Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Floral On Top Wins!

Phylly told me to start with to put the green on the bottom.

I had 7 votes for floral on top and 4 for green on top.  THANK you for your comments!  I really appreciate them.

I really should make some cute Summer pj's with that fabric.  I would have to go buy more daisies if I do.  I could cut out two big daisies and apply them to a green top as pockets.  Problem is, I only like to sleep in tee shirts.  Cotton would be too itchy on top for me.  Solution:  Use the white knit I just bought when Phylly MADE me go to Hancock's and put pockets on it.  Total cuteness!  Even my sisters should approve of that.

So.  My sisters, as you know, think my frogs and daisies both look like pajamas.  Janice suggested I try denim.  I bought twill, and that is pretty much a denim, I think.  I am wearing them, and every time I get up out of this chair, they have at least ONE THOUSAND new wrinkles!!!

Looks like I made them out of one of those wrinkle dog skins.

Actually, I think my pants have MORE wrinkles than the dog!

The top is a Sure-fit Designs pattern.  I made it while I was babysitting my MIL's house two summers ago.

I really like it:  Bright and White and Print!  My fav.

One more thing, and then I have to dash to the oven and finish the BBQ Chicken for supper.

I bought a new purse.  I don't remember showing it to you.  Here's a pic of it.  BRIGHT, BLACK, WHITE and PRINT!  Never gets old to me.  It is Vera by Brighton.  I ordered it from Zappos, and it was on my porch the next day.  LOVE THAT!

It is a bit large, but it was the last one, and there weren't any smaller ones.  Believe it or not, I have filled it up!

Back to dinner.

I'll show you my green and bright green daisies as soon as I get them assembled.  Thanks again for your help!

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Oh, yes! I totally forced you to drive me to Hancock's (since I couldn't find it in Edmond if my life depended on it) and insisted you buy so much fabric that we could no longer share a basket. Then I absolutely made you load up your basket with more and more fabric. It was definitely all my doing. All 4'10" of me made 5'6(5)" of you do all that. It is a good thing I didn't force you to take me to Helen Enox. ROFLOL all over the house!

    I don't understand the white fabric for pajama top thing. Does that mean you aren't going to use the floral for a top or does that mean you are going to make pajamas out of both the print and the green and tops out of the white to go with them?

    I do love that purse! I am sure it would go wonderfully well with my pink with white polka dot fabric (laundered cotton, as the back of the pattern stated) that I am going to make my capris out of. Denim or gabardine would be too hot for summer capris.

    Hugs, Phylly


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