Sunday, March 8, 2015

It Felt Like Home and Note to Pam

This was an unusual, wonderful, happy, friendly Sunday!

God is SO, SO, SO GOOD!

If you read my blog much, you know that Jerry and I usually attend Internet Church at Cornerstone in San Antonio, TX.  The services on Sunday air live, and we watch them on our big screen here at the house.  Before we started doing that -- several years ago now -- we attended Victory Life Church about 20 miles from our house here.  We LOVE that church and the preacher is the best there is.  His name is Duane Sheriff.  I quit going there though because of the perfume-soaked ladies and my allergic reactions to them.

WELLLLLLLLLLLL, Jerry and I were at Sam's in Sherman, TX (the closest Sam's to us) yesterday.  Everyone in the world was there!  People were so sick of being house bound, they all came out on the first pretty day.  There were long lines at every checkout counter.  We were directed by some guy to go over to a certain line.  We did.  We pulled our fully loaded flat cart up behind the lady who was last in that line.

She and I started a conversation with each other like we had known each other a hundred years.  I never saw her before in my life!  Her name was Elaine, and she was the sister of one of the ladies that I know from Victory Life Church.  We realized we both belonged to the same church, and we started talking about all the people we knew.  She caught me up on all the people we knew in common.  All good stuff.  Who they married -- how many kids or grand kids they had -- what surgeries they had, etc.  It made me miss all the people we knew from there.

As Jerry and I were driving home, I said, "Let's go to Victory in the morning."  He thought that was a great idea.  It just so happened to be the day the time changed, so we had to get up real early, but it was so worth it.  You may recall that Terry and her husband go to that church.  They have only gone a few years, but they are very involved, and they never miss a Sunday.  Terry said they would save us a seat, and I was so glad because they like to sit right up front like I do.  Plus, I knew Terry wouldn't take a bath in perfume.  I did take a Claritin and a DayQuil before going, however, to make sure I wouldn't go into Allergyville and have to leave.  I HATE when that happens.

I did walk around to the other side of Doug (Terry's hubby) to hug his Mom.  She didn't know me from Adam, but I knew all about her.  Terry and I talk about everything!  I hugged her and immediately got a huge whiff of perfume.  Doug told me later he meant to call her and tell her not to wear perfume.  Imagine having to do such a thing!  I couldn't believe he would even think of it, never mind do it!

The preacher and his wife were in the only row right in front of us, and I got to hug them both.  I got to hug the assistant pastor too.  They were all surprised to see us.  Our church has changed SO MUCH!  I wanted to take a picture for you because it was SO PRETTY!  All purple now with that kind of lighting like my new car has ...... Ambient ....... so the colors on the stage keep changing. They even had a smoke machine, lol.  The bathrooms were redecorated really fancy and the whole place was lovely.  I felt like I had come home because my spirit just melted into the place.  The praise and worship was beautiful, and the sermon was perfect for some issues in some family member's lives right now.  It was about STRONGHOLDS and how to bring them down.  Too bad "they" didn't hear it!

We went to the 9:00 service, so we left for IHOP at 10:30 with Terry and Doug.  Breakfast was wonderful too.  The waitress was good.  The food was good.  The company was good.  It was a lovely Sunday!

Pam, one of my readers, emailed me and asked me HOW I sew and quilt and make jewelry and work and do everything at the same time.

The answer is:  I CANNOT BE STILL!

Honestly, I can't.  It was real hard for me to sit still in church this morning.  I was afraid Terry would kick me any minute for crossing and uncrossing my legs 500 times.  I was watching her.  She NEVER moved from the waist down through the entire service!  HOW do people do that????  Jerry can do it.  Doug did it.  Phylly can do it with dogs and children in her lap.  My entire body would fall asleep and die!

I don't ever have the TV on.  I listen to music sometimes.  Other than that, I am ALWAYS doing something.  I can be making a blouse and a quilt and jewelry all at the same time -- or, at least, in the same day.  Usually, if I'm sewing though, I want to start and finish the garment all in one day.  I still go up and down stairs and do laundry and vacuum a little and dust a little and make meals and check on the dogs and sweep off the patio and water plants.  I am ALWAYS in motion.

