Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quality Peformance

Church from Cornerstone in San Antonio just finished.  Very good sermon today on building your house ON THE ROCK.  I encourage you to listen to it if you like to hear good sermons.  Hagee made a statement that I found SO TRUE:

"The quality of your preparation determines the quality of your performance."

Oh, my!  Does that not apply to everything we do?  The jewelry I make.  The clothes I make.  The household chores I do every day.  The work I do at our business.

Jerry sits right next to me through church, of course, and after the sermon this morning, I told him.

This sermon certainly refers to you and one of the MANY qualities you have that I am SO PROUD OF.

He said, "What is that?"

I reminded him of his Mother's van that he sold several months ago.  The van was nice enough as it was, but it had a few issues.  The buyer would not have known about the issues UNLESS we told him about them.

One was that the air conditioner had a leak, and the freon would drain out causing the AC not to work.  Jerry took it to the dealer.  The dealer said he could put some freon in it and it could work for a few days or a few months.  OR he could FIX the faulty part for $1,000.  Jerry paid the $1,000 and had the AC properly fixed thereby knocking $1,000 of the profit of selling it.

Another issue was a back window that wouldn't open and close properly.  A buyer would not have noticed that either, but Jerry insisted on having it fixed.  Jerry put a new battery in it, had all the hail dents removed, and had it cleaned inside and out.  When Jerry got through fixing that van up, I wanted to KEEP IT for myself!  Turned out a very nice young UPS driver man from 100 miles away drove to our house to buy it for his wife and children.  I was so proud of Jerry for selling them so much more than he really had to.

And one would think that was a very nice thing to do BUT he did, after all, make money on a van that wasn't his to start with, so it isn't that impressive.

Well, how about this then:

Jerry owns several boats.  One of them is a Bass Tracker boat and motor that he bought years ago for "just fishing".  It is in excellent condition except for something wrong having to do with the gas line.  Jerry recently GAVE that boat away to someone who had mentioned they would love to have one.  Jerry has not taken the boat to that person yet because he wants to be sure everything is fixed and it is in perfect running condition.  The boat will still be old and used, but to the person receiving it, it will be a "new" boat ready to use for his pleasure.

I finished a bracelet this morning.  Would you like to see it?

Let me see if I can bring a picture from my phone to here.

Hold on....

The pictures are kind of fuzzy, as always.  You get the idea though.  It is very sparkly.  Took me ten hours to make this one.  It is the center of a pattern I found on Youtube.  The bracelet on the internet was called "Mistletoe in the Snow".  It was much wider than this one.  I decided it was pretty enough like this, and I had certainly spent enough hours already!  It is so much prettier in person.  Those are Swarovski crystals, and they really sparkle.

Time to get my rear in gear.

Have a blessed week my friends.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Love the bracelet !! I love the wreath and the green crystal earrings. Not crazy about the candy cane. I would love to be able to make jewelry. Going to try it someday. You are in inspiration.


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