Saturday, March 28, 2015

Speedy but Thinner!


This day did more than FLY by.  It EVAPORATED!

I worked on Kissed by the Sun.  Terry came over and we sewed together for a few hours.  I worked on KBTS some more.  I ate my lefover steak and broccoli from yesterday when Terry and I went to Logan's steak house.  I came up here to email Phylly, and the day is gone.  It is 6:18 PM!

Jerry is on the lake fishing with Doug (Terry's husband), and I am SO HAPPY for him.  He NEEDS the relaxation and the friendship.  I pray God sends fish to jump on their hooks!

Do you ever notice God working in your life?  I mean, MAJORLY working like He is right there -- right that minute -- and he saw everything you said and did, and He reacted to it.

Ask Terry.  She saw it all.

I like to take a narrow country road that I call "Roller Coaster Road" when I take the 45-mile trip to Sherman, TX.  When we first moved here, it was a dirt road with huge holes in it.  You had to dodge them, or your tires would blow out.  There is hardly any traffic on the road, even now, and it cuts 7 miles off the trip to Sherman, so I always take it.

When I turned onto it, Terry asked me why I wasn't taking the brand new highway that was miles ahead.  I told her I LIKED that road better because it was a shortcut.  We drove and talked and arrived at our destination just fine.  We shopped, bought fabric, ate lunch, shopped some more, and then headed back home on the same road.

I was driving, of course, or we would have been on the other road.

I had NO IDEA what the speed limit was so I never paid any attention to it.  I'm not sure there are even signs on most of the road.  We were coming back and I was laughing as we flew over the wide bumps that make the road feel like a roller coaster.  I told Terry I loved the road because nobody was on it, and I could enjoy the ride.

Just before we arrived at Highway 70 where we had to turn, I made the following extremely BRILLIANT statement to Terry:

"I love this road because I can drive fast and there is NEVER a policeman on it!"

Now, don't get the wrong idea.  "Fast" on this road is 55 MPH.  It is only a 2-lane road though with fields on either side and a cow or horse every so often.

NO SOONER did I say "there is never a policeman on this road", one SUDDENLY APPEARED.  Terry saw him up ahead of us on the opposite side of the road.  He drove past me and turned around and headed back toward me.  Terry told me to PULL OVER because he was coming after me.

Sure enough -- he was!

I rolled down my window and got out my license.  He was very nice.  He said, "Good afternoon, Maam."

I said, "Good afternoon, Sir" and then I said one my usual super-brilliant remarks:   "I have NO IDEA what the speed limit is here."

I expected Terry to pipe up any moment and say, "She said she LOVES to drive fast on this road and that there are never any policemen on it!"  Thank God, she didn't!

He asked for my insurance.  I pulled out the 3 insurance cards I have stapled together.  He asked, "How many cars do you have Maam?!"  I told him the Toyota was for sale, and I asked if he would like to buy it.

He asked me if I had any traffic tickets.  I told him I hadn't had one in 20 years or more.  He looked at me as if to say, "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight lady!"  He walked back behind my car and got into his police car.

Terry stifled all the remarks she really wanted to say to me, I'm sure!

I said, "Can you BELIVE that!?"

She said she certainly could believe it, and she informed me the ticket would be over $200.

I said a prayer out loud that Terry heard:  "Dear Lord, Please give me favor with this policeman, and I promise I will watch the speed limit on this road from now on."

In a few minutes the very nice policeman came back up to my window.  He handed me my papers and informed me I was going 20 MPH OVER the speed limit, and the ticket would be $350.


Then he said, "I'm not going to ticket you.  Just slow down Maam, and have a nice day."  I believe he said, "God bless."

I SQUEALED with delight and thanked him profusely.  I said, "God bless you, Sir, and you have a very nice day too!"

Terry told him that I had prayed that he wouldn't give me a ticket, and I promised to watch the speed limit.

So NOW, I can show you the MOST EXCITING thing!  I told you I was going to stay on my Herbalife diet until I could get in Size 12 jeans.  I made a video to show you:

And here is a still:

How FUN is it to be thinner!  I must hurry and make a whole new wardrobe, so I have to go.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy you look fantastic

  2. Hello Joy.
    I must admit to being a lurker but I always love to read your blog.
    Joy I would just like to say with every one of your posts you bring a little sunshine & makes me smile!
    You are a lady after my own heart I only wish I had such a wonderful way with words as you!
    I can relate to you even though we are thousands of miles away I have been there done that fought the fat (ongoing & never ending) cried a little smiled a lot love fabric and sewing.
    you look wonderful in your new body!
    You never know maybe I might just get to that elusive size 12 one day!
    Bless you keep smiling

  3. When did you start? and how much have you lost?

    1. I started six weeks ago, and I have lost 10 pounds and several inches.

  4. Congratulations on getting into a size 12! That is just wonderful! So now what are you going to do on your diet, go to just one shake a day?

    God does work miracles when we get ourselves into trouble, doesn't he? I think I did 50 miles an hour down that road, too when we went to Dallas and back. I'm glad there wasn't a policeman then.

    Now you have to make a lot of new clothes to fit your body, so get busy. You need to re-do Lucy so she will be more helpful to you again.

    Hugs, Phylly

  5. You Skinny-Minny! Size 12 jeans goal has been met -- but no more losing! Now you can go buy Size 12 pants in every color to match your beautiful blouses! You look great and I'm so jealous! I'm not doing as well as you but am still trying. Love the black and white outfit on Lucy - so stylish! Love ya! Margaret

  6. Joy I am sooooooooo HAPPYY for YOU! GOD bless you!

  7. I'm so jealous. You look great ! I'm still trying. I quit smoking 3 yrs ago and gained 20 lbs. I've never been more than a size 12 and usually a size 10. Now i'm a size 14-16. This is a whole new world for me. But I'm determined to get my weight down. We'll see.

  8. We sound like twin bodies, Ramona. With this Herbalife, it is SO EASY. At least, it was for me. I LOVE the shakes. I put frozen fruit in all of them, and they are delish!
    Hugs, Joy

  9. Joy I commented earlier but forgot to sign my name,excuse me. Also what kind of sewing light do you use? thanks Sew much! Dara

    1. I have a pole lamp with three lights on it. Other than that, I have a lot of fluorescent lights on the ceiling. At my other house, I have a couple OTT lights.


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