Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Adventures by Joy and Terry

Yes, we have had QUITE the adventure yesterday and today.

Terry -- no big surprise -- is finishing a quilt for someone else.  I love this quilt because it is red/gray/black.  I thought about making one for myself, and then I remembered fabric is $12 a yard these days.  Terry says there is a lot of waste in the pattern she made.

Here is Terry yesterday hurrying to do at least one pantograph row on her quilt before we had to go to dinner with our hubby's.  Jerry's idea.  So sweet.  I started a diet using Herbalife yesterday.  My friend Nancy came over in the morning and we each had a shake.  It was VERY blue!  I had only frozen blueberries to use.  It was quite delicious though.

I have SUDDENLY managed to gain BACK the five pounds I lost last Summer.  I SWEAR!  You have to get on the scale every single day of your life, or you just don't realize the pounds are adding up until you suddenly cannot button your jeans.

Anyway, I wasn't supposed to go out to eat anywhere.  I was supposed to drink another shake last night, but Jerry wanted to take me out, and he wanted Terry and Doug to come.  I decided I would have to start my diet over today, and I did.  I had a shake for breakfast and one for lunch.  I may turn blue by tomorrow because blueberries are the only fruit I have!


Guess what!?

I wrote down my weight yesterday just before Nancy and I made the shakes.  Today, I am ONE POUND LIGHTER!

So, here is Terry for real this time:

Terry did her one row of roses and squealed with delight as she ran downstairs to dash home to dress for our Valentine date at Fireside Dining.  

You WON'T BELIEVE what happened at Fireside Dining!!!
Well, maybe you will.  You know the CRAZIEST things always happen to me.
We entered and signed in.  There was a 25 minute wait.  We didn't mind as it was only 5:30.  Jerry and Doug stood and Terry and I sat.  Jerry told them his favorite story about how "Joy gets lots of meals FREE because she complains."  

I gave him "the look", but he didn't catch it.  He never does.
We were seated at a nice table, and we ordered our dinners.  They were excellent.  Three prime ribs and one ribeye steak.  We talked and laughed.  Actually, everyone seems to always laugh at me.  I hope I don't develop a complex or something!!! 

We got done with our dinners without any problems at all.  I did NOT complain about anything, I promise!  The waitress, Sabrina, brought two black folders with the bills.  She handed one to Doug and one to Jerry.  Jerry and Doug each placed their credit cards in the folders.  Sabrina came back and took them.

In a few minutes Sabrina returned to our table with the two black folders.  Jerry noticed immediately that the credit card was NOT his!  It was Gary Somebody, and wasn't the same color or kind or anything.  Jerry motioned for the waitress.  He told her that was NOT his credit card.  She argued that it must be, but Jerry insisted it was not.  She said she would TRY to find his.  She took the black folder with Gary's credit card and disappeared.  

Time went by.  MORE time went by.  MORE time went by.  Sabrina stopped by our table for a brief second to say "we are looking".  

I was looking out the window into the parking lot at the cars LEAVING and assuming they had Jerry's credit card in their pocket unbeknownst to them.  I thought I better DO SOMETHING.  I got up to go see what was going on.  I went to the cash register where Mr. and Mrs. Restaurant Owner were shuffling through a stack of receipts for the night.  I announced I wanted to know about our credit card.  They said, "We are looking for it!"  I asked them HOW they were "looking for it" through all the receipts.  Didn't make sense.  They continued to look through all the receipts.
I decided the credit card had LEFT THE BUILDING, never to be seen again by us, so I found a seat, got out my cell phone, and I called the credit card company to put a hold on all charges.  Then we told Mr. and Mrs. Owner that we were going to go ahead and leave.  Mr. Owner promised he would call us if they found the card AND if they didn't.  He also told us there would be NO CHARGE for our meal which was over $60.  

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!?  Terry said she thought it was SO funny.  I told her I had called ahead to arrange all of that so I could get a FREE meal.

We made the long drive back home and were getting ready for bed when Jerry's phone rang.  It was Mr. Owner.  He had FOUND our credit card.  It was under a serving tray that was on top of another serving tray.  
This morning, Terry came over to finish her friend's quilt.  It took her about four hours.  I made a short video of her coming to the other end:

And here is a VERY HAPPY TERRY with the finished quilt in hand.  Pardon her blurry face.  The camera decided to focus on the quilt because it turned out  SO NICE!


Terry said we had to take a walk.  She is on a diet too, but she is using a different product.  We put on our walking shoes and walked up and down hills and around circles for one whole mile!  I better lose at least one more pound by tomorrow.

Gotta go.  I'm in the middle of a blouse that is too small around my hips, but my hips are are coming down OR ELSE!!!

Happy Valentine's Day
to you and your special someone!

I got the nicest card from Jerry this morning.  It was SO NICE, I asked him if he had read it!

He laughed and said, "Yes, and I mean every word it says!"  

Such happiness everyone should have.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Happy Valentines Day to you and Jerry. Those of us with a wonderful husband are truly blessed. The wind is gusting to 60 mph here in Virginia and the temperature is 19 degrees. We just pray that we don't lose power.

  2. you are a hoot!! I love going out with you and Jerry!

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  4. Hi, I really like Terry's diamond quilt. would it be possible to find out what pattern she used? thanks!!


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