Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cold and Wet

I suppose I SHOULDN'T complain, but I'm going to anyway.

The weather is AWFUL!

My dogs have been wet every day for over a week.

My kitchen and laundry room look like hobos live in it.  Hobos with two large, black, wet, dirty dogs!

Terry came over this morning, and I didn't even try to hide the mess.  Its a wonder she didn't trip over the vacuum or the mop bucket on the way in.

Terry and I went to Walmart where I bought a cart full of frozen fruit.  I did go down a couple more pounds!  I was 146 yesterday and 147 today.   I wobbled back and forth between 148 and 149 for a week.  Now, I suppose I will wobble back and forth between 146 and 147 for awhile.

I am ready for some SUNSHINE my friends.

I did manage to finish a new blouse and a new bracelet to match.  The bracelet is SO DARLING!  It took about 5 hours to make, but it is worth it.  I can't show you a picture yet.  You wanna know why?

I doubt it, but I'll tell you anyway.

I had just finished the knit top, and I wore it downstairs to check on the roast on the stove.  YES!  A real roast beef dinner tonight!  I got out one of those sucky-up things to suck up the juices on the bottom of the pan and baste the roast.  An onion or something got stuck in the sucky-up thing, and the juices wouldn't squirt out.  So, OF COURSE, I squeezed harder.  The onion popped out and the juice blasted out like a rocket and hit the top of the roast which caused it to propel outwards at all angles, but MAINLY all over my new blouse.

Hence, the new blouse must be washed.  When I get it out of the washer and on my body, I will take a picture for you.

I better go clean something up.  Terry is liable to report me to the Department of Health if she comes over tomorrow.

Hugs, Joy

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