Thursday, August 7, 2014

EXPO Classes Finally Announced! Are You Going?

Hey everyone!

Did you have a nice day?  I'm not sure I accomplished much today, but I enjoyed whatever I didn't get done.

You know that laundry that has been on my closet floor since last Saturday?

Well, I sorted it into a pile of darks and a pile of lights, and then I decided to wash all the new fabric I bought when I was at Helen Enox Fabrics with Phylly a few weeks ago, so the two piles are still waiting for my attention.  Fortunately, my husband never notices stuff like that.

I did receive about six new hard plastic containers from JoAnn's that I put beads in, and I spent a few hours cutting apart new beads and putting them into their little compartments.

HOPEFULLY, when I find a pattern for a piece of jewelry, I will have beads in every size known to man now!

It seems every time I see something I want to make on You Tube or Craftsy, it takes 50 of the ONE BEAD ON EARTH I do not already have.

Jackie got in really bad trouble this morning.  For SOME REASON she decided to tear apart the Shefflera (?) plant that was on the patio in a little basket awaiting transplanting into the big new pot I had waiting for it.  I hope dogs can't die from eating leaves on plants because she seems to love shredding them.  Don't know if she swallows any of them or not.

Her beautiful dark black hair is starting to look like salt and pepper in places.  I was so hoping she would not turn silver/gray as one of our other dogs did a long time ago.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I almost forgot the most exciting part!

Phylly and I had an hour-long conversation via the speakers on our cell phones today as we planned what classes we want to take at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Fort Worth, TX in October.

Are any of you going to it????????????????

We really like Louise Cutting, so we will take all three of her classes.  Wish she had more!  We will take Linda Lee's classes too.  I've already forgotten what else we are taking.  It is three days of classes and shopping.  Phylly and I know several of the teachers, and we always love to say hi to them.  I really like Kathy Ruddy, but that lady is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO unorganized.  By the time she FINDS everything she lost and she answers 100 questions, the class is over!  She FINALLY begins her class, but all the ladies have to rush off to the next class.

I made reservations for a suite at some hotel that has special rates for the event.  Unfortunately, it is a mile away from the EXPO.

I really like it when the EXPO is in the hotel so you don't have to drive back and forth, and you can go up to your room any time the mood strikes you -- or when you have purchased so much you can hardly lift it off the floor!

I have actually DRUG bags behind me and HEAVED them into the elevator!  One time, Phylly and I were making trips out to the car several times a day to put bags in it so we could go back and buy some more.

It is definitely some kind of incurable condition.

I better get.  Phylly is going to call soon so we can be the FIRST to order our classes.  Some of them can only take 20 people.  Jerry is ready for TV.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Wow sounds just like the thing I would love to go to, England has nothing like that (that I know of) we want lots of pictures please.

  2. There are plants that are very poisonous for dogs.

  3. Only 20 in a class? Probably that LL one on knits. You better get signed up today! Read my email first so we can get a free class!

    I'm so excited!!!!! I was bouncing in my chair at work yesterday. I told Roger last night I had signed up for my classes for Expo and he looked as if I had lost my mind. Of course, I frequently get that look from him. Still bouncing in my chair. Painful with a non-broken but badly bruised tail-bone.

    There are definitely plants that are poisonous for anyone, dogs included. Oleander is very bad, but I don't know if that grows here. Castor beans. I don't know of any others, but I know both of those are dangerous. She is just being a normal dog; attacking something that she thinks might endanger you and Jerry. She has to protect her family you know and you never know but a plant could sneak up on you at night and wind their evil tendrils all around you, tie you down and leave you to starve. Jackie was just protecting you!

    I noticed her coat looked like it had faded some from being out in the sun. Black coats will do that, just like hair will fade out or lighten after being in the sun. I didn't see any grey in it. That usually starts at about age three, at least it did with our Chocolate Lab, Cinnamon. Emma has grey around her face now. So far, I don't see any on Jasper. He is probably too ornery to get grey hair. But then it didn't stop Cinnamon from getting it; or me; or even my mother! She was super ornery and proud of it.

    Better get going.

    Hugs, Phylly

  4. I would love to attend an expo that you are attending as you are so full of fun, fun energy!!! Have a WONDERFUL time, but I know you will :)

  5. Sounds so fun. Our expo in Pittsburgh has one fashion sewing class for tank tops and one for pant fitting. The rest of the classes are quilting and some penny rugs classes. Last year I did meet Cynthia Guffey, but had no clue who she was then. If I knew then what I know now, I would have stayed and picked her brain. There was no one at her booth. I could have learned so much! Hindsight is 20/20, right? Enjoy your expo! Learn lots!

  6. Hi Joy,
    I am all signed up for the expo in Overland Park, KS. I registered for all my classes on Friday and got all of the ones I wanted. Louise Cutting won't be at our expo and I am a little dissappointed. I am taking some classes from Linda Lee and Kathy Ruddy ( I actually like her and she has always been organized when I have taken classes from her before.) Love you blog and look forward to your posts. Kiss Jackie for me. Deborah from Ozark, MO


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