Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ally Oop -- Betty Rubble -- Betty Boop Dress


I made a video for you, and I called this dress "my Betty Boop dress" in it.  I'm not going to remake the video so just overlook my blunder.  The ENTIRE dress is a blunder anyway, lol!

I am unloading two boxes of jewelry supplies from Fire Mountain, so I can't stay long.  Just stopped by to show you this dress.

I've been wearing it since it 10:00 this morning, and my husband hasn't even noticed it.  Of course, he saw it through many of it's manufacturing steps, so he assumes it still isn't done -- or doesn't really care.  Yeah, that's it.

Here's some stills of it, and then I have to go play with my jewelry.  Be watching for some new creations.  I've purchased about a thousand jewelry patterns, so I really need to make some of them.  I'm really bad about buying a thousand patterns and then never making most of them.  I did that in the olden days when I was doing cross-stitch.  I had a bookcase full of cross-stitch books, every color of thread that existed then, and I think I may have cross-stitched six things.  The biggest and best one I did went to my best friend back then.  I hope she still has it.  It was a pair of old boots next to a crate full of apples.

Okay.  Here's a couple stills for the RTW gang:

That's it for today.  Hope you are having a wonderful week as we are.  It rained this morning, and I swear the trees all magically turned green at once just a few hours later.

To those of you know about Nida's house:  WE HAVE AN OFFER!!!!  It is an FHA loan, and Phylly tells me they are the worst for being super-picky about everything.  I can't imagine WHAT in that house could need fixing.  We have fixed EVERYTHING in that house but the dirt underneath it!

NO!  WAIT!  We actually fixed the dirt too.

The house-jacker-upper people drilled holes in the cement floors inside the house and pumped some solution down into the dirt to level the foundation.

We really have fixed EVERYTHING!

Hugs, Joy



  1. Joy, On your April 2 blog, which Sillouette pattern no. or name did you use. I know that you mentioned that you did it without the collar. It looks great and you said that you had done about 6 of them.

  2. I like that dress! I do think it looks nice on you. From the video and stills I wouldn't guess that the fabric is fleece.

  3. I think the guy buying the house is getting a new house! He better be thankful!

    Betty Rubble looks nice and comfy for lounging around in the evening. Not that I would know anything about lounging around in the evening!

    Hugs, Phylly


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