Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sunshine, Jerry and Breakfast for Supper

Isn't this just the NICEST Thursday?

Some days are just so much nicer than others, I think.  Not because of me or what I do, but because of the sunshine and the lack of gale force winds and mud and ice and things like that.

We finally sold my Mother-in-Law's van for what we were asking which is a good thing because we paid $1,000 today to have the air conditioner fixed.  We had already put Freon in it, and the air conditioner worked fine, but we wanted to be sure everything was fixed and working for the new owner.

We do REAP what we SOW.

And, OF COURSE, my doggy, Jackie, makes me happier than usual when she can go outside without tracking in half the back yard when she returns.

She is such a sweetheart.  I took her to the doggy beauty parlor yesterday because we are heading back South to our other home, and I wanted her to be squeaky clean.  I am very picky about that house and everything in it.  The carpet in this house (we have 2) was formerly tread upon by previous owners with 3 young boys, and it looks like it.  I need to replace all of it, but I will now wait until Jackie is totally trained.

No sooner did I get back home from dropping her off, I heard from my daughter.  She just HAPPENED to be in the doggy beauty parlor neighborhood, so she and Len picked Jackie up and brought her home to me all clean and adorable and, OF COURSE, with a new toy in her mouth.

Jackie took turns running from me to Tammy over and over as we were both down on the floor enjoying her silky soft, CLEAN fur.  I was thrilled that she actually realized I was in the room since Tammy was there.  Dogs think my daughter, Tammy, IS a dog.  She and her husband have a kennel for those of you who don't know.  I have walked into her bedroom and seen her and ALL the new puppies in her bed on her pillows, and she told me she had the sweetest husband in the world to bring all her babies to her.

She did NOT get that from me!!!

Dogs are lucky to be in my house AT ALL.

Jackie has no idea how special she is.

And for those who wonder why her eyes don't look like an alien's from another world.  I simply turn the flash OFF.

Jerry had his 4th chemo treatment yesterday.  He had to go back for the shot in the belly today.  Tomorrow, we head home to Kingston with 2 cats and 1 26-pound puppy.  It will be her first day at her REAL home, and yes, you can expect pictures!

Except for a runny nose -- like drops of water from a drippy faucet -- a little dizziness and a lot of blotches on his skin, Jerry is doing great.  He will have a Pet Scan and a Heart Scan on March 10th, and we will see he has NO MORE CANCER!

Believe with us for an excellent report.

Enjoy every day, as it is a GIFT from God.  None of us know how many we have left.  I cherish every moment I have with Jerry.  I look at his shoes and socks on the floor, and I whisper, "Thank You, God, that those are there!"

I've gotta get.

I'm wanting Jerry to take me to IHOP for breakfast for supper.

 Do you ever do that?

I just love breakfast out.  Everything always seems to taste better.

I told Jerry this morning that the eggs are so fresh, I think they have a chicken coop in the back of the restaurant.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My First Style Arc Pattern and Happy Birthday Phylly!

I finally ordered a Style Arc pattern to try it out.  I read many reviews about Style Arc from Australia and how their patterns fit very well.

I started with the Demi Drape top.

The front is actually TWO blouse fronts.

I had to do a Full Bust Adjustment in the underneath blouse.  I also had to move the shoulders in 3/4 of an inch so the top of the blouse wouldn't just fall off of me when worn.

Here are some pictures.

Here is a side shot.

All those folds in the front of the blouse hide all the folds in my tummy!

Here you can see that there is actually a whole other top inside the print drapey part.

The dark pink inside has bust darts in it.

And this is a picture of Jackie in front of my new top so you can see how well it will go with black.

Isn't she a total hoot!

She doesn't know if she should love my attention, or go running out the nearest door and never return to the insane lady in this house!

That shiny gold thing is her rabies tag.

And here she is again just because I was trying to train her to get in pictures with me.

I would let her down, and she would run out the door and down the hall.  Then I would call her.  She would come outside the doorway and stare at me as if to say, "Are you going to ask me to do anything else stupid????"

You can tell how excited she is, lol.  What a hug muffin doggy!!!

You realize this is a PUPPY.  Her feet are well onto the floor.  There is no way I could lift all of her.  She probably weighs 30 pounds by now.

Here is a picture of the back.  You can see a few pounds have crept back upon my body.  Only 4 pounds, but it looks like 20 in my back!

It isn't my fault, really.  It is Jerry and Phylly and Margaret.

