Monday, February 3, 2014

Guess What I Did Tonight?

I am so proud of me!  I trained my puppy, Jackie, to "STAY" tonight.

I have run myself ragged every evening running after Jackie every time she wandered off her blanket.  I always assume she is looking for a place to potty.  I would tell her to stay a hundred times, but it meant NOTHING to her.

I taught her to sit, and she does that great for a moment, but I didn't know how to teach her to stay.

Just out of desperation tonight, I got an idea.  I went and got her brand new leash with the shiny silver hook that attaches to her collar.  It had never been used on her because the one time we attached it to her collar at the doggy beauty shop, she refused to move until it was removed!

She had wandered into the the laundry room.  I took the pretty lime green leash and started to attach it to her collar so I could lead her back into the living room where we were TRYING to watch TV.  She acted like it was a snake and was going to bite her, and she was not the least bit cooperative.  I thought maybe if I let her see it on the ground and touch it and feel it, she wouldn't be afraid, so that is what I did.

Then I picked the leash up off the floor where she had been sniffing and biting it -- to make sure it was dead, I suppose -- and I took it with me to my chair.  She followed me and sat down at my feet.  When she sat down, I attached the leash hook to her collar.  She didn't flinch.  Then I wrapped the loop/handle of the leash around one of my feet, and I stepped on it about 2 feet away with my other foot to shorten it.  Then I urged her to lay down and said "STAY".  Every time she tried to move, I would gently push her down and say "STAY".  She would try to move, but couldn't move very far.  Only a foot or two.  She kept coming back and laying down and I would say "STAY".

After about an hour, she got restless.  I unhooked the leash and let her go, and she went to the door.  YAY!

Now, HERE is the exciting part.

When she came back in the house from going potty, she walked over to my chair, laid down on the floor between my feet, and she NEVER MOVED for the next two hours.  No leash!

Isn't that AMAZING!?

Now, I have no idea if she will remember it tomorrow night, but if she doesn't, we will just start over.  At least, I have figured out how to teach her to STAY so I don't have to jump up and follow her 5,000 times a night!

Time for bed.  Jackie is in her bed and the cats are in the bathroom because Jerry can't stand for them to be in the garage when it is really cold outside.  Boots actually allowed Jackie to stand a foot away from him tonight.  Barney, the other cat, won't even come in the house at all.  Before Jackie, we couldn't keep him from running in every time we opened the door.  Barney has to be CARRIED inside under duress, and then he immediately crawls behind the washer and dryer before Jackie can find him.  This is the SAME cat who isn't afraid of a full grown black snake.  Go figure.

Snow again tomorrow.  Looks like a week of frigid temps and water from on high.  Hope the roads don't get too bad since Jerry has to go to the hospital twice this week.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Dogs are such a joy and can be a lot of work too. With her back ground, she is one smart pup. She'll probably continue to try your patience, but I think the two of you are off to an incredible relationship. Mine is curled up in the chair beside me at this very moment and is never too far away :)

  2. Good job Joy!. She should have you trained in no

  3. Great Jackie. I agree she will have you trained real soon lol. We got rain out of this round and lots of it with a little ice. Hope all goes well this week at the hospital. Continuing prayers for yall. May God continue to bless you!


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