Thursday, April 30, 2015

And It Is Thursday Already

Time sure does fly when you are having fun or working hard or both.  Yesterday, I worked all day long on a new "style".  I have to hem it, and it is done.  Not sure if I love it or hate it.  I'll figure that out tomorrow when I have a chance to work on it again.

All is well in my world today, and I am so thankful for that.  Jerry is feeling good.  I am feeling good.  Josie, the smaller dog, did not crawl under the fence and run off today.  Actually, Jerry was watching her the other day, and she is able to crawl OUT and crawl BACK IN.  Fortunately, Jackie is too big to perform the trick, and Josie won't run off too far from Jackie.

I worked at the store today, and I enjoy so much working with the girls there.  It makes the day go by so fast for everyone to get along and be in a good mood.  Of course, I only go in two days a week.  Jerry is there more, and he says the same thing.

I'm still on my Herbalife diet, but I'm not losing weight.  I am having more to eat in between because I don't really want to lose any more weight.  I think I can STAY in Size 12 jeans, but I don't want the stress of trying to stay in Size 10's.

I came home at 3:30 and went out into the back yard to check on the dogs and the peonies.  Jerry has been asking me for days to go PROP UP the peonies because they were all sagging.  I don't know WHAT I was supposed to prop them up with!  When I checked on them today, they were not only sagging, they were all hanging from broken stems.  I decided to cut them all off and make a bouquet.

Seemed like a really good idea UNTIL three different varieties of bugs decided to descend onto my kitchen counter!

First there was the spider.

Then there was some very strange looking bug that was hanging on one of the pretty pink petals.  I tried to SHAKE him off the petal, but he would not move.  I took the flowers over to the sink and tried to flick him off.  He would not flick.  I then put my fingernail behind his butt and tried to PUSH him off.  He came off but he STUCK to my finger!  YUK!!!  He must have been some kind of glue bug.  I had to get a utensil and push him off my finger.  I had to wash him off the utensil and down the drain.

Then I went to put the flowers back on the counter, and I saw what I THOUGHT was a green leaf on the counter.  I went to pick it up, and it MOVED!  YUK AGAIN!  It was a skinny green caterpillar.

I feel like there are bugs crawling around in my hair and up the back of my neck.  Heaven only knows what I'll find on the kitchen counter in the morning.

Now, I remember why I don't like gardening.  Terry loves it.  She is looking for someplace to put a garden.  I figure if she puts one on my land, then she has to work it, and I get to eat out of that.  Does that sound fair?  I HATE bugs!

Better go.  Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

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