I went to lunch with Phylly and Margaret today, and they INSISTED on ordering cheesecake.  I didn't get a picture of the cheesecake, but I did get a picture of Phylly and Margaret.

You can see how sneaky they look about ordering cheesecake and FORCING me to eat it!

And Phylly's birthday is February 28th.  We celebrated this past Saturday though because I may be back in Kingston by 2/28.

I don't know if I can ever have her over again though.  My dog, Jackie, about jumped through her fur when Phylly came in.

Just LOOK at her making over my puppy.

Jacque just MELTS into Phylly.  I lose all control just like when Tammy comes over.  If I tell her to sit, she thinks that means run to Phylly and jump in her lap.  BAD doggy!

I made Phylly jewelry, of course, for her birthday, but I FORGOT to photograph it!  I asked her to please take pics if she doesn't wish to receive half a dozen sets of the same bracelet/earring combo.  Here is one that she wore to lunch today.  Sorry it is fuzzy.

I've got to go!!!

Time to fix supper.  I'm not even hungry after lunch with the girls today.  My dinner was DELISH!  I took a picture, but it didn't turn out that great.  Sizzling chicken and cheese.  You'll have to use your imagination.

And don't forget cheesecake for dessert.  THANK GOODNESS all three of us shared one slice.

Chemo tomorrow, and the belly shot the next day, and then back to Kingston -- maybe -- depends on the Pet Scan.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Thy Will Be Done

Another Sunday morning, and another marvelous sermon by our pastor, John Hagee.  I even took a picture of him this morning so you can see this preacher I'm always talking about in my blog.  If you are interested in hearing the REAL DEAL, go to  Lots of good stuff there!

That is our television.  We watch him via ROKU on our TV.  AMAZING use for a television!


King David said, "I delight to do your will, oh God."

The secret to success in your spiritual life is to FIND OUT what God wants done, and DO THAT!

Pretty simple.

Whom God loves, he chastens.

 Remember that story about Jonah and the big fish?

God specifically told Jonah to go preach in Ninevah.  Jonah didn't want to.

God didn't just decide to TOLERATE Jonah's choice.  You know the story.

When that fish coughed Jonah up, Jonah had had a MAJOR attitude adjustment.

Remember the story about Saul on the road to Damascus?  Paul was sending Christians to prisons where they were murdered in assorted horrendous ways.  He was riding down the road one day when he was struck by a blinding light as bright as the noonday sun.  Saul heard a voice saying, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?"

Saul asked who was speaking to him.  Jesus replied,
"I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do." 

Now, Saul had a choice.  Spend the rest of his life blind (the bright light blinded him) with a tin cup in his hand begging for food, OR find out what GOD'S WILL WAS and DO IT.  Instead, he became Paul, the Christian, and he wrote half of the New Testament.  WOW!

That was Hagee -- this is me:

The attitude of young people -- and not-so-young people these days is "If somebody tells me to do something, I'm going to do the complete opposite!"  Yes.  Those very words right out of the mouth of a young person I know -- not once, but many times.

Can there BE a stupider, more insane way of thinking???  I sure don't think so!  The ONLY way you can ever please God and have the wisdom of God is to DO WHAT HE SAID!  NOT the opposite of what He said!  Do what your parents tell you to do.  Do what your teachers tell you to do insofar as reading, writing and arithmetic.  I certainly don't agree with all the liberal crap crammed down the throats of our children!

Have you ever heard of the ten COMMANDMENTS?  They aren't the ten "SUGGESTIONS".  You can do the complete opposite if you choose -- God gave us freedom of choice -- but he also gave us a BRAIN and a CONSCIENCE.  You can do whatever you want to in this flash of a life here on Earth, but you won't change God's Word or His opinion or His commandments or His judgment!

Jesus said (the words are in red in John 14), "If you say you love me and you don't keep my commandments, you are a LIAR."

The young people in my life think it is so horrible that I said they lied.  I hope these young people REALIZE that they will stand before ALMIGHTY GOD someday, and He isn't going to TOLERATE their lies, or fail to mention them in fear it might sound NEGATIVE or UPSET their tender little emotions.  If the lies aren't confessed and covered by the blood, the liars will be cast into Hell for eternity.

What is so very sad is that the attitudes of young people keep them from succeeding.  They break up families.  They hurt other people, but mostly themselves.  And even sadder than that, is in so many cases -- as I heard said by someone else recently -- the parents of these young people are the ones who taught this kind of thinking.  The parents are just as screwed up as the children!

