Saturday, February 21, 2015

Big and Little Had a Race

It was a surprisingly warm day today.  I decided after my shake for lunch and several hours of jewelry-making that I should take a walk.  I went into Jerry's office and asked him if he wanted to take a walk with me.  He mumbled something, but I could see he was busy.  He is working on the yearly list of every single item in our stores for property taxes.  I don't know how he stands all the reports he has to do!

I went outside and headed up the rocky road that is a steep incline and is our long driveway in the woods.  One way down the road is DOWNhill, and you have to run to keep from falling forward onto your face.  The other way down the road is UPhill, and it is steep.  I certainly don't want to walk it more than once.

I went up and around and back down and around and by then, I was huffing and puffing.  I figured that was a good enough walk.  I came back into the house and Jerry was standing in the kitchen wanting to know if I was ready to go on a walk!  What?  I was so thrilled he wanted to go -- and I KNOW that Jerry's walks are really slooooooooooooow strolls while looking at everything we come upon.

We headed down our hilly lawn over to the small pond Jerry built.  The dogs could see us from the gated back yard and they started barking and running around like crazy.  Jerry said, "Let's take them with us."

We had never done that before.  I didn't want to put leashes on them, or we would have been PULLED through our walk in a very herky-jerky fashion.  I opened the gate and let them out.  They both ran as fast as they could all over the place, and then they chased  POOR Bootsy, one of our cats, up a tree!  He was up there for hours.  The other cat, Barney, acts like he doesn't even notice the dogs.

Jackie and Josie ran around and around and around in giant circles, but they finally came to where we were and SORT OF walked with us.  I should have put some treats in my pocket.

Off we went on our slooooow walk as the dogs ran way ahead -- came back -- ran ahead -- came back.  We ended up over at the big pond where BOTH dogs decided they wanted to run into the water.  They ran in splashing about, and then they must have realized the water was FREEZING because they both got back out real quick.

Here they are on the dock.  Jerry and I thought they would dive into the pond, but they didn't.  You can see how wet they are from running into the water from the bank.

It was fun, and I enjoyed the walk very much.  The dogs came back home with us.  They KNOW the word treat, so I coaxed them back into the gated yard with bacon-wrapped sweet potatoes I got at Atwoods.  They almost look good enough for me to eat!

And I almost forgot!  I took pictures of the jewelry I made today.  I had purchased hearts to make Valentine jewelry for my friends, but I was so depressed over losing one, that I just put it all in a baggy and put it away.  Now that Valentine's is way past, I decided to make something for myself.  It was fun to make jewelry again after sewing Mission dresses.

These earrings are just earrings.  They don't go with the necklace because the hearts don't match.

I made this necklace to use the larger heart pendant, and then made heartless earrings to go with it.  I really like it.  I think I'll try to find something pink/fuchia to wear with it tomorrow.

Time for our dinner shake.

Have a blessed Sunday.  I always LOVE Sunday morning church from Cornerstone in San Antonio.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. It sure looks like the girls enjoyed your walk. It was a very nice day. I guess we are in for some snow this week and next weekend. I am not looking forward to that at all. You know little muddy feet. My daughter will be out of town for a few days and I will have my grand pup here so that makes 4 extra muddy paws. Glad to see you made jewelry for yourself. I really like the hearts. Have a good Sunday and hope to hear from you after church.


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