Thursday, February 20, 2014

Update on Jerry and the Fence

Good Thursday evening everyone!  Everyone that is still here, that is.  I noticed I have been banned AGAIN from my grandson's Facebook page and, of course, his girlfriend's.  Isn't it a shame that young people think there is something wrong with Grandma because she tells the truth about them telling lies, and they think it is perfectly acceptable for them to tell lies in the first place.

I wish and I pray and I hope that someHOW, someDAY, we can have mature, responsible, Christian teachers in the schools and the Ten Commandments on the walls of every classroom.  "I pledge allegiance to the Flag..." and prayer over the loud speaker every morning.

Life was SO DIFFERENT when I was growing up and going to school.  Teachers, for the most part, were God-fearing people and went to church.  They may have been a dozen different religions, but they all believed in the same God.

We learned Reading, Writing --INCLUDING CURSIVE-- and Arithmetic.  I think it is a CRIME that cursive is not being taught.

Do you realize how many documents our children won't even be able to read!  How about the original American Constitution, for one.  Sad, sad, sad.


I was going to tell you about Jerry.  He will have his 4TH Chemo treatment next Wednesday.  After that, a PET Scan will be done to see if there is any cancer still there, and there won't be!  He is feeling so good, it is hard to believe he is even sick.  If it wasn't for the bald head, lack of eyebrows and eyelashes, I would totally forget about it.

As always, when we arrived back here to our home in the woods, Jerry perked up like he got a shot of HAPPY!  He worked all day Saturday in his barn working on his boat trailer.  He took a tail light completely apart and replaced the bulb in it.  No small task since the tail light was NOT meant to come apart.  Then he took off a tire and rolled it around and around in the sink squirting soapy water on it trying to find a leak.  He went to town and came back, and worked all afternoon.  He was out until after dark.  I swear, the man has more energy than I do!

THEN, the fence people showed up about 11:00 yesterday.  Jerry went out into the woods with a CHAINSAW and started cutting up limbs that were in the way of the fence.  At one point, I went to the worker guy and explained that my husband was going through Chemotherapy, and I was afraid using the chainsaw would be too much for him.  The VERY nice young man, Cameron (?), walked out into the woods and offered to do the work for Jerry.

I was close enough to hear the conversation.  Jerry told Cameron that I was always worrying about him, and he was just fine and didn't need any help.

Cameron left.  Jerry continued sawing branches up, and then he started tying orange tape around the trees he wanted the fence to go behind.

He was HAPPY and having a totally wonderful time.  He even posed for a picture for me.

It truly is a miracle how good Jerry feels.  Other than a constant watery drip from his nose -- which is very common according to the doc -- he feels really good.

He has gained weight.  He eats everything I fix, and he drinks his daily requirement of water.

The guys came back again today to finish the fence, but they ran out of wire.  We are putting hog wire way in the back behind the trees so it doesn't show.  It sort of shows, but not bad.  When the leaves come on, it will pretty much disappear.

More wire has to be ordered, and the guys will return in two weeks to finish the fence.  Until then, I can still bring Jackie home because the fence is solid due to some ugly wiring that won't be permanent.

This afternoon, I was in my sewing room cleaning up the fabric/pattern tornado so I can leave town again tomorrow, and I received a picture of Phylly's pretty new knit blouse.  You may recall she works at our store in Oklahoma City, so I asked her to snap a pic and send it to me.  She tried a lower neckline than she usually makes, and I think it looks AWESOME on her!

Notice the scarf she is holding in her hand.  She took it off to show me the neckline.

Then I decided she MUST have matching earrings for her new blouse, so I stopped what I was doing which wasn't any fun anyway, and I made her some earrings.

It is SO HARD to photograph jewelry.

These beads are very LIGHT blue, like her top.  For some reason, they want to look turquoise.

Let me see if this other pic I took of them shows the color any better.


Still turquoise, and one bead looks purple.

What's with that?

Just pretend in your mind that they are light blue and really pretty.

I made her some other jewelry for her birthday which is February 28th, but we are celebrating it this Saturday.  I may be back down here on her real birthday.  We may be able to BEG her husband to allow her to come to my Edmond house, but there is no way he will let her come here (150 miles away).  She would -- for sure -- have to spend the whole weekend.  I think a girl should be entitled to a whole weekend for her birthday though.  Don't you?

Hey, Margaret!  Are you free on Saturday?  Want to come to lunch with us?  That is IF she gets to come.

And I wore my new blouse.  I really like it!  I've gone through my stash and pulled out lots of stripes, so I will be going to "Stripe School" for awhile.  Nice for a change, doncha think?

That's it for today.  We drive back to our other house in the morning.  I pick Jackie up at the Doggie Beauty Parlor at 2:00.

She has been outside bonding with her dog daddy, Brody, since we left.  I hope she doesn't growl at me and wonder who on earth I am.

We have a fence now, so NEXT TRIP, she comes here with us!  YAY!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Phylly's new top is pretty and so is yours.

  2. I love that red top on you. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
    So glad to hear that Jerry is doing so well.
    Tell Phylly she looks real nice in her new blouse. I miss reading her blog, but I know she is one busy woman. I hope you have a wonderful girls lunch Saturday.
    I know you can hardly wait to see Jackie and bring her home. I know we were cleaning muddy paws before and now it is little pieces of dead grass all over our furry babies. Hope you don't have to vacumn as often as I do. My babies are so glad to see the sun they just roll around on the ground every time they go out. I try to brush them off before they come it but it is impossible to get it all off.
    Have a Great weekend girls!

    1. Thanks Anita! I am SO HAPPY to have Jackie back! The grass just slides off her shiny hair. My daughter gave her a heartworm pill this morning, and she seems to not feel very good. She went right to sleep in her bed. Such a sweeeeeeeeet doggy!
      Hugs, Joy


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