Okay.  Back to Hagee's sermon:

There are 4,000 abortions a day because of people's choices to "do their own will" instead of "doing God's will".  Murdering a baby is NOT a choice in God's eyes.  It is full blown MURDER!  People may tolerate it, but God NEVER will!  He said in Psalms for those who love the Lord to HATE evil!

I'm not sure young people today even KNOW what evil means or what it is.  They have been brainwashed to accept all filthy behavior as though it is good, and to "NOT JUDGE".  (Oops!  That was me again.)

Psalm 97:10

New International Version (NIV)
10 Let those who love the Lord hate evil,
    for he guards the lives of his faithful ones
    and delivers them from the hand of the wicked.
Hagee warned about those that dabble in the occult.  The movies, the games (Ouija), the music.  He said, "If you are dealing with the occult, you are on the road to Hell."  I totally agree.  He also said that you must TEACH children HOW TO OBEY while they in the playpen, or when they are older, they will be taught to obey in the State Pen!

Delayed obedience is disobedience.  If you tell a child to do something, make them do it NOW.  Don't let them continue texting, computing, talking -- whatever -- until they FEEL LIKE obeying!  Take all that stuff away and make them obey.

To "pray" about the will of God when you already KNOW it, is disobedience.  Example:  Praying about tithing and giving.  You don't have to pray about whether or not it is God's will.  The Bible already TOLD you that.

And I will end with this statement from Pastor Hagee:  Can you be saved and out of the will of God?


Romans 12

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

And I shall end today's sermon notes with this thought from me:

My fervent prayer is that young people -- old people -- all people -- will allow God to renew their minds to His PERFECT will for their lives.  It is the only way to true happiness.  And let me say, I, Joy, am FIRST IN LINE asking for wisdom from God every single day of my life.  It is my greatest desire to do His will.

I have lots of pics, but I'll save them for tomorrow's post.

God bless, and have a wonderful week ahead serving Him.

Hugs, Joy

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Update on Jerry and the Fence

Good Thursday evening everyone!  Everyone that is still here, that is.  I noticed I have been banned AGAIN from my grandson's Facebook page and, of course, his girlfriend's.  Isn't it a shame that young people think there is something wrong with Grandma because she tells the truth about them telling lies, and they think it is perfectly acceptable for them to tell lies in the first place.

I wish and I pray and I hope that someHOW, someDAY, we can have mature, responsible, Christian teachers in the schools and the Ten Commandments on the walls of every classroom.  "I pledge allegiance to the Flag..." and prayer over the loud speaker every morning.

Life was SO DIFFERENT when I was growing up and going to school.  Teachers, for the most part, were God-fearing people and went to church.  They may have been a dozen different religions, but they all believed in the same God.

We learned Reading, Writing --INCLUDING CURSIVE-- and Arithmetic.  I think it is a CRIME that cursive is not being taught.

Do you realize how many documents our children won't even be able to read!  How about the original American Constitution, for one.  Sad, sad, sad.


I was going to tell you about Jerry.  He will have his 4TH Chemo treatment next Wednesday.  After that, a PET Scan will be done to see if there is any cancer still there, and there won't be!  He is feeling so good, it is hard to believe he is even sick.  If it wasn't for the bald head, lack of eyebrows and eyelashes, I would totally forget about it.

As always, when we arrived back here to our home in the woods, Jerry perked up like he got a shot of HAPPY!  He worked all day Saturday in his barn working on his boat trailer.  He took a tail light completely apart and replaced the bulb in it.  No small task since the tail light was NOT meant to come apart.  Then he took off a tire and rolled it around and around in the sink squirting soapy water on it trying to find a leak.  He went to town and came back, and worked all afternoon.  He was out until after dark.  I swear, the man has more energy than I do!

THEN, the fence people showed up about 11:00 yesterday.  Jerry went out into the woods with a CHAINSAW and started cutting up limbs that were in the way of the fence.  At one point, I went to the worker guy and explained that my husband was going through Chemotherapy, and I was afraid using the chainsaw would be too much for him.  The VERY nice young man, Cameron (?), walked out into the woods and offered to do the work for Jerry.

I was close enough to hear the conversation.  Jerry told Cameron that I was always worrying about him, and he was just fine and didn't need any help.

Cameron left.  Jerry continued sawing branches up, and then he started tying orange tape around the trees he wanted the fence to go behind.

He was HAPPY and having a totally wonderful time.  He even posed for a picture for me.

It truly is a miracle how good Jerry feels.  Other than a constant watery drip from his nose -- which is very common according to the doc -- he feels really good.

