Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Office Party


I have been 30 minutes trying to get into my OWN blog.

What the heck?

Sometimes, computers can be SO FRUSTRATING!

I seem to be in now, so I shall proceed with posting pics of our Oklahoma City store Christmas pictures.

These pictures were taken in my former office where we had the jewelry-by-Joy gift presentation.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Look at this AWESOME picture of everyone with a HUGE smile on their face.  I gave smiling lessons before Jerry snapped the picture.  I told everyone to stick out their neck like they were looking over a fence, and to act like their best friend just walked into the room to surprise them at the count of 3 while looking square into the little picture hole on the camera and saying a surprised "HI".   (Terry will have to remind me what the right name is for the "picture hole", lol.)

From left to right and head-to-head, that is me in a Christmas top on far left.  Then is Carol, Phylly, Kodi, Paula, Lu, Misty and Sheila.

And here is Paula showing off her jewelry-by-Joy.  Paula is always in a great mood, and she LOVES parties.  Can you tell?

 Paula took one of the bracelets too.  I was so glad she liked it.

Here is Sheila in my FAVORITE top.  Don't know WHY I don't buy some of that fabric and make myself one.  She chose the wreaths.  They were my favorite.  She also took one of the bracelets I made for JIC some of the girls didn't care for earrings.

And here is Lu, the boss.  She always looks amazing no matter what she has on.  She is modeling the snowman earrings.  There is a little hat on the top of the snowman head, but you can't really see it here.

Here is a bracelet I made that Kodi really liked.  I don't think she took any earrings.  The pic is a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea.

I'm not quite sure why Kodi is shaking hands with Misty here, lol.

The above three girls have been assigned a number of their importance by our employee, Ron.

In the back is Paula.  She is #1-A.

In the middle is Kodi.  She is #1.

And IF I remember right, Misty is #2-C.  Paula and Kodi have both been with us for over 10 years!

No men were invited to the jewelry party, but Ron kept poking his head in to see WHAT ON EARTH all the hilarity was about and to see what 1, 1-A and 2-C were doing.  I did give him a pair of Christmas earrings later to take home to his wife.  I asked one of the other guys if he wanted a pair for his wife.  He said his wife wears only hoops and pigs.

And people think I'm strange for wearing Christmas tops and earrings???

And here is Phylly modeling the jewelry-by-Joy I gave her for Christmas.  Both sets match outfits she made last summer.  One of the sets just happened to match the new knit top she is wearing.  It was quite the project from what she says.  Not sure I want to try it.  Check out the matching fingernails?  I was so envious.

Gotta go.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

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