Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Craziest Thing We EVER Did!, New Top and Josie

I may have told you we sold my Toyota a few weeks ago.  It was replaced by the red Explorer I bought to put my dogs in.  I also have a Honda that I keep in the garage at my other house so if I go up there with Jerry, I have a car to drive.

So the nice people came to look at the Toyota.  They drove about 40 miles to get here.  They took it out for a test drive and decided they wanted it.  It was at night, so the next day my hubby met them at our bank where there was a Notary to notarize the Title to the Toyota.  The buyers took the Toyota and we took the money.  Everyone was delighted, and that was that -- or so we thought -- until today.

Jerry got a call from Mrs. Buyer about 3:30 today.  She told him we had given them the Title to the Honda -- NOT the Toyota!

Jerry called me here at home and told me.  In my super exaggerated, overly inflated imagination, I could see the teenage boy the car was bought for having a wreck in my Toyota -- for which we have NO INSURANCE because it was cancelled when we THOUGHT we sold it -- and us getting sued for everything we have.  I was VERY upset!

I thought, "OH NO!  Will I have to give them my Honda and take back the Toyota?"

I called our insurance agent to find out if we could REinsure the Toyota in less than two seconds.  We couldn't.

C R A Z Y !  Has anyone else ever done such a goofy thing?

It all ended okay except we have to go to the tag agency tomorrow to get a new Title for the Honda, because the Title shows it being sold to those other people.  Thank goodness, they were a very nice family!

I'm working on a new Cutting Line Design top.  New for me, that is.  I spent 4 hours adjusting the paper pattern for proper fit, but I think I've got it.  I'll show it to you tomorrow if I get it done.  I've got the "muslin" about half-way done.

I'm making the blue version with the three buttons.  I am NOT putting the pocket on the back of the blouse.  I think that is goofy.  Are you supposed to SIT ON your cell phone, or what?

And before I go,

I HAVE to show you Josie!

 Remember Jackie's half-sister.  She is seven months old, and she had her very first haircut yesterday.  I was SHOCKED at the LOVELY lady under all that hair.

Jackie is half silver now.

She is pretty too, of course, but I think the solid black is prettier.

Hope all of you had a nice day!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. I love that pattern. That is just my style. Where can I find it? Love those dogs. So pretty. I may get another dog when I stop working for good. Take care and don't feel bad about the wrong title. I've done things just that crazy. haha


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