Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday at The Swamp!

I am SO SICK of this weather.  It would be a zillion times easier to train Jackie if the back yard wasn't pretending to NOT be a backyard, but a swamp of snow, ice and mud instead.

The WORST part of that is that Jackie doesn't seem to have the slightest misgiving about it.

First, she plays "slip and slide" all over the patio.  Then she goes out into the swamp and sticks her nose down into the yuk every foot or so over the entire back yard.  I don't know WHAT she is looking for!

EVENTUALLY, she finally gets the notion that she may need to go potty, but by then she looks like she is covered with it!  By the time she decides to come in, I have to wash the mud off her face and dry all of her giant paws.  She thinks it is a really fun game and can't wait to do it all over again.

I -- on the other hand -- HATE IT!

My house looks like I'm training a herd of alligators instead of a puppy!

I just got her all washed off and brushed for picture-posing, and now, she is out in the swamp again.


LOL, Phylly.  I only had her wrapped around my ankle when we were sitting and watching TV.  If I move, I hold the leash in my hand.  So far, I'm stronger than she is.  If she pulls, she just chokes herself.  The funny thing is, she thinks now that if the leash is hooked to her collar that she automatically is confined even if the other end of the leash is lying on the floor.

Sheila:  So good to hear from you.  Thanks so much for all the puppy advice.  I am so very sorry to hear about Tommie's cancer reoccurrence.  We will be praying for you both.

Poor Jerry.  He has been working on my laptop since 8:00 this morning.  I mentioned to him that I never could get the camera to work on that computer.  He said -- as he always does, "Do you want me to try to fix it?"  Of course, I did.

It is 5:37 PM right now, and Jerry is STILL working on that computer.  He has been on the phone or online with some guy in India for over FOUR hours.

It is my fault really because I was trying to HELP so I called Best Buy which is where I bought the computer.  I thought they could just tell me if the computer had a working camera or not.  The girl who answered INSISTED I talk to The Geek Squad in their store.  When the Geek came to the phone, he told me that I needed to go to and CHAT with someone.

Well, I called to chat with at noon.   I started the CHAT with some stranger Geek, and Jerry showed up to determine that I didn't know what I was doing, and he asked to take over.  I was DElighted, of course.  So he has been online or on the phone with the stranger ever since.  First they wanted $250.  Then they said they would fix it for $149.  Then they wanted $250 IN ADDITION to the $149.  I said, "NO WAY, JOSE'!"  Jerry said something much nicer, and it went back down to $149.

OH!  About an hour ago the stranger Geek texted in the chat box that Jerry needed to REMOVE THE BATTERY from the laptop.  Jerry told him he would.  He then turned it upside down -- removed a dozen screws -- and tried and tried to get the box apart to remove the battery.  I watched him struggle, and I picked up the phone and called Best Buy AGAIN!

I got a Geek from the Squad at Best Buy on the phone.  His name was Austin, and he was pretty nice.  The first thing he said was, "You should have called us."


I guess you KNOW I told him I DID call them at noon today, and their very own Geek TOLD ME to go to 1800geeksquadcom.  He was sorry about that, but IF we would bring the computer to them THEY MIGHT be able to get it back to us in TWO to THREE WEEKS!

What on earth does one do if they have only one computer?

It's dinner time.  I have to go.  Jerry is STILL online with the Geek from India.

I swear they don't have the slightest clue what they are doing!

Oh, wait!

He WAS really good at charging our American Express card $149!

It is 6:08 right now and the phone just rang.  One Geek is calling to find out what the other Geek on the computer is doing.  REALLY!?

Maybe tomorrow I'll get my Jackie posing pictures uploaded.  Right now, I've got to fix dinner.  Guess the Geek from India will be joining us for supper.  Hope he isn't sleeping with us tonight!

Hugs, Joy

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