Friday, October 10, 2014

I LOVE This Combo SFD/LC Skirt!

Hi friends!!!

I have enjoyed reading all your comments and suggestions SO MUCH!

I just finished the prettiest skirt I have ever owned.  I am so proud of me and how I have learned to put linings in things.  I actually sewed lingerie fabric into this one.  An attached slip.  LOVE IT!  I may make a dozen of these.  Anything I can wear boots with makes me happy because my ankles swell, and nobody can tell inside tall black boots.  Not only that, I can wear something pretty on my feet instead of flip-flops!

This started out to be Cutting Line Design's Relax A Little skirt.  I think Phylly is making that top right now. We have both made the skirt before.  Mine was black.

I did not like all of that fullness at the bottom.

I still wanted the waistband with elastic inside.

I wanted 4 gores.

I wanted the length.

I wanted the really cool one-piece pocket.

I just wanted less fullness at the bottom.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I pulled out my Sure-fit Designs Dress Kit, and I made myself a brand new skirt pattern.

I'll show you what I did for you SFD fanatics out there.

FIRST, I drew a regular skirt pattern with the SFD Master Pattern from the Dress Kit.

DON'T LAUGH!  My patterns never, ever look like Glenda's.  I don't know HOW she gets hers so perfect.

Glenda gives directions in the Dress Kit booklet about how to make a gored skirt.  The one she described was still too full for my liking, so I just made mine smaller.  See the green diagonal lines?  That shows where I added half an inch to the 6 seam edges, which you double because all of that above is just 1/2 of a skirt, for a total of 6" extra width at the hem.

And here are some pictures.

The red top was still wadded up in the tote bag I brought back from our other house, and it looks like it.

I wondered if I gathered up one side of the blouse to make a diagonal hemline if it would look better. I can't really tell. 

Here are the two side-by-side.  What do you think???  Diagonal or straight?

Here's the back:

And you remember the black top I just made.  It goes with this skirt too.  YAY!
And there is my sweetheart, Jackie.  She wanted to get in the picture, as usual.  She just had a DRASTIC haircut.  I told the groomer I wanted her very long hair to be ONE-HALF the length it was.  I went to pick her up and almost fainted!  Her hair is 1/2 inch long!  She is still gorgeous.  She had ribeye steak for her snack tonight.  She is all smiles!

Gotta go.  Hubby wants to watch a movie.  I may whip up another one of these skirts tomorrow.  I really like it!

Hug, Joy


  1. Fantastic adjustment on the skirt = looks fanTAStic on you, and especially with the boots. What a great look. My thought on the red top, because the black top looks so proportionately excellent with the length of the skirt, I'd think about minimizing it = width and length. It would be easy to take in and take up basting first to see what you think. Looking forward to more skirt/boots outfits. Happy weekend.


    1. Thanks Joy. I thought about that too. Taking the red one in at the waist and shortening it. One of my readers has told me that I always make my tops too short. For some reason, I think they look better that way in proportion to the rest of me.
      Hugs, Joy

  2. Love the skirt. Thanks so much for sharing your SFD experiences with your readers. My pick - I like the black top best - coordinates with the boots. You look great however you combine it. Wish I was more of a skirt person.

  3. I think the black top looks the best because of the proportions of the whole outfit. Your skirt is long and looks to be almost twice as long as the top. So you have 1/3 length top and 2/3 length skirt. In the pictures the red top and the skirt look about the same length. That proportion is not as pleasing in my opinion.

  4. Skirt is lovely, black top looks fine with it, red top is just too big and shapeless, not a good look for you..


  5. Thank you Nonny!
    That is why I always have waist darts in everything I make. Loose things just make me look wider and fuller than I already am. I will change that red top today.
    Hugs, Joy

  6. Loving the black top with the skirt. Can't wait to see what you do with the red shirt.

  7. My vote goes with the black top :) Super versatile skirt!
    Jackie is sooo big and such a beauty!

  8. I love skirts and this one is awesome. Both tops are nice. I think the red one would look cute if the hem was on the have to like it.

  9. I try to avoid the "straight line around my hips" look. When I am wearing a top with a straight bottom line, I take a rounded corner laminate countertop sample (all you want for free at your local home improvement store) which is a rectangular shape 1.5 inches by 2.75 inches. Size doesn't really matter, but you don't want it a lot larger than than. I place it on the left side of my top about 6 or so inches from the left seam with the bottom of the sample about 3 inches up from the hem. Then from the front side I sort of gather all the surrounding fabric together and start wrapping a small elastic band (either one of the ponytail-type bands or even a rubber band) around the rectangular form. This will gather up your fabric and make a sort of draped effect which breaks up that wide horizontal line on the front of your top into two sections which curve upward a little. Years ago I bought a couple of clear hard plastic forms, one a circle and one a rectangle, but the free ones work just as well.

    By placing the area which is sort of gathered up away from the side seam you get a much better look than just gathering the side seam. Another benefit is if your top is a little too large, this sort of draws things up and makes it a little snugger.

    1. Yes! I know exatly what you are describing. I do that a lot if my top has enough ease in it to allow it. I have always just used a rubberband. The little rectangle shape would be fun to try. Thanks!

  10. Looks like I'm in the minority because I like the red top with your skirt; maybe you just need to make it more fitted, as one of the other commenters suggested? I agree the black top is more flattering in silhouette. Love the skirt! It looks great with the boots. Don't your feet get awfully warm? I would love to wear boots but I'm afraid I would have a meltdown. LOL


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