Friday, January 10, 2014

Broken Hearted and New Doggie Name

I should have KNOWN it was too good to last.  I won't go into detail, but suffice it to say that someone asked me if they could come spend time with me.  I didn't really HAVE the time to do it, but I said, "Sure!"  "When and what and how?"  I was going to have to leave Jerry alone with a new puppy most of the day today to keep my promise to go to lunch with friends and then shopping, BUT I thought this person was special enough that she deserved it.  Before she left the other night, I asked her specifics to be SURE she was coming.  Oh, yes, she was sure.

Well, she was a NO SHOW and a NO CALL and a NO TEXT.  I am SO disappointed.  Just when you think you have someone in your life you can count on, you find out they are just like all the rest of young people today.  I cried for awhile, but then I REMINDED myself that I'm not letting other people determine my happiness.  I got over it.  Next time, I will tell her I'm too busy!

Other than THAT, this was a very nice day.  The new puppy who is now nameless, is ADORABLE!  Phylly and Sheila from our store came to have lunch with me today so they could meet her.  It was all I could do to keep them from KIDNAPPING her.

Phylly says she will babysit her at her house if I need her to.  RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!  Phylly sleeps in a recliner with 2 dogs in her lap and from 1 to 3 kids and maybe a cat or two.  Not happening here -- EVER!  Dogs and children have their OWN BEDS in my world.  Call me mean, but that's the way I am.  My daughter is the same as Phylly.  I have gone to her house and found an entire litter of puppies on her pillows while she was in bed!  She did NOT get that from me.  My first husband of less than two years - her Dad - was that way though.

I have called this doggy EVERYTHING but "Jacque".  It just doesn't "fit" her.  Besides, isn't that a man's name -- like that diver that used to be on TV -- Jacque Ceusteau (sp)?

I have called her "Baby Girl" mostly.  I told Jerry I didn't like her name.  He said I could name her what I wanted to.  I told him I liked "Baby".  He said, "There is NO WAY we are calling a giant dog "Baby".  I told him giant guys are often called "Tiny".  I think it is perfect.  Nope.  He doesn't like it.

I told him I sort of like Bebe, BB, Beebe (how do you spell it?!).  We had a dog when our kids were little I named BB for "Black Beauty".  I didn't think we should have TWO dogs with the same name, but Jerry thinks that is silly.  He really likes that name.  I don't.

I was petting her a few minutes ago, and I said, "She is so FLUFFY!  Let's call her "Fluffy".

"No way, Joy!  I am not calling a big, black dog "Fluffy".

Did I mention that Jerry is REALLY grumpy right now.  His fever has gone up again even after three days of antibiotics.  Food tastes horrible, and he isn't eating.  He has lost all the weight he gained.   I am REALLY FORTUNATE that he is even allowing me to have this puppy.

Since our cats are Bootsy and Barney, I want our puppy to have a "B" name too.  I can think of a dozen boy names, but not girl names.

ANY SUGGESTIONS for a  "B" name for my puppy???   I want a name that doesn't sound like a people name.  I love "Barkley" and "Woofie", but they are boy names.  How about "Bella"?  That is kind of cute.  I just looked it up and it means "beautiful" in Italian.  Jerry will say she isn't Italian.  WHO CARES!?

She is so black, you can hardly see her face.  Maybe Jerry will feel better tomorrow, and he will let me call her "Baby".

I better play with her for a little while before she goes to bed.  She slept all night long in her "box", and she never whimpered or made any sounds.  Such a sweet doggy!

Hugs, Joy


  1. It is hard to name new pets - we have 3 cats and 2 dogs.
    Some of my nicest dog clients had B names eg Bonnie, Buffy, Brandy, Belle , Bella

    Our youngest dog is still a pup and he sure makes sure we get out of bed early ! :) He is a D dog Dougal.

    Hugs to Jerry I hope that he feels better soon.


  2. I vote for Bella. She seems like such a well-behaved lady :) hope she brings you both much joy!

  3. Jeanne in Marvelous Melbourne,Australia.January 10, 2014 at 9:59 PM

    I was going to say that Bebe is a girl's name, Bebe Daniels, a comedienne during WW2( I go back a long way!) But as I also had a French father who named me after Joan of Arc, Jeanne d'Arc and have spent most of my 80 years explaining why and the pronounciation, your puppy wont have that problem, except when she meets new doggy friends!

    I wanted to cuddle her too when I saw her pic.

    You and Jerry are often in my thoughts.

  4. How cute is that dog!!!! Don't let your friend get you down. You know who you can depend on and who you can't.

  5. I do believe (and when any sentence starts with those words it must be read with a strong Southern drawl, especially when the word, "sorely" is also in the sentence) that I have been sorely maligned. It would seem that my lap must be the size of a couch all by itself to hold three grandchildren, two dogs, and a cat. You forgot to add the kitchen sink in to the mix. While my household is not as regimented as yours, my Dear Joy Joy, it is not totally without discipline. No, the grandchildren sleep in their beds if they spend the night. The older two sleep on the couch on nights that their mother works late and the little one falls asleep in my lap and then is placed in another recliner. The lights are off as is the TV. The cat only gets in my lap when he wants to annoy me into feeding him for the 3rd or 4th time in 24 hours. The dogs, on the other hand consider it their responsibility to protect me during the night and therefore, take turns laying beside me or on top of me, whichever they deem to be the best and most effective way to protect me. So, as you can see, there is total discipline in my house and I am totally protected from all dangers by my beloved and loving dogs. You, on the other hand, lie in your bed in danger of who knows what could happen to you since you do not allow she who has no name to throw her body over you to protect you from any and all dangers that might happen during the night. If you would just free her from your rigid sense of regimentation you could sleep safely through the night protected by your beloved dog with no name.

    By the way, Brigitte is a French name that starts with a B.

    I may just have to start blogging again just to protect myself from being talked about in such a manner.

    Love and Hugs, Phylly

  6. LOL, Phylly! The ONLY reason all those babies and doggies aren't in your lap at the same time is they got too big! You are SUCH a softie!

  7. Promise us that you will tell us the minute that puppy lies in your bed!!! I am sure you believe with all your heart that the dog will never be welcomed, but sooner than later, she will not be thought of as a dog anymore. She will be your furbaby and all will change. lol. Also, looking forward to your doggy line of clothing and jewelry that I know will be coming ;)

    As for the name, how about Bianca? Pronounced "bee onk ah". It's a famous Italian restaurant in New York. I met a girl with that name before and thought it was so unique.


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