Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mad Bull and a Near Disaster

Another whirlwind day, but it was nice -- sort of -- most of it, at least.

Jerry and I decided to go to his Mom's house which is still for sale in Kingfisher, OK to set it up for the Memorial Service we are going to hold there for his brother who died last Monday.  We drove up to the driveway and noticed that a neighbor had decided to park his huge suburban with a camper on it in Mom's driveway.  Jerry and I had to park in the street and haul chairs and pictures and toolbox from there.  I was NOT happy.

I found a piece of notebook paper in a kitchen drawer -- a fat black marker -- and I wrote a note that said "MOVE YOUR TRUCK - PRIVATE RESIDENCE - DO NOT PARK HERE" and then I took the roll of bright blue painter's tape and I taped it with LOTS of blue tape to the driver-side window.

There is a particular neighbor that keeps doing this.

He is the SAME neighbor who brought a bull home one night.

I kid you NOT!

Two Summers ago, I spent five months at Mom's house getting it ready to sell.  I lived there off and on for weeks at a time.  The neighbor across the street owns some farmland somewhere around there, and I guess he raises cows on it.  His house is directly across the street from Mom's -- and the bedroom I slept in was at the front of Mom's house.

One night, I went to bed like always, and I had dozed off to sleep when I heard the STRANGEST noise.


I thought, "WHAT ON EARTH is that?!  I never dreamt it could be a mad bull outside in the street.  Who would?  I thought maybe it was a bullFROG making a weird croaking noise outside my window.  It would finally stop, and I would start to fall asleep, and then it would happen again


I was wide awake again and thinking that was the STRANGEST sounding frog I had ever heard.  I thought maybe it was a cat.  They make strange noises, right?  Or a dog?

It would stop for a little while again, and I would almost go to sleep, and then it happened again!  I was SO MAD!!!  I finally got OUT OF BED -- walked to the window -- opened the curtains and looked out.  I noticed a truck with a large trailer behind it parked in the street in front of Mom's house and a VERY MAD BULL was inside the trailer.

OF ALL THINGS!  I could NOT believe my eyes.  That **** bull mooed all night long!

The next morning the trailer and the mad bull were gone.  That night, I happened to be outside in the yard when the neighbor man got home.  He asked me how I was.  I let him know in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that I had not had ANY SLEEP, and I was NOT in a good mood after listening to his bull moo all night.

He said, "Well, you won't hear it anymore.  He was killed and turned into steaks today."

GOOD HEAVENS!  No wonder the bull was so mad!

Back to today.

Jerry and I left Mom's house and went to the City Cafe to eat and to reserve tables for Saturday for the family members coming to the Memorial Service for Bob.  The staff there knows me very well from when I was living at Mom's that Summer.  The owner came to our table and asked what kind of pies I would like her to bake for the occasion.  Isn't that sweet???

We then went out to the graveyard where Mom is buried to be sure we could find it on Saturday.  That is where we are going to spread Bob's ashes after the Memorial Service on Saturday.  We found the place quickly and returned to Mom's house.  The neighbor man appeared from somewhere and removed his vehicle.

Jerry and I prepared the living room for the service when I got the BRIGHT IDEA to have Jerry turn the water on at the meter so I could start the ice maker in the refrigerator.  We keep the water turned off when we aren't there because we live 200 miles away.  Real nice when the Realtor takes people inside and they HAVE to use the bathroom and the water is turned off.  You can imagine the surprises left behind.

We picked up our tools and cleaned up our messes.  We got in the car and started the 50-mile trek back home to our house.  We JUST arrived at our house when my cell phone rang.

Can you guess what the call was about????

It was Jerry's Aunt Betty Jane who lives just a few blocks away from Mom's house.  She had asked if she could show it to a friend of hers, and we told her she could.  They walked into the house to find water flowing over the bathroom floor and out from under the walls in the garage.  THANK GOD Aunt Betty Jane went by there.  It would have been a TOTAL disaster area by the time we got back there on Saturday.

Tomorrow morning, Jerry and I will both get up early.  I will head BACK to Kingfisher and Jerry will go to the hospital for Chemo treatment #5.  The plumber is going to meet me at Mom's house at 8 AM.  He found several broken pipes behind the water heater.  Lovely.


Hugs, Joy


  1. Oh, my! I absolutely do not remember the bull story. I can't believe I would have forgotten it! I remember the crazy, Obama-supporting tree trimmer guy that demanded to be paid before he had even finished the trees because he had worked an hour before lunch. Then there was the carpet layer, or was he the tile layer that didn't zip his pants, but wet them anyway? How could I ever forget the alcoholic handyman that you brought back to life with a bottle of water and a magic cloth after he passed out on the job. I even remember he had blue eyes. But I really don't remember the bull story. How could you have held out on me? ROFLOL
    Hugs, Phylly


  3. Its me again. I think I'm back. Maybe. I won't know until I sign out. Here goes.
    Hugs, Phylly, (really, its me!)


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