Saturday, March 21, 2015

Play Day News Flash TEN Pounds Lighter

Wow!  Play days are really tiring.  Phylly and I do so much, we have to stop or we will destroy what we are working on.  I managed to ASSUME I had more than enough fabric, and I just started chopping away at my new creation -- which, by the way, I think is DARLIN

Phylly wasn't too crazy about it, I could tell, but when I get it done she might like it better.  She thought the pleats should go up and down instead of side to side.

Anyway, I cut out the loooooooooong front piece with the five pleats in it.  Then I just threw everything aside so Phylly could use the table, and I started sewing the pleats in.

THEN I decided to add some narrow cotton lace to each pleat not knowing if it would turn into a little girl's ensemble or what -- but the lace and many of its playmates has been in my drawer for years -- and if I'm never going to use it, WHY do I have it???

After finishing all the pleats and the lace on the front, I cut out the back of the blouse which was changed to have a zipper in it.  Then I cut out the facings at which time it dawned on my lightning fast mind that I FORGOT ABOUT THE SLEEVES!  No wonder I had so much fabric.

My sleeves may have some special design features themselves, but I will get them in the blouse somehow.

I have to go because I have to pack.  My husband wants me home, and I miss him.  He helps me so much with the dogs, and he does all the heavy lifting.  My lower back does NOT like heavy lifting.  I can't even lift Josie anymore.  She is at least 30 pounds now.

Be back soon with pics of my new top.  My very first "Joy-Style" blouse.  It may not end up on the cover of Vogue, but I've seen a lot of garments on the cover of sewing magazines I don't like nearly as much as this one.

Did you see Gertie's new fabric line?  That girl is into everything sewing and fabric.  I don't know HOW she keeps up with it all.  JoAnn's sells her fabric, and I was able to find one of the pieces I liked and order it.

Hold on.................................

I'll see if I can show you a picture.................

Here it is.  Roses on black.  I LOVE it!  She has another one that is a border print with roses on white with white dots that I really love too, but JoAnn's didn't have it.

I better get busy loading the car.  When my day comes to leave, I want to wake up -- drink my shake -- jump in the car and head south!  I can listen to Joel Osteen's church service on the way home.  I will NEVER think like he does totally, but he always has a good message that I learn something from.

And YES, I am officially 10 pounds lighter than the day I started on Herbalife.  I'm sure that will be short lived, however, since I went to Panera Bread with Phylly and Margaret for lunch today.  I ate EVERY morsel on my plate, but I did not have any dessert.  That was all I felt like sacrificing.

Be back soon with slooooooooooooooooow internet.  Not good for videos!

Hugs, Joy

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