Thursday, January 30, 2014

CONGRATS TO ME! and How a Computer Does NOT Quilt My Tops

Hey, hey, hey!

Did you notice???

I have reached a total of


followers of my blog.

Now, I realize the Pioneer Woman probably has 100,000 followers
Gertie has nearly 8,000 followers
but this is ME!  Nobody from nowhere talking about everything and anything.

I just think it is so cool that even ONE person would "follow" me.  It makes me feel good, so THANK YOU if you are a follower of my blog.

And today's exciting topic is Jackie's first quilt.

For those of you who somehow missed it, Jackie is my Golden-Doodle Puppy that I got after Christmas from my daughter and son-in-law.  I MUST have a picture.  Hold on..............  No pics in this computer, but here is a short video.  This baby is probably 10 pounds heavier after staying with my daughter for two weeks.  Can't wait to see her tomorrow!
This quilt top was found on the top shelf in a walk-in closet in my Mother-in-Law's house when I was cleaning it out to prepare it for sale.  It STILL hasn't sold!  Anyway, I found several quilts.  There were two bow-tie quilts, and I decided to keep them and quilt them.  I wish I knew FOR SURE the story behind them, but I don't.

Anyway, I put the quilt on the table several weeks ago -- maybe months ago.  Decided to quilt it while I am here with Jerry waiting for his next Chemo treatment.  Here is a video that 'splains it.  I say at the beginning,
"I am making this QUILT...."
I meant to say
"I am making this VIDEO..."

I KNOW!  The video just suddenly stops.

I was, after all, UNDERNEATH the table on my knees with batting hanging in my face!  I felt lucky to get this much!

And today I made another video for my family, friends and my employee, Tim (who will never see it, so what's the point), that think my quilts at the store were quilted by a COMPUTER.  You can MEET the quilting computer in this video.  It's name is "Joy"!  (-:

Jerry and I leave in the morning to head back to Oklahoma City for Chemo next Wednesday.  We are leaving now because Phylly and I are going to have a Play Day on Saturday.

PLUS, I want my puppy back while she still resembles a puppy and not a giant black bear!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Congrat's on the big '100' ~ its such a great feeling, isn't it? Love your quilts, and little Jackie certainly is growing quickly ... enjoy your playday ... J

  2. Congratulations on 100!!! Your baby is precious! Also I love the dog bone design, how original. Praying all is going well. Thanks again for all your work, I am learning so much. ( I have finished 2 quilt tops but thats as far as I have gotten. I guess thats not too bad considering I had no idea what I was doing lol)

  3. Oops. Forgot to say that post was me, Debbie in KY

  4. Lucky Jackie! She gets that beautiful quilt all to herself. What a lucky puppy she is! Bow tie quilts are some of my favorite. I have one that my Aunt Melba made and I sleep under it frequently.

    I can't wait for Saturday!

  5. Thank you for showing us how you quilt with your long arm!!! Are you ready for this? niece in MA teaches quilting and does long arm quilting for clients. I thought she set up the quilt on the rollers with the batting and backing, then programmed a computer with the design she wanted to use, turned the long arm quilting machine and away it went by itself. LOL!!!!


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