Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Night

Hello friends on this lovely, cool Spring evening in southern Oklahoma.

I don't think I accomplished a single thing today, but I worked all day long doing it!

Oh, yes.  I tried that FREE knit tee pattern.

I printed it out and, I taped all its alphabet pieces together.

Then I put in a Full Bust Adjustment.

Then I pinned the 2 pieces -- front and back -- together so I could try it on one half of my torso.

I removed my blouse and went and stood in front of my 3-way mirror.

I put my hand and arm through the sleeve opening, and then I TRIED to pull the paper pattern up over my shoulder and onto my body, but it resisted wildly.

It screamed:  You stupid lady!!!  Can't you SEE I am three sizes too small for you!!!?

I couldn't figure out how to make it bigger, so I wadded it up and tossed it in the trash.  Decided to make more pants, but I didn't do that either because Terry was here working on a quilt.

In the morning, I am going to make the tee with my Sure-fit Designs kit.  Don't know WHY I don't do that to start with.  Everything seems so easy until you try to do it.

It is tax season and Jerry is grumpier than a Mama grizzly bear.  He works so, so hard all the time.  I beg him to slow down or hire more help, but he doesn't.  He thinks he is the only one who can do certain things like competitive bidding paperwork and tax preparation for the CPA.  I'm sure not going to do it.  I don't want to be so busy I can't enjoy my life.  

Jerry just quit for the day and is ready to watch TV.  I'm going to join him.

Be back soon.   Have a MARVELOUS weekend!

Hugs, Joy

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