Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cut Up Jewelry and Holey Tees

What a strange day this was!

I WAS going into the store to work today.  I came upstairs to clean up my sewing room a bit since it looked like a whirlwind went through throwing bits of fabric and long pieces of thread all over the place.

Yesterday, it was 70 degrees and calm and just perfect weather here.  I just ASSUMED that today would be more of the same.  After all, the sun was shining brightly through my windows.  So I decided to wear my finally-finished sunflower outfit.  I put on the black top and the long sunflower skirt and then that necklace I showed you yesterday.
For some reason, I hated that necklace on me today!  I felt like I was wearing a yellow and red lead pipe around me neck!

I took it upstairs and cut it apart.

Then I made ANOTHER necklace using the same beads and some chain.

I wore it for 15 minutes and decided I hated it too.  I cut it apart.

I then decided to make a BRACELET and forget the necklace all together.

I finally was completely dressed and adorned and headed for my car which was in the garage in the garage where the weather was quite nice.  Then I drove to the gas station because my new car is ALWAYS on empty -- or so it seems.  I opened the door at the gas station, stepped out onto the cement, and I got slammed with a gust of wind that blew my skirt up above my knees and my hair nearly off my head, and it was cold!

If my car hadn't been on empty, I would have jumped back in it and stayed there!

I decided to drive back home and change into ARMOR.  When I got here though, I decided to just forget it.  There certainly are advantages to being the owner of the business.  I spent the rest of today up here in my sewing room finishing the gray skirt with embroidery up the side of it.

Terry came over yesterday afternoon with a huge box of tee shirts for the mission in Nicaragua.  I took two stacks of 12 tee shirts to add skirts to.  Terry's Mom is taking some to do.  Terry, of course, will do some.  Terry and I were VERY disappointed to find that every single tee in this bunch had a hole in it!  Before we can add the skirts, we have to fix the holes, and that is NOT easy.  I spent at least an hour this morning fixing 12 of them.  Terry and I both feel these children deserve the BEST tee shirts -- not the rejects!  We aren't about to send them down there with holes in them.

I need a book to listen to when I'm driving to OKC next week.

Have any of you read/heard a good one lately?

Hugs, Joy

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