He has gained weight.  He eats everything I fix, and he drinks his daily requirement of water.

The guys came back again today to finish the fence, but they ran out of wire.  We are putting hog wire way in the back behind the trees so it doesn't show.  It sort of shows, but not bad.  When the leaves come on, it will pretty much disappear.

More wire has to be ordered, and the guys will return in two weeks to finish the fence.  Until then, I can still bring Jackie home because the fence is solid due to some ugly wiring that won't be permanent.

This afternoon, I was in my sewing room cleaning up the fabric/pattern tornado so I can leave town again tomorrow, and I received a picture of Phylly's pretty new knit blouse.  You may recall she works at our store in Oklahoma City, so I asked her to snap a pic and send it to me.  She tried a lower neckline than she usually makes, and I think it looks AWESOME on her!

Notice the scarf she is holding in her hand.  She took it off to show me the neckline.

Then I decided she MUST have matching earrings for her new blouse, so I stopped what I was doing which wasn't any fun anyway, and I made her some earrings.

It is SO HARD to photograph jewelry.

These beads are very LIGHT blue, like her top.  For some reason, they want to look turquoise.

Let me see if this other pic I took of them shows the color any better.


Still turquoise, and one bead looks purple.

What's with that?

Just pretend in your mind that they are light blue and really pretty.

I made her some other jewelry for her birthday which is February 28th, but we are celebrating it this Saturday.  I may be back down here on her real birthday.  We may be able to BEG her husband to allow her to come to my Edmond house, but there is no way he will let her come here (150 miles away).  She would -- for sure -- have to spend the whole weekend.  I think a girl should be entitled to a whole weekend for her birthday though.  Don't you?

Hey, Margaret!  Are you free on Saturday?  Want to come to lunch with us?  That is IF she gets to come.

And I wore my new blouse.  I really like it!  I've gone through my stash and pulled out lots of stripes, so I will be going to "Stripe School" for awhile.  Nice for a change, doncha think?

That's it for today.  We drive back to our other house in the morning.  I pick Jackie up at the Doggie Beauty Parlor at 2:00.

She has been outside bonding with her dog daddy, Brody, since we left.  I hope she doesn't growl at me and wonder who on earth I am.

We have a fence now, so NEXT TRIP, she comes here with us!  YAY!

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Don't Faint! I Actually Made Something!

After all the family stress, it feels so good to just sit and sew and listen to music.  Fabric and music never gets mad at me over my blog!  What shocks me the most is some members of my family seem to think the ENTIRE WORLD reads my blog.  Good heavens!  If I thought that, I would DEFINITELY go get that face lift I've always wanted.

So, guess what I made?

It started out to be this Vogue pattern.

I looked at the measurements on the flap -- see those little green circles -- and it said I needed a size 16 AND a size 18 AND a size 20!  Good grief already!  HOW does anyone gets these things to fit?

Look at the FRONT pattern piece compared to my Sure-fit Designs pattern piece.  IF I made the size 14, the edge of the shoulder was still 1 5/8" too far out past my shoulder.  The blue lines on the neck show where my shoulder/neck junction is.  And, of course, everything under the size 14 would have had to increase gigantically when I reached the underarm.

SO, I decided to get out my Sure-fit Designs knit pattern that I had used to make four tops.  They all fit me perfectly, and I thought I could REdesign the pattern to have stripes going all different ways.  I had to take the v-neck out too.

First I put the pattern from my envelope down on my table.  I put paper on top of it and traced a new pattern to chop into pieces.  This is the FRONT.  The original front was to be placed on the fold.  The new front has to be all in one piece, and I had to change the neckline -- always a HARD thing for me for some reason.  Especially, the BACK.

Here is the new FRONT and the new BACK.  Formerly 2 pieces -- now 4.  I made sure the side seams would match up and the length of the triangle side seams were exactly the same length.  I made the mistake of taking a tiny tuck in the front neckline.  I will have to take that back out.  Not needed.  I should have realized that since I started with Sure-fit Designs.
Next, I finagled the material all around to get the stripes going the right way.  NOT EASY!!!  You have to cut the sleeves out ONE AT A TIME, unless you aren't the perfectionist I am.

 I wasn't sure WHAT to do with the neckline.

I decided to TRY the version on the pattern envelope, but made mine a little wider like a band.


I had to take a huge tuck on the top of each shoulder to look like I was NOT wearing a paper bag.

