Monday, August 18, 2014

Play Day and New Truck Story

Whew!  Did we JUST have a weekend???

This was a fast and busy one.  I don't think I accomplished anything once Phylly left on Saturday at 12:30. She helped me so much with my maxi dress.  I had to rip out some stitches, and with contacts in AND a pair of reading glasses on top, I could NOT see the white thread buried in the white waffle stitches of the fabric.

Phylly took OFF her glasses and said, "Give that to me."  She ripped all that stitching out with no glasses!

Jackie goes bonkers whenever Phylly is here.

I WISH I had a video camera set up when she arrived.  I was in the back of the house, and Phylly came in the unlocked front door.

She was standing there on the wood floor when Jackie came FLYING FULL SPEED out of the back of the house.

When Jackie hit the wood floor, she slid clear across the room and nearly knocked Phylly down.

Phylly said Jackie stopped JUST as she got to where she was.

Here is Phylly spoiling my dog.

Jerry arrived right after noon, and we had plans to go look at trucks. I had been begging him for months to PLEASE buy a new truck.  His truck is 12 years old and has 125,000 miles on it.

PLUS, the air conditioner vent on my side is frozen and I can't turn it to blow away from my face.  That is a VERY SERIOUS problem, don't you agree?  He didn't.

So Phylly went home and Jerry and I headed out for the DREADED truck shopping event.  I HATE shopping for vehicles because of the salesmen and the dealerships.  They STALK you, and once they catch you, you are like a spider in their web.

FORTUNATELY, a darling 20 something black man flagged us down.  His name is Douglas.

We were driving down the looooooooong row of trucks, and Douglas was on foot trying to catch up with us.  I felt terrible for him because it was 100 degrees out there.  I asked Jerry to stop and AT LEAST tell him he didn't need help.  Jerry said he should be able to figure that out.  Jerry kept driving and Douglas stepped up his pace to a trot.  Jerry STILL would not stop.  We got to the end of the row, and there was no place to turn around, so Jerry had to BACK the whole way out of the long row we had driven down.  We passed poor Douglas on the way who had ALMOST reached us.  I INSISTED that Jerry stop and talk to him.

Jerry stopped.  Douglas said, "Is there ANYTHING I can help you with, Sir?"  Jerry said, "No!"  Douglas said he would be more than happy to show Jerry exactly what he was looking for and could save him some time.  Jerry said, "No!"

I poked Jerry in the ribs from the passenger seat and said, "LET HIM HELP YOU!!!"

Jerry told him he just wanted to look around by himself, and Jerry took off for the next row of trucks which was way in the back on a big dirt hill.  Poor Douglas!  I was watching him.  He walked all the way back to the main building and he got a golf cart!  Cracked me up.  I thought he was cute, so he wasn't bothering me, and I wanted to help him for his hard work and persistence.

I told Jerry, "He is coming after you in a golf cart!"

He followed us all the way to the back of the lot where dozens of new Ram trucks were parked side by side.  I was THRILLED he was there because I wanted a ride in the golf cart to the bathroom.

Douglas was ADORABLE.  Said he was looking for a girlfriend, but he couldn't find one who could cook.  I told him, "Good luck with that!"

He talked about his Mom and his sister.  He said his Mom sewed all the time and she made him pants because he is so tall.  We talked like we had known each other forever.

HOURS and HOURS later, Jerry and I chose the truck we liked the best.

THEN came the worst, most horrible, yukky part.  The part where you go inside -- sit in a chair at a desk -- tell the salesman, "Yes, I'll have a bottle of water", -- and then they play the "let me talk to my Manager" game -- and the salesman goes back and forth and back and forth and back and forth to talk to some mysterious HIDDEN Manager.

Now, I have played this game MANY times in the past, and I know all about it.  I tell the salesman right up front that I DON'T WANT TO PLAY!  The salesman always thinks I'm in the way and Jerry is in charge, so they ignore me.

Now Jerry is COMPLETELY and totally aware that we are going to walk out at some point, and he knows I'm going to get up and he is going to follow me.  It is like "good cop - bad cop".  They FORGET that Jerry would have run them down before talking to them, and I was the one who was nice to them.

They ignore me UNTIL I stand up, get my purse and my husband, and we WALK OUT!

Yep.  Have done it many times.

Poor Douglas!  He had spent over 7 hours with us, and we were WALKING OUT!  He was in a panic.  I KNEW we would buy the truck, and he would make his commission, but poor Douglas didn't know it.

We hadn't walked 10 steps outside into the parking lot when the mysterious Manager came RUNNING out hollering, "Jerry and Joy, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE don't leave!"

I thought he was going to cry.  His face was all red.

Anyway, I'll spare you any more details.  We bought the truck, and Douglas was happy, and we are happy.

Here is a picture of Jerry's new truck:

It has all the bells and whistles invented to date.  Jerry is so happy, he keeps coming over and hugging me!

Gotta go.  He will be home soon.  I think we need to take the new truck to Olive Garden for spaghetti.  And, no, I didn't get my maxi dress done.  I am putting buttonholes and buttons on the blouse though.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hey Joy, I don't know who looks happier in that photo Phylly or Jackie. Glad you finally got Jerry to get a new truck. It sure is pretty. I agree about the whole buying process. It is exhausting. I am the one they need to deal with too. My husband would pay sticker price if I wasn't with him. Have a great evening.

  2. Glad that you got a new truck - got to love all the new technology in vehicles :)
    I agree about the buying process. Many moons ago when I was buying a new car and happened to be holding our baby one particular sales person made the mistake of only talking to DH and said I could sit on a cushion if I wanted to see over the steering wheel!! DH and I just stood up and left. DH actually said to sales person as we left 'you just made a big mistake'. Never shopped that brand again.
    Looking forward to seeing your maxi dress

  3. Hi Joy, love the truck, just tried to send you a personal email to the address you published but it bounced back. Would you kindly republish it as I would greatly love some advice. Thank you

    1. Jennifer,
      I don't publish my email because so many horrible things happen, and I have had to change my email several times in the past. I am happy for you to have it, however, so I will leave it here for a few days:

    2. Hi Joy I emailed you on the 19th but havent heard, it may have gone into you junk mail. Kind regards Jennifer

  4. Phylly looks great in this picture..what a beautiful smile .Last pic I saw I thought she was too thin��. Joy you have a kind heart and want everybody to feel appreciated even if you disagree with them..I do that too. I realize that the other person doesn't have to be wrong for me to be's just a difference in perception. Another thing I noticed we share besides names is husbands names����how funny. Have a blessed day. The other Joy.


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