Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blessings on Sunday and New Jacket

The sermon today was about Surviving the Storm by Rev. John Hagee.  Especially, the fiery trials of life.  He talked about how even if your life is as happy as can be today and all is well, all can change in a single second -- one phone call -- one slip and fall -- one spark igniting -- and suddenly you are going through a fiery trial.

I have been asking God for weeks, "What about those Christians in Iraq, Lord?!  Why aren't you rescuing them?  WHERE are their angels?  Why isn't the Holy Spirit in them stronger than the evil spirit in those barbarians who are killing them?  Why?  Why?  Why?

It is so hard to understand.

The desciples taught us in the New Testament about how we can stand on the Word and the promises of God, and we can overcome the devil and command a mountain to move, and we can have what we say. BUT, all those desciples of Christ died terrible deaths.  Why?

I don't understand, and it doesn't matter that I don't understand, because I know "we see through a glass darkly" right now as the Bible says.

I DO want to know what -- if anything -- I can do about it.  I pray every day for those Christian people in Iraq and Syria, and I pray that God will send millions of angels and will destroy every single warrior from ISIS.  I pray that God will defend and protect Israel.  I hate that America is like it is right now and doesn't make a strong stand for Israel or those innocent people being tortured for no reason at all other than their belief in God.

I pray that a strong Godly man rises up to take the helm of this ship called America before it totally sinks into the slime of sin and degradation of so-called political correctness and the refusal to recognize that our Constitution was founded on Bible principles and allowed for Separation OF Church and State -- NOT Separation FROM Church and State!

Anyway, Hagee's sermon is in there somewhere.

After church, I finished my royal blue jacket.  It is Louise Cutting's pattern called A New Dimension.  As with all of her patterns, I made a Small, and I had to keep taking it in.  She really likes a LOT of ease in her patterns.

Here is a picture taken of the jacket DIRECTLY OUT OF THE DRIER.  It has not been pressed.  I wanted Phylly to see it because we had sort of a contest today to see if either one of us could finish something.  I'm not sure if she did or not.  This jacket has to be pressed, but then it is ready to wear.

The button is SILVER, not gold.  Strange.
Gotta go.

I have to go back to work tomorrow and deal with some issues there.  It will be good to see everyone.  I really do enjoy being there, and I have to stop myself from standing around and talking to everyone all day long.

Have a MARVELOUS week my friends, and may God bless you all with health and happiness.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy Joy, the jacket is absolutely beautiful! I love it. I have to make another one after seeing that one. I do like it a little longer. The button is very similar to the one that I put on the light blue one that I made.

    The only thing I can add to your sermon, is Amen and Amen.

    Hugs, Phylly

  2. I love that jacket...just might have to order it. Not this week. I have lots of fabric (I can never have "too much") and more than enough patterns. I set an unrealistic have 21 items sewn by the end of this month. So far I finished one skirt. Hahahahaha! There is one week left. I would say at this point it can't be done. Oh, but it can be done. I will give it my all and while I'm sewing this week I will pray for Israel and everyone in the Middle East, most especially those who are up against ISIS. We don't know why. One day we will. Our God reigns and one day every knee will bow to Him. Until then we trust Him because He does not break His promises.

  3. Nice jacket. Love the colour.


  4. What a beautiful jacket Joy. You do such good work and use beautiful fabrics. I spent most of last night re watching your videos on you tube.
    I just love all the helpful information you give and the manner that you give it. So relaxed and encouraging. Have a good week and I say ditto to what Judi P says.

  5. I am with you 1001%, Joy. This is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog. You are a Christian, you and your husband have a super relationship, you love sewing, and you have such a cheerful disposition. I look forward to your entries every day! God bless you, all of us, and like you, I pray that He will wake up the leaders of our country before it falls into a dark abyss.

  6. LOVE the blue jacket! You are amazing!
    Margaret (not the colander one)

  7. Love the jacket. What (and where did you get) the fabric?


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