Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guess What One I Made???

NONE of them!

I decided I just don't like color blocking -- at least, like those pictures.

I remembered an SFD blouse I made, and I used it instead.

I will put the outfit on tomorrow and take pictures.

Hopefully, I won't decide it looks like pajamas.

I spent way too much time on the blouse to wear it to bed!

Margaret and I went to dinner tonight at Applebee's.

Her eye that got walloped by an umbrella is looking much better.  She told me she didn't like any of the color-blocked blouses.  She said it looked like I ran out of fabric.  I'm so glad I changed directions on that project.

I'll show you tomorrow.

ANDDDDDDDDDDDD,  I have another question, my friends:

WHY didn't someone tell me that dogs -- like children -- get hyperactive and uncontrollable when they stay up past their bedtime???????????

Jackie is usually sound asleep in her "bed" -- which is currently the Laundry Room with a gate at the doorway -- by 8:00.  When I got home from dinner with Margaret, and Jackie had been in her "bed" while we were out, I ASSUMED she had taken a nap.

She was fine, at first.  She wanted outside -- then inside -- then outside -- then inside -- then outside.

Finally, I just left her out there for about 30 minutes.  It got dark, and I let her in.

She was MAJORLY hyperactive.  She could not be still for a second.  I reached for her, and she would bolt and run around and around the rooms of this house in circles.  She would fly by me going 100 miles an hour.  I would reach for her while hollering SIT - STAY - DOWN - STOP and she would just keep going -- around and around she ran -- kitchen to den to living room to hallway to kitchen -- over and over.

She looked like a black whirlwind going by.  I was a little scared.  I thought I might not be able to calm her down.  I was praying she didn't run into me.  She is big enough now to knock me over going that fast!

THEN I got the bright idea -- thankfully, before she destroyed the whole house -- to shake her box of treats and call her.  She came.  I still couldn't hold her, but she followed the treat into her bedroom and I put the gate up real quick.  She huffed and she puffed, and she ate her treat.  In less than a minute, she was out cold on the floor.  She's been asleep ever since.

BUT, I'm tired now.  I certainly am not going to run circles because I AM TIRED, so what is with the dog?!

Back tomorrow.  I'll show you my froggy blouse with crops, and a much calmer dog.

Hugs, Joy


  1. She's a puppy!!!! As sweet as she is, you're in for more of this until she is at least 2 :) Trust me, the day will come when you will look longingly back on these days. My Little Bit is now 13, she sleeps a lot and I must admit that I miss those crazy puppy days!! Just laugh and go with the flow.

  2. She missed you and she wanted to play. My two dogs do the same thing whether we are gone for fifteen minutes or a few hours.

  3. She is a puppy and my still dogs 'hoon' as we call it from pure joy.
    They have circuits that they complete depending on whether they are indoors or outside.
    Your frogs made me smile

  4. ROFLOL!!! I didn't warn you about those? We call them Lab Attacks. It is an over abundance of exuberance and joy that pops out in a big dog when they have been napping and their family comes home. They run around in circles through the house until they are exhausted and then they collapse at your feet. It frequently includes bouncing on furniture during their running. Cinnamon was the first dog I ever saw have a Lab Attack, but I have since learned there are German Shepherd Attacks and Boxer Attacks and now Golden Doodle Attacks. I've never seen a small dog do it, but that doesn't mean they don't. My dogs have out grown them, but there is nothing funnier than a Lab/GS/Boxer/Golden Doodle Attack in full romp! Love it! Hugs, Phylly

  5. My little toy poodle rips around the house like that. We call it "Super Dogging." It's really fun to watch in a small dog.


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