Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jackie's New Home and Broken Longarm

Yes!  We arrived in Kingston with Jackie.

Jackie still doesn't GET IN the truck or GET OUT of the truck, but Jerry lifted her in and out until we arrived here yesterday.  She was super good.  Never barked or whined or even got off of the back seat.  The two bratty cats were in the back end of the truck where I wish they ALWAYS were.  Jerry is afraid they will catch a chill.  After what Barney did to me yesterday, he may catch a LOT MORE than a chill!

LOOK at my wrist!  It looks like I tried to end it all and failed.  It was gaping open, at first, and bleeding like crazy.  I was SO MAD at that cat!!!  I poured Peroxide over it and put Neosporin on it and a giant bandage which just got bloody and had to come back off.  I put several other bandages on, and after several hours, it calmed down.  This is 24 hours later.

OH!  WHY did the **** cat do it.  Because I had her in my arms carrying her out of the kitchen onto the back patio when Jackie just HAPPENED to wander past the patio.  She SNARLED and out came the blades as she jumped out of my arms and dashed off to some dogless location.

Jackie, on the other hand, is a PURE DELIGHT!  She took to her new back yard like she had been there all along.

We eventually had to come UP THE STAIRS to watch TV on Jerry's big screen.  I had NO IDEA that would be a problem for a dog.  I had her on a leash just so she wouldn't run off into one of the many rooms in this house and cause us to have to go on an extended dog-hunt.  I tried everything -- EVEN PUPPERONI -- to get Jackie to come unstairs.  She just would not budge.  Jerry finally had to carry her up.

Then, of course, at bedtime, we had to go back DOWN THE STAIRS.  Jackie wasn't having any of that either.  She would NOT budge.  You would not think a 30-pound puppy could be so firmly planted, but she was!  Jerry had to carry her DOWN the stairs as well.

Since I wanted this dog to be MY dog, and I wanted her to be inside the house with me at times, this was a real conundrum.

I decided this morning that we HAD to SOMEHOW get Jackie to go up and down the stairs.  Only problem was, Jackie wasn't the least bit interested in the training.

Here she is at the top of the stairs.

I am at the other end of the leash about 6 steps down, and she is making it QUITE CLEAR that she is NOT moving off that landing.

I turned on my camera and made a video right after I snapped this picture.

I'm not pulling much on the leash.  It is just to keep her from running off into another room.

LOL!  Isn't that hilarious.  She finally made it the whole way down the stairs, and I gave her a treat.  The next time we had to go UP THE STAIRS, she came up with no problem.  We haven't tried to go back down yet.  She is right here at my feet.  Isn't she PRECIOUS!?

That is my foot and my red pants.  I don't dare MOVE until I make sure I'm not going to roll over her!

the other breaking news around here is that my Longarm Quilting Machine is STILL broken.  

Jerry worked on it FOUR HOURS this morning.  I felt so bad for him to have to do it.  I told him over and over to take a break, or finish tomorrow, or ...  NO!  He was going to finish it today.  I don't suppose it is the kind of task you want to have to address AGAIN if you don't have to.

 I didn't show the part where he had to take the whole top off of the machine and remove the "daughter board" from the "mother board".  

Then he had to wash the pins in alcohol and dribble alcohol down into the receptacle that holds the pins.  WHAT A PITA!!!

He has the patience of Job.  He doesn't quit until it is done.
There are EIGHT little black wheels on the table and the machine.

He had to remove all eight of them and put new ones on.  ONE of the new ones was defective and wouldn't fit.  


Sad thing is, the machine is just as broken as it was before.

The machine is suppose to have a bunch of speeds -- like a car.  Very slow to FLYING down the highway.  Right now, the machine is STUCK in one speed:  FLYING!

And here it is dinnertime again already.  Jackie is still asleep right here at my feet.  We threw the ball in the big backyard, and she ran and ran and ran.  We'll do it again soon to be sure she will sleep all night.  She always has.  Never a whimper out of her.

OH -- I'm sure you want to see how she decorates my sewing/quilting/jewelry room.  

And my kitchen floor.

Time to go back DOWNstairs.

I better get my camera ready, lol.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Pupperoni bits work wonders for training puppy dogs. Pretty soon she'll be running up and down those stairs like it was nothing. Cinnamon learned really fast. We had lots of stairs in the house we owned in Virginia.

    Did Jerry call the Help line for the Millenium? They are usually really helpful.

    Jackie is a beautiful decoration for your sewing room. If she was a golden color she would just blend in with the floor. That would not do at all.

    No sewing time for me this weekend. It may be very limited in the near future. I'll have to tell you about that elsewhere.

    Have a Happy Sunday and do lots of sewing and loving on that puppydog.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. Joy,
    I am not quite sure how I came upon your Youtube videos but I did and I am glad to have found you! I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of your sewing room (AMAZING)! Then through the video I discovered your blog and 'met' your adorable Jackie, and your husband Jerry. Just wanted to let you know that you and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Heidi Caminti
    Mom to three grown daughters, one great dog and a bratty cat and wife of 35 years to my best friend :) and Pastor, ministering in beautiful Colorado Springs

  3. Hi Heidi!
    I'm SO GLAD to know you are here. We have a favorite preacher in Colorado Springs. His name is Andrew Wommack. We would like to attend his Bible School someday.
    God Bless you and yours!
    Hugs, Joy


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