Sunday, March 30, 2014

Deliver Us From The Evil One and Jerry Update

Sunday morning.  My FAVORITE time of the week.  I absolutely LOVE being able to "go to church" every Sunday in my den -- in my pajamas -- with my doggy and Jerry -- and with a cup of coffee in front of me.

P E R F E C T !

Today was about Satan and demons -- a continuation of The Lord's Prayer:  Deliver us from the evil one.

I was taught about Satan and his demons when I was a child.  My parents were very knowledgeable about the Bible.  My father talked about end times and Armageddon and Jesus coming back and Russia and China invading Israel for as long as I can remember.  Mother knew it, but didn't talk about those things.  She was into playing hymns on the piano and having prayer meetings at our house.  We had lots of sing-a-longs at the piano.

Mind you -- this was IN OUR HOME.

The men wore suits and ties.  The women wore beautiful dresses or lacy blouses with full circle satiny skirts and high heels.  I used to just stare at all of them from around the corner because we were supposed to be in bed.  Sometimes we got to stay up for a little while, but not for long.

I remember one time my mother had lit a perfumed Avon candle just to make the house smell pretty.  If someone lit one now, I would have to take off running for the hills due to allergies, but back then, I loved them.  My sister and I actually sold Avon when we were teenagers, but that is another story.

Anyhow, when the ladies arrived, they would mention the candle.  Mother would announce that she was buring a perfumed candle and ask how they liked it.  They would all say it was very nice.

Later, Mother was in the other room -- probably preparing snacks in the kitchen -- and I overheard one lady say to another lady:

"Don't you think that candle is just a little TOO SICKENING!?"

It was a good thing they were there to pray because they obviously needed it, lol.

And I want to tell you about John Hagee's sermon!

He talked about when he went to Seminary and Graduate School and how he was never taught about the devil or demons.  He said his Mother told him they were all in South America where the witchdoctors and occult were.  Hagee asked one time WHAT kept the devils from crossing the Rio Grande.

Then he tells the story that I have heard many times about the rich lady that called him one day at the church.  She did not go to his church, but she had driven by and seen the sign.  The sign had a phone number on it you could call if you needed help.  She said, "I need help, so I called."  She asked him if he would come to her house, so he did.

He said her house was grand and beautiful.  She also was beautiful.  She asked him to come in and sit down.  He did.  I guess he was on one couch, and she was on another either next to him or across from him.  He asked her what the problem was.

She said that something terrible had happened to her while she was playing with tarot cards the night before.  She told him her husband was out of town on business a lot, and she was home alone.  She spent her time playing occultic games and doing whatever one does with tarot cards.  She said she had done it for years, but NOTHING like this had ever happened before.

He asked her again what happened.

She said she was playing with the cards when all of a sudden she heard footsteps coming into the house and down the hall and into the room where she was, and whatever it was ENTERED HER.

Hagee, of course, had no experience at all with demon possession or what to do about it.  He did know about the scriptures in the Bible, however.

Hagee asked her how she KNEW "it" entered her.  She told him she had been cursing and using the filthiest, most vile language.  She said she had NEVER cursed in her life.  She didn't talk like that.  She told him she had filthy thoughts, and she felt like she could easily commit a horrendous act and not have the slightest pang of guilt about it.

Hagee had his Bible with him.  Not knowing what to do, he decided to open his Bible and just READ the story of the demoniac who was possessed by many demons who called themselves "Legion".  It begins at Mark 2:5 if you would like to read it.  Hagee started reading.  He looked over at the lady on the couch and was shocked to see her EYES WERE GLOWING and her face LOOKED LIKE A CAT and SHE WAS HISSING!

Hagee wanted to make make a grand exit through the nearest wall, but he did not.  He kept reading.

The lady hissed LOUDER and her body became CONTORTED to where her head was bent down and her knees were pulled up to where her head was between her bent knees -- still on the couch!  YIKES!  She began cursing the filthiest language and GROWLED at Hagee WITH A MAN'S DEEP VOICE:

"I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate you, John Hagee!!!!"

Hagee finished the passage and then informed the demons what the Bible said about them.  I don't recall the exact words.  MY words would be:  "In the name of Jesus, COME OUT!"  His were like that.

All of a sudden, the woman uncurled and she collapsed onto the floor.  She blinked her eyes as though waking up, and she asked Hagee HOW she got on the floor.  He told her he believed she had been delivered.  She asked, "What do I do know?"  Hagee told her to gather up those cards and everything she had in her house having to do with the occult.  He told her not to throw them away.  He said to BURN ALL OF IT and to never touch it again.

When her husband came home, she told him about what happened.  From that time on, the lady and her husband attended Hagee's church for the next ten years until he was transferred to another state.

Listen for yourselves at  He talks about another teenager that was possessed.

Okay, that was the sermon.

I finished a new blouse, but I think I'll show it to you tomorrow and tell you about my play day with Phylly yesterday.  Somehow, playing with Phylly and sewing don't go well with today's sermon.

How is Jerry?

He had a pretty hard week.  Nearly passed out several times, but if he just lands on the floor or in a chair, he will recover after about an hour.  He tries to do too much, BUT too much has to be done.

We had to go back to his Mother's house and cut all the carpet and pad out from under the flooded closet.  The bottom of the closet has 4 huge drawers.  When they are pulled out, you can see the whole bottom of the closet.  Jerry had to crawl inside and so did I, but we finally got the job done.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

And so Margaret doesn't yell at me for making Jerry do all this work, I took a picture of my hand pulling out all the wet pad.  BELIEVE ME, if I could do it all myself -- and he would let me -- I would.  I found that I was able to slice the carpet away from the floor with a mere 200 slices!  We would still be there if Jerry hadn't done most of that part.

Gotta go.  We are going to Hideaway Pizza.

Lindy is working, and we need Lindy-hugs!

Jerry is feeling much better today and, OF COURSE, he wants to go back to our other house now.

We will load up the two cats and Jackie and head South in the morning.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Yes, demons are real. It is scary for even Christians to talk about them. It is good to know the Word and know that we as Christians have authority over them by speaking the truth of God's Word.


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