Thursday, April 17, 2014

The AMAZING Jackie

Not much to talk about this evening.  My day consisted of vacuuming carpets -- going to meet Phylly for lunch at Abuelo's for the yukkiest enchilada I've ever had -- coming back home and shampooing carpets.

Jackie -- my dog -- was so good.  You wouldn't believe it!

I have kept a blanket on the floor in the middle of the den where we watch TV in the evenings ever since the first day she came to us.  All of her toys are on that blanket, and she actually keeps them there.  I knew I was going to shampoo the carpet, and I needed to keep her OFF OF IT until it dried again.  I pulled her blanket with toys on top into the kitchen and put it on the tile floor.

Jackie has stayed on the blanket -- in the kitchen -- with her toys the entire afternoon.  She hasn't gotten on the wet -- now dry -- carpet even one time.  When she comes in from outside, she goes to her blanket or to her food.

AMAZING!  She is such a good doggy.

I have her scheduled for a baby-maker removal next Tuesday.  For some reason, I thought she was only four months old.

When I told the girl at the Vet's her birth date was October 14th, she said, "That would make her SIX months old!"

Scary to think I do the bookkeeping for our stores!

And NO WONDER Jackie is as big as a horse!

And NO WONDER the girl at Petco looked at me funny when I said, "My puppy needs a haircut."  Surely, she isn't full-grown at six months old though.

That means she will get EVEN BIGGER!

 I should be able to put a saddle on her and ride her!


I JUST snapped this picture.

The cream colored carpet is what I washed today.  You can see Jackie's blue blanket behind the red couch on the kitchen tile.  Jackie is laying with her nose right NEXT TO the clean carpet even though I am sitting right here a few feet away.  She always stays by her toys, and she keeps them on that blanket.

So adorable!

I've decided to watch Photo Shop Tutorials on You Tube.  I figured there were tutorials on everything else known to man, and there surely should be some on PS.

Last night I found a really great tutorial from a guy that calls himself "Info Puppet".  There is a puppet that talks.  Really cute.  The only thing is, the puppet seems to really like nearly nude women for his tutorials.  I was thankful they did at least have bikinis on!  I'm headin' back there now to see what else I can learn.  Photo Shop is absolutely fantastic software, and I barely know what I'm doing with it.  However, I know a whole lot more than I did when I first bought it.  I really want to know more - more - more!


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  1. Jackie is a beauty! We have an 80 pound golden retriever, not overweight, just a big girl. Love her more than I can express. The early training is so important and pays off as she matures.


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