Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sunshine, Jerry and Breakfast for Supper

Isn't this just the NICEST Thursday?

Some days are just so much nicer than others, I think.  Not because of me or what I do, but because of the sunshine and the lack of gale force winds and mud and ice and things like that.

We finally sold my Mother-in-Law's van for what we were asking which is a good thing because we paid $1,000 today to have the air conditioner fixed.  We had already put Freon in it, and the air conditioner worked fine, but we wanted to be sure everything was fixed and working for the new owner.

We do REAP what we SOW.

And, OF COURSE, my doggy, Jackie, makes me happier than usual when she can go outside without tracking in half the back yard when she returns.

She is such a sweetheart.  I took her to the doggy beauty parlor yesterday because we are heading back South to our other home, and I wanted her to be squeaky clean.  I am very picky about that house and everything in it.  The carpet in this house (we have 2) was formerly tread upon by previous owners with 3 young boys, and it looks like it.  I need to replace all of it, but I will now wait until Jackie is totally trained.

No sooner did I get back home from dropping her off, I heard from my daughter.  She just HAPPENED to be in the doggy beauty parlor neighborhood, so she and Len picked Jackie up and brought her home to me all clean and adorable and, OF COURSE, with a new toy in her mouth.

Jackie took turns running from me to Tammy over and over as we were both down on the floor enjoying her silky soft, CLEAN fur.  I was thrilled that she actually realized I was in the room since Tammy was there.  Dogs think my daughter, Tammy, IS a dog.  She and her husband have a kennel for those of you who don't know.  I have walked into her bedroom and seen her and ALL the new puppies in her bed on her pillows, and she told me she had the sweetest husband in the world to bring all her babies to her.

She did NOT get that from me!!!

Dogs are lucky to be in my house AT ALL.

Jackie has no idea how special she is.

And for those who wonder why her eyes don't look like an alien's from another world.  I simply turn the flash OFF.

Jerry had his 4th chemo treatment yesterday.  He had to go back for the shot in the belly today.  Tomorrow, we head home to Kingston with 2 cats and 1 26-pound puppy.  It will be her first day at her REAL home, and yes, you can expect pictures!

Except for a runny nose -- like drops of water from a drippy faucet -- a little dizziness and a lot of blotches on his skin, Jerry is doing great.  He will have a Pet Scan and a Heart Scan on March 10th, and we will see he has NO MORE CANCER!

Believe with us for an excellent report.

Enjoy every day, as it is a GIFT from God.  None of us know how many we have left.  I cherish every moment I have with Jerry.  I look at his shoes and socks on the floor, and I whisper, "Thank You, God, that those are there!"

I've gotta get.

I'm wanting Jerry to take me to IHOP for breakfast for supper.

 Do you ever do that?

I just love breakfast out.  Everything always seems to taste better.

I told Jerry this morning that the eggs are so fresh, I think they have a chicken coop in the back of the restaurant.



  1. Glad to hear that Jerry is doing so well. I hope you have a safe trip back to Kingston and that Jackie enjoys her new back yard. To bad the weather is supposed to get bad again, but at least she will be home.

  2. Ihave several questions about Sure Fit...can you tell me why you like & what the learning curve was & how long you have been using it...any anythig else you can tell me?

  3. Your air conditioner has been fixed, took your lovely pets on a beauty parlor, and a chemo treatment for Jerry - what an interesting day for you, Joyree. But in spite of the chemo treatment, I’m glad that you’re having a great time around your house. And I hope it will be better once you have the result for the March 10th pet and heart scan for Jerry.



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