Monday, April 27, 2015

Purple Outfit, New Tee, Jewelry and Embroidery

Hello everyone on Monday evening.  I have from now until Dancing with the Stars comes on to chat with you tonight.  DWTS and the naked people eating snakes and bugs is about all we watch these days.  I wonder how they edit all those videos to blur out the naked people's non-watchable parts.  I think they should blur out their rear ends as well, but maybe they think we can't picture what is underneath those tattoos.

SO!  You want to see what I've been doing.  I had to scroll down-down-down in my own blog to see what I haven't shown you.  I figure you all are sick of me showing you every thing I do every day, but maybe you aren't.

I didn't show you my very first RING.  My hands are not pretty anymore, so I don't really like to wear rings, but I wanted to try to make one.  It was lots of fun.  Sorry pics are fuzzy.  Really hard to photograph jewelry.

GOOD HEAVENS!  Is that HAIR on my finger???  I guess I should be plucking my fingers as well as my eyebrows!

I made this knit top yesterday just PLAYING with Sure-fit Designs.  I wanted to make a style because it is so much fun.  Not too fun if it doesn't turn out though.  This is drawn to be made with a WOVEN, but this fabric was just lying on the chair, and it was TWO-sided.  All one fabric.  HOW COOL!  It was big all over.  I took the underarm seams in over an inch, and my bra is still showing.  

 It is SUPPOSED to be an assymmetrical neckline, but it isn't far enough off center to look like it.  I guess it does though.  I will work with it some more.  I really like it.
This is the back.

The stripes look like they are MOVING!  Too big in the waist.

And here is the blouse that has the CORRECTED SHOULDER CAP.  I KNOW I made a video of how to fix the cap.  Maybe I didn't post it in my blog.  

JUST IN CASE, here is the video.  From the look on my face it must be VERY exciting!!!

I am showing you a close-up of the buttons.  In the center of each button, there are three seed beads like are in the bracelet below.  Really cute, and they are washable and dryable.

Here I am today wearing the whole outfit with matching jewelry.

The pants are the Burda pattern.  The top is my own Sure-fit Designs creation with 8 pleats.  I really like it, and the new sleeve cap height is AWESOME!  So comfortable, I still have it on.  I am usually in my jammies by now.
It had to have a matching bracelet and earrings, of course!  Didn't get a close-up of the earrings, but you can see them in the pic.

I made this from start to finish ALL BY MYSELF with no directions.  It felt SO GOOD!  Jerry was very impressed.  He said I should start my own clothing/jewelry line.  I think I already did, only it is just for me.
I thought I had already shown you this, but maybe I didn't.  I don't see it in my posts.

I absolutely love this purse because it is purple.  I was really surprised to see when I hung my wet blouse up to dry, that it matches my purse EXACTLY!    NOTE:  Blouse is WET!

 Did I show you these cute hearts I made for Valentine's Day?  I love them.
And did I show you these????

My daughter, Tammy, asked me to make her some stitch markers.  I had NO IDEA what one even was, but thanks to the internet, I was able to whip up a batch in no time.  I hope they are working for her.

Back to the drawing board on the assymmetrical v-neck tomorrow, and Terri is coming over for some embroidery.

OH, OH, OH!!!!!

I almost forgot to show you.

When Terri asked me to embroider some initials on a pillow for her, I remembered that my embroidery machine had just gotten back from the repair shop not long ago, and I had not used it yet.  So, I took off its cover and decided to embroider something to wear with my new Size 12 jeans that are all odd colors I don't have anything to match.  My friends may get VERY SICK of me wearing the same tee shirt with all my jeans, lol!  I better get busy making some more.  

I really have to go.  My hubby hasn't fixed his shake yet, so I have to go down to make sure he eats.  He drinks Ensure and fruit for his shakes.  I'm still doing Herbalife.  

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. How did you guess? I have been puzzled by my sure-fit sleeves as well. I was very glad to receive your timely email. Yes, I was about to ask Glenda. She is a sweetheart and has great patience with all of our many questions. I am going to try this. My problem is that I have rather heavy upper arms. So I drew my sleeves from the width required at the bottom, upwards. But the cap is not great. I think the height might be fine but the width not as it seems to fold back on itself at the back. It also seems to bubble. not sure how to explain. But I will remeasure the sleeve pattern as you have demonstrated. I will let you know. Thank you for all your help and inspiration.

  2. You say you don't have pretty hands anymore; it's OK--it's just the way we are as we age. I love rings (always have) and I think of the late Jackie Kennedy's take on rings. It is said that she wore rings because she never thought she had pretty hands, so wore rings so the eye was drawn to the ring rather than her hand. I've adopted that philosophy and continue to enjoy my rings!

  3. My you have been busy. Good job on creating a new style blouse. Love the purple one too. I will have to give some of my quilting fabric a second look. Thanks for the you have said no matter how long we have been sewing there is always more to learn. Maureen
    Linda T Thanks for the reminder its OK

  4. I've been in bed sick for two weeks but I'm up and running now. I lost 5 lbs and now will have to alter some pants. I love the tops you make. I'm going to break down and order the sure fit designs pattern so I will know what you are talking about. Love the ring and don't worry about hair on the finger. People will be busy looking at the ring and not the finger hair. haha You are a super great talented lady. Hope you never get tired of doing this.

  5. Joy I also share your love of cotton for tops..especially in the heat of summer nothing is cooler than a cotton woven top. ..also gored skirts are cooler than shorts. Lessons learned from years of working in factories that are not air conditioned...much as I love cotton I really dislike the ironing and all the wrinkles from wearing, sitting etc..have you found a way around that? the other Joy


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