Thursday, March 5, 2015

Here It Is and Something New

I have worn my new blouse that I'm not that crazy about all day long.  Nothing fancy, but it matches my bracelet, and I really like the bracelet!

The bracelet is called Plush Pearls by Jill Wiseman.  Mine turned out with a pattern in it, and I really do like it.  I made the earrings to match, of course.

I bet I have another piece of fabric around here somewhere that will go with this.  I must search when the attic is a tad ABOVE freezing!

And today -- another icky snowy, icy day -- I was up here all day messing around.  I am always getting emails when "my people" who make jewelry make a new project, and this darling ring came up today.  I have never made a ring before.  I don't really wear rings because my hands usually look like they just came up from the bottom of the ocean, but I had to try this.

This afternoon, my daughter called me.  We talked for a long time and I told her I need to go to finish my ring.  She remembered that there was something she wanted me to make for her.

I was SO EXCITED, because I truly love to make things for people that they really want.

She wanted me to make her beaded stitch markers for her knitting.

Here is my very first try at that:

You can see some specks of glue floating around.  I tried to clean them up, but I needed to let them dry so they would QUIT coming apart!  I made the rings myself, and I hate that some got a bit out of round.  I shall try again tomorrow with maybe some dangly ones.

Time for our evening shakes.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy, the blouse is beautiful, just like everything else you sew. Yes, and the bracele
    t and ear rings match perfectly. Each time you wear this blouse it will "grow on you"
    and you will eventually love it.
    Have you joined the Face Book Group yet? You are my inspiration.

  2. I love the blouse. I guess gray can be paired with any color to make it pretty. Well maybe brown wouldn't work. The
    ear rings are pretty too. Anyway I too look forward to much warmer weather too.

  3. The blouse looks great on you..I know you prefer florals but the geometric is very flattering too. Here in Michigan we had 9 single digit days and 7 minus zero days in February..thank goodness it was a short month..spring is right around the corner..

  4. Love the blouse and I think it is a great fit on you.....the design is very pretty. Your jewelry matches perfectly, super job.

  5. Joy, is there anything you can't do? �� Great job on the blouse even though it's not as bright as your usual pieces. The bracelette adds that extra punch of style. Good job on both pieces!

  6. Joy, Joy, Joy, I love that blouse and the fit is perfect. You always pick out such beautiful fabric. I think that's the hardest part in sewing. I can't see it made in my mind. The jewelry you make is also beautiful.


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