Dr. Ellis came out into the waiting room and found me.  He not only took his time talking to me and listening to me, he SAT DOWN IN THE CHAIR NEXT TO ME.  I told him again how amazing and wonderful he is, and he smiled and smiled and smiled.  Isn't it amazing how a person comes to life when they smile?

He listened intently to me and then explained that we didn't have to come see him again unless we wanted to for some reason.  He said he could remove the Mediport in his office quickly and easily when Jerry no longer needs it.  THAT was nice to know!  He wished us well, and he left.

A little while later, I was called back into the pre-surgery -- now the post-surgery -- room to take Jerry's clothes to him so he could get dressed.  On the way down the long hall, I passed Dr. Ellis.  He looked right at me and smiled, and I said something about how we keep seeing each other.

It sounds totally kooky, I know, but it is so comforting when I feel like a doctor sees ME, and not just my checkbook -- and when I feel like he might even remember my name if not on a chart in front of him.  And, yes, I know by tomorrow he will have forgotten he ever knew us, but it sure was nice today!  I will certainly NEVER forget him.

I haven't forgotten Dr. B. who operated on Jerry's spine back in 2008.  He was a complete ******* with an "I am God and You are a Moron" complex.  Jerry couldn't stand him either.  We never went back to see him after the surgery.  Tammy removed Jerry's stitches.  I understand he is no longer in Oklahoma.

And about Nurse Ratchet.  It turned out later that his nurse called one night and was very nice over the phone, so we've decided we like her now.  Her name is Julie.  Sometimes, you catch people having a bad day.  It just seems to be so much worse when you are having one yourself.

I, of course, took a picture of Jerry's new boo boo:

It doesn't seem to bother him too much.

He is THRILLED to have the staples out of his tummy.  He is taking the pain meds that were prescribed today, and he is feeling really good!  He is at his computer right now, and he hasn't even slept since he got home from the hospital.

I dropped him off at home and then went to the pharmacy to buy practically every drug behind the counter.

You think I'm kidding, don't you???

I took a picture of that for you too.  This is what I picked up for him TODAY, less the one on the end from Walgreen's which I picked up last week.
The M&M's are from Dr. Joy.  I call them "pills", and I keep some in a baggie in my purse and some in a candy dish by the couch where Jerry naps.  Jerry really likes these "pills" now that the Dietitian lady said he can have sugar!  I also bought him six bags of those little assorted dark chocolate bars -- his favorite.  I may not be able to put 20 pounds back on him in a week, but I sure will try!

Jerry is wide awake and feeling good, and I am VERY HAPPY.  I'm going to sneak over next to his staple-free body on the couch and see if he still squeals when I try to hug him.

I told him in the hospital this morning that I hope he never hurts his lips because I couldn't stand it if I couldn't still kiss him!

TV time.  Jerry is waiting for me to choose a movie.

We finished the Alaska people who live under snow and ice 8 months of the year.  No toilets -- no running water -- no stores -- and you have to shoot or catch all your food.  NOT for me, thank you!

Thanks for your comments!  Love the one about me writing a book.  Jerry says I should.  I think I'll stick with a blog for now.

Hugs, Joy

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