Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tired Boy and a Video

Good Afternoon!

The snow/sleet/ice mix is falling fast here in Oklahoma City/Edmond.  It was nice this morning -- cold -- but, nice.  I needed to run away from home for awhile, so I met Phylly for lunch.  Just as we were finishing our yummy Mexican food from Abuelo's the ice started falling.  My tires slipped twice on my way home.  I won't be leaving home again until this is over.  Probably 4 days.

Phylly and I never eat lunch at Abuelo's because I THOUGHT I didn't like it.  It has been years since I've eaten there.  Things change all the time at restaurants though, and in this case, it was all for the BETTER!

We were served those really thin chips that I love and 3 kinds of salsa -- actually 4.  The fourth one was in a very small container, and we were told it was "spicy", so neither of us touched it.  Phylly and I both wanted to DRINK this one though.  It was sweet, and cool, and very, very good!  I took a picture for you:

 The waitress told us it was GREEN TOMATOES and PINEAPPLE.

IF it hadn't been nasty weather outside, I would have asked for a "To Go" container for this stuff.  We had a 2nd bowl of it on the table.

I ordered something I have never had before.  It is some kind of Chimichanga -- I think.  It was very delicious also.

I made you a short video this morning while "grumpy" was in the shower.  Poor Jerry.  One day he acts totally normal wanting to lift heavy boxes, drive 150 miles, and go out to have Pizza.  But today, he is worn out and very short-tempered.  When I got back from lunch, he was sending a fax to someone.  Then he turned out all the lights in his office -- which he NEVER, EVER does.  Next I found him in the recliner in the living room -- underneath the cozy blanket Tammy gave him at the hospital -- sound asleep.  He is still there.  NOW, I feel HORRIBLE for saying he was grumpy.

We had three phone calls this morning from doctors.  One to schedule the heart scan next Monday.  The next call was to schedule Chemo School (Class ?) next Tuesday.  The third call was from the doctor's office to me -- thank goodness -- describing what chemo was going to be like.  Linda -- the nurse -- is the one who called.  She is so nice, and we have talked several times.

Linda told me that the FIRST chemo treatment takes ALL DAY LONG.  She said they do it very slowly the first time.  Jerry is to take a book, a laptop or whatever.  Too bad he doesn't knit.  Linda explained that they would be calling in several prescriptions to CVS for Jerry to take because of the side effects of the chemo.  Nausea, pain, itching, etc.

No wonder Jerry is sad and downhearted.  I know he is absolutely DREADING all of that.

So, PLEASE forgive me for calling my sweet baby "grumpy" in this video.  I am so upset with myself.

I will be extra nice to him when he wakes up.  I PROMISE!!!

And here is that video if anyone cares to watch it:

I would dearly LOVE to be able to make something for Jerry, but HOW do you make a man jewelry?

Jerry never wears anything but his wedding ring.

I better get back in the jewelry room.  I need to be making gifts, not jewelry for myself.

But here is a close up of the pair I made in the video.

I think these may be my MOST favorite, so far!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Those are darling! Great job .. and 5 minutes? Whooosh ..

    Poor Jerry .. God bless him and be with him every step to perfect healing. And may He rain down peace and patience in you both.


  2. Now I'm craving Mexican!!! Joy, you and any readers are no doubt going to think this is totally nuts, but I'll say it anyway because it might help...and it's only a suggestion. No one could be more loving and supportive of Jerry than you are!!! You are there for him and he knows that. While he is going through chemo, you might be better off NOT asking him how he feels, etc. Honest!!! Just "be there" when you know he doesn't feel good. You don't have to say anything, just sit by him, hold his hand, rub his back...if that doesn't aggravate him. "Humor" helps a lot more than "serious". Watch a movie or listen to music...whatever he wants to do, or if he doesn't want to do anything that's OK. He will get through it, it's just not fun. Hugs and prayers!!!

    1. THANK YOU, Judi. Very good advice. I really appreciate it.
      Hugs, Joy


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