Friday, August 29, 2014

Frantic Friday

I have been vacuuming, dusting, putting things away, washing, changing sheets in guest rooms, ironing and other exciting tasks all day long.  Jerry has been on his way home for 3 hours.  The traffic is terrific since it is a holiday weekend, and Jerry never plans for that even though his wife -- who ALWAYS plans for that -- reminded him at least ten times!  Anyway, another 15 minutes is last I heard.  I decided if I come in and talk to you for awhile, the time will go by really fast.

And I need to add that I was doing all that work preparing for Jerry's brother to come for three days, and AFTER I did all that hard work, he decided he wasn't coming after all.  At least, my house is clean and my guest room are all ready!

I have been making jewelry -- taking apart jewelry -- making it again -- taking it apart again.  I have a problem making things look like I did NOT make them.

Then I see jewelry on TV that people wear -- or in the magazines -- and I think mine looks pretty good.  I think ANYTHING GOES is the rule for jewelry.

We are going down to the marina cafe right around the curve and down the road a bit for dinner.  I sure hope the place isn't packed with holiday visitors.  Of course, the people that own the marina feel the complete opposite, lol.

Here's a picture of the earrings I made to go with my daisy blouse.

I discovered that ORANGE beads are as rare as hen's teeth!  These are seed beads.  I only wanted a tiny bit of orange anyway.

Here is the blouse, in case you didn't see it yesterday:

Gotta run downstairs to be ready to meet Jerry at the door.

I always do that if I can.

Have a majorly wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. I love that tiny POP of color in your earrings! Perfect.


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