I took that off immediately and decided to just turn under the 3/8" hem and Steam-A-Seam it.  MUCH Better!

Lucy is modeling today as I am not in the mood.

Maybe I'll wear it tomorrow and take a pic of it on me.

Here are the sleeves.  NOTICE the bust darts that were NOT suppose to match at the stripes.  One of them came out perfect without even trying, and then I spent 30 minutes making the other one match.


And last, but not least.  Here is the back of my new striped knit top:

Pretty cute, I think, and the fit is AWESOME!

Jackie's fence is being put in tomorrow, so I may dig out some more stripes from my stash, and try this again.

Maybe I'll put the diagonals on the big pieces this time -- or maybe mix a stripe and a print - or maybe a stripe and a solid -- or maybe I'll just swing on my swing and dream of Jackie.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Praise God for Sunday!

I love Sunday morning because we always listen to Cornerstone Church Services on our big screen TV.  Pastor John Hagee preached today about "hallowed by Thy name" in The Lord's Prayer.

Pastor John is in his 60's, and he still preaches pure B I B L E.  He doesn't CARE about what is

"politically correct"



according to so many who have been brought up in our Godless schools and colleges.

His sermon:

As Christians, we are ONE family.  We must demonstrate the love of God and the unity of the faith.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ.  God WILL have the last word!  Are YOU in the will of God?

What does it mean to HALLOW His name:  It means to ADORE, MAGNIFY and WORSHIP.

In our schools today, a Bible will be taken away from you.  You may, however, bring a Satanic bible to school and nothing will be done about that.  Girls can have an abortion without the knowledge of their parents, and boys can get free condoms.  It doesn't matter that a child graduates unable to read or write as long as their minds have been filled with Godlessness and liberal thinking that there is no such thing as sin and they should TOLERATE all kinds of behavior.

This is what we grandparents battle against these days.  (That's Joy, not Hagee.)

God said, "I will honor those who honor me."  There is NOTHING better than God's favor.  The righteous are as bold as a lion.  If you SEE EVIL and you don't CALL IT EVIL, it is evil.

Proverbs 1:7     "The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge."

Therefore, where there is NO FEAR OF GOD (schools and colleges), there can be no knowledge.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice!

That was the sermon in a nutshell.  Now this is me:

I do pray that SOMEHOW America can elect RIGHTEOUS people to once again run our government, and that our schools and our colleges will once again realize that wisdom comes from God and that the 10 Commandments and the Bible need to flood into the gates of every institution!

Our children don't know the truth anymore.  They think they should NEVER JUDGE, and the Bible doesn't say that at all.  They think that if they find fault with anyone's actions or reactions, that it would be NEGATIVE.

That is so far from the truth, and it should be obvious to every person that the track America is on, is the WRONG TRACK!

I will say no more, because I am really warmed up now.  I'm not afraid, but I prefer not to have another battle of words today.  This week went from a pinnacle of family happiness to the depths of family despair.  I don't see how it will ever end without divine intervention!

Have a wonderful day, my friends.  The weather is pretty nice here today, and I think I shall go swing on my swing and dream of my puppy, Jackie, who couldn't come home with us this time.  We actually came back home to have a fence installed on Wednesday.  YAY!

I would dearly love to hug that dog right now.  I have a feeling she is all I have left from the formerly joyous "Happy Birthday" group.

Thank God, dogs are FAITHFUL!


Hugs, Joy

Sunday, February 9, 2014

What a Daaaaaaaaaay This Has Been, What a Raaaaaaaaare Mood I'm In....

Do you know that song?  I can't remember what movie it is from, but it is exactly how I feel today.

The day started with an awesome sermon about the Faces of God by Pastor John Hagee.

He talked about how one of the benefits of being a Christian is that we can ask God for wisdom, and He will give it to us.

King James Bible
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.   James 1:5

 There is a scripture in the Bible that says exactly that.  I'll look it up in a minute.  But to illustrate it, he talked about the guy who invented Goodyear tires.  His name was Charles Goodyear.  He was a Christian.

Charles Goodyear had spent a ton of time TRYING to figure out how to SOFTEN rubber.  He was almost totally broke and at his wit's end.  He prayed and asked God to please give him divine wisdom.

A short time later, God gave him the answer.  Mr. Goodyear JUST HAPPENED to leave a block of sulfur and a block of rubber next to a wood burning stove.  Charles noticed that the hard rubber became SOFT.  The Goodyear tire was invented!

Isn't that amazing?!