That is until this time of night when I get ready for bed.  I still have to read or type or talk or something.  Sometimes, I'll force myself to watch TV with Jerry, but I'm usually doing something else at the same time.  He isn't here tonight, so no TV.

And still answering Pam as to what exactly I do in a day:

I altered the waist on my skirt this morning because it was 3 inches too big!  Went to church and IHOP.  Came home and unloaded the back of my car (from Sam's) and put everything away.   I packed a box and an ice chest for Jerry to take to our other house.  I took a short walk outside.  I quilted the cat quilt this afternoon.  I opened an order of beads and chain, sorted it all out and put it in storage boxes.  I looked through a new jewelry book I bought from Amazon.  I did a load of wash and made two smoothie meals (before church and dinner).  I bought PhotoShop Elements 13 and spent two hours -- off and on -- downloading just half of it.  I'll have to do the rest tomorrow.  Terry came over and made a video for me this afternoon that I wanted to show Margaret.  I tried several different ways to fix the videos so I could show them to you, BUT PhotoShop wouldn't work for me to cut out the messed-up part, so I had to buy Version 13.  UGH!

Here is a really bad picture of the cat quilt all quilted.  No binding yet.  It is pretty cute.  I wanted to give it to the church for the nursery, but Terry says it is too big.  I may sell this one if I can find anyone who wants to buy it on Etsy or Ebay.  HEY!  I wonder if that hospital that Rhonda made all the pillowcases for would want it.  Think I'll check into that.  Again, though, they probably need crib size.
 I used the new Pantograph called Curls that Terry bought for me.  It was hard with all those points!  Some of them didn't turn out pointy enough for me, but I'm sure not fixing them.

Gotta go.  Have two more new books to scan!

Hugs and Best Wishes for a MARVELOUS WEEK AHEAD!


  1. Good morning Joy,
    I cannot sit still in church or anywhere and I am glad there is someone else can't either! Have a great week! Love your blog & love sewing!
    Teresa from WV

  2. It is great to go to a church and be w/ real people, something I had skipped for yrs myself( did church on TV), but found myself missing the people greatly, It is the joy of being w/ other believers, and being encouraged by each other that makes it great, All the rest,,,,accountability, working in ministries, all fall into place when and where a person feels needed,,,, or has time , Glad you went~ Isnt it nicer to worship w/ others, give hugs, then go out to eat?? Perfume,,,,,yes, that IS a problem, in fact my Dr's office is a perfume free zone, NO perfume is allowed, and I believe it would not be such a problem if ladies wore it as it was intended, ( VERY LIGHT) but they tend to bathe in it, which makes many of us sick, I am one that gets sick/ headaches etc from it, The closer you sit to the front of a church the less likely you may be to run into that bc not many want to sit in the first few pews~
    Looking over some DVDs today on clothing construction,,,,,boy oh boy are there EVER diff methods,,,,,One happens to be a " factory technique" DVD on blouses,,,,,the next is a well Tailored method, A seamstress could go crazy,w/ all the diff veiwpoints out there, Ok,,,better just to start cutting a quilt and let the rest ruminate for awhile,
    , Do I need highly tailored blouses for every day?? But,,do I know how to do anything different?? ( no) Still,,,those shortcuts SEEM ok,,,,,,but,,,does it produce a blouse worthy of me having said I made this?? Not sure,,,,just not sure, Top stitching and precision just makes the garment,,,,,but can I learn differently and still be accurate? Not sure,,,, ( need I say in the Factory methods, there was no roller, no ham,,,,,no clapper,,,,,NONE of the things I normally use,,,,,,can I even DO this?? Maybe with a very very drapey soft fabric,,,,,,,

  3. Ok, you have convinced me now that I NEED to get a long arm maching, How much of a learning curve is there? It would save me about 150$ each time I take in a twin sized quilt,,,,,nevernind that queen sized ones, Tried one at the Houston quilt show and loved it,

    1. You can get a WHOLE LOT of quilts done for what a longarm will cost you! And the longarm requires a whole bunch of additional notions in order to do all the things you want to do. Rulers and pantographs and tapes and thread and more thread and more thread! You have to learn how to fix it yourself if it breaks. You can call someone, but they direct you on how to fix it. It is HUGE and takes up a bunch of space. HOWEVER, if you think you will enjoy the process AND you can afford it, by all means, get one!
      Hugs, Joy

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