I have know about the "wisdom" scriptures in the Bible since I was a child.  My Dad and Mother taught them to me.  I've been asking God for wisdom every day for as long as I can remember.

Pastor Hagee talked about how LITTLE WE SEE of God and of the world.  He told about when he and his brother were kids growing up in Texas.  The most exciting experience for child in Texas those days -- which were also my days -- was to go see Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.  He and his older -- taller -- brother went to see them in a parade in Houston, TX.

SOMEhow, he and his brother got blocked by construction workers and were stuck behind a fence.  They could not get any closer to the parade.  His brother was able to see OVER the fence, but John was too short and he was looking through a knot hole in the fence.  He said his brother was all excited and told John that Roy and Dale were COMING down the street.  John said he looked as hard as he could, but all he saw was the back end of a horse!

That is how we SEE things.  We never see the whole picture.  We don't realize all that is going on in the heavenlies or in our world or even in our own homes, most of the time.  God, however, SEES ALL, KNOWS ALL, CREATED ALL.
But as it is written: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.”
Pastor Hagee said, "Look at what God did in 6 days.  We cannot start to imagine WHAT God has done in all the time He has had since then!!!"
And I could go on and on and on, but I want to show you my pictures of Jackie.
Now, I am the VERY ONE who thinks pictures of people's pets are the MOST boring thing to look at, BUT this is MY pet and MY blog, so I'm afraid you will have to bare with me.  (-:
Fortunately, Aunt Phylly had gone home.  She showed up for our play day with her coat pocked stuffed FULL of treats.  Jackie ran right over to her, and Phylly started showering her with love and affection and treats of all shapes and sizes.  It is a WONDER I ever got control of her again.  I think she would have run off with Aunt Phylly's coat if I had let her!

I told you I taught Jackie to pose for me.  I really did.  This doggy does NOT STAY STILL for any reason.  She wants to be right at your feet all the time, and she follows Jerry or me wherever we go.  She sat still for these pictures over and over and over.  It takes my camera about 15 seconds to get ready to SNAP a picture, and if Jackie doesn't stay still, the picture is lost.  She stayed still until I put the camera away and called her to "come".
Just look at this close-up.  I had the camera practically TOUCHING her nose!  
She is VERY, VERY BLACK all over.  I have to lighten these pics or you will think my puppy doesn't have any eyes!
 And again, the camera was right in her face.

 How ADORABLE is this darling dog!!!?  She looks more like a puppy in this picture.  


The pic on the red blanket, which is HER blanket, was taken right after her bath.  That little white "doll" is Lambchop.  It is her absolute FAVORITE!  She chewed it so much, I had to cut off the head and sew it shut at the neck.  She had pulled the stuffing out of the head and chewed the tongue off.  Jerry and I went to Petco and bought her another one today.  Now, she has one WITH a head, and one WITHOUT a head.
LOOK!  I JUST snapped this picture.  Jackie is lying here beside me in my sewing room while I type this post.  Look at what toy she has with her.  This is the NEW one that still has a head. 
My goodness, this is just a week after the pic on the red blanket.  I swear she has grown a foot!  At least, Jackie doesn't care if Lambchop has a head or not.  She loves them both.
I am sure you are TOTALLY about to puke looking at pictures of my puppy.  Just not the same when you can't KNOW their personality.  Phylly has taught me so much.  I taught Jackie to COME and to STOP while on the leash this morning.  She learns so, so fast!!!  Now, she just "comes" when I say "come".  She walks with me and the leash great, but I should mention that we have only done that INSIDE the house as the weather is still frightful here in Oklahoma.
Time to fix supper.  Clueless as to what to fix tonight.  Hopefully, something will jump out of the freezer into my hands.  Actually, it may be soup out of the pantry.
My daughter will be 45 on Tuesday.  Am I ANCIENT, or what???  She and her husband and daughter are coming for her birthday dinner Tuesday night.  My brilliant puppy will probably backslide into frisky puppy behavior at the very sight of Tammy.  The dogs think Tammy is a dog too!
Jerry is feeling good.  We went to buy groceries together today -- went for pizza where our sweet granddaughter, Lindy, works -- and we went to buy Lambchop for Jackie.  Lindy squealed with delight at the sight of her Papa.  She ran out from behind her Pizza Podium to give him a huge hug and kiss.  She lifted his hat to see his bald head and told him it looked GREAT!  Papa was all smiles, and I, of course, grabbed my cell phone to snap a pic.  Jerry is working at his computer now, and he feels good.  WE THANK GOD!
Hugs, Joy