Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sad and Happy Mother's Day

It was the saddest day of all time for a few moments, but it turned out to be very nice.  My oldest, more-loved-than-you-can-imagine, grandson was here yesterday and today.  He is going through the most horrible nightmare that none of us can believe is happening.

His wife that we all thought was the sweetest angel of all time that would love him forever and ever, has left him and, according to her father, has filed for divorce.  She won't talk to him or see him.  She won't talk to us.  Her family hides her away, and they won't talk to him either.  None of us know WHY she is doing this.  It is so CRUEL to do such an awful thing and not even talk about it to people who love her so much -- or, at least, to her husband!

My grandson drove over five hours because he heard she was at her Mother's for the weekend.  (She had been in another State with her father.)  He left his house at 10 PM to make the drive.   The next morning, he went to her Mother's house, and he knocked on the door.  Nobody would come to it.  He left there and came here.  We wanted SO BADLY to DO SOMETHING to help him over the intense heartache, but there is nothing anyone can do -- but cry.  And we did.

I just cannot believe this is happening.

Other than that, I did have the great joy of having my grandson here on Mother's Day.  We were all dressed and ready to go to church this morning when the skies blackened (as they do daily now) and torrential rain started coming down.  We decided to go upstairs and watch Hagee.  After that, we went to a place called Pelican Landing at one of the Marinas down here on Lake Texoma.  They had a large buffet for lunch.  The service was wonderful.  While we were eating, Terry and her hubby and MIL showed up, and they sat at the table next to us.  That part of our day was lovely.

This weekend, I made a bracelet at least five times -- maybe six.  It broke once.  It came out too long several times.  I decided I just didn't like it once.  Goodness!  I finally got it done about 6 PM tonight.  I'll always think of my grandson when I wear it because he was on my mind and he was here while I was making it.  I'll show you when I wear it with the new outfit it goes with.

OH!  You don't know about my new outfits, do you?

It is actually Terry's fault.  Terry had to go to JoAnn's Friday to get some fabric to make a backing for her new quilt top.  She waited until I got off work so I could go with her.  JoAnn's is 45 minutes from here, and it is boring to go alone.  When we got done "saving money" at JoAnn's with all of our coupons, Terry asked if I would mind going to Belk's with her.  I never heard of the place, but I was up for a new adventure.  It was just across the street from JoAnn's.

We went into Belk's and right away, the most AMAZING thing happened!!!

A woman who works there actually walked up to us and asked if she could help us!  After I made sure she wasn't a figment of my imagination, I decided to find out what was on sale so I could SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY!

It's one of those places -- like J C Penney's -- where everything in the store is SUPPOSEDLY on sale.  They mark it up 600% and then say it is 30% off PLUS an additional whatever% if you jump through one hoop or another.  Knowing that, I still decided to play along because Terry wanted to try on some pants, and the pants were YELLOW, and I LOVE yellow pants, and my yellow jeans are all way too big for me now.

Somehow, I ended up with a large dressing room FULL of blouses and pants.  Terry and I started out in separate dressing rooms, but we kept going back and forth to each other's rooms so much, we finally got together in mine.

Terry was very bad, and she kept going out and bringing more garments in for us to try on.  She even brought me some Size Small tops and some Size 10 pants.  I told her they would not fit me, but I tried them on anyway.  When I put them on and they actually DID FIT ME, I squealed so loud that the people in the other dressing rooms started laughing.  I was jumping around saying, "It's a SMALL -- It's a SMALL -- It's a SMALL!!!"  Again, when I tried on pants, I was jumping around hollering, "It's a Size 10!  It's a Size 10!  It's a Size 10!"

Belk's is evidently a Granny store because the clothing fit me very well.

Someone must have leaked the news that older ladies have round backs, low boobs, big tummies, flat butts and usually need a BUST DART!

I came home with TWELVE new garments.

Hence, the need for a new bracelet.

Hopefully, I won't have to make each one six times!

When I got home, Jerry was sitting at the kitchen counter.  Terry went in first with a load of my clothes, and I followed.  She was explaining to Jerry how much money we both saved.

He laughed!

He was really happy for me though.  You remember, I hope, that he DID say that if I lost weight, I could buy a whole new wardrobe.  Plus, it was a great Mother's Day gift he didn't have to go get for me.

My daughter, Tammy, sent me Sherry's Berries, and I JUST remembered there are two left.  I must go now and eat them!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you, and have a lovely week to come.  If you live near me, I will pray you don't drown when you step out your front door in the morning!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Joy, now that's how Mother's Day should be, buying a size small. That had to be the Highlight of the day and should last at least a week. You have inspired me to start my diet.
    I' am so sorry about your grandson's marriage. I wish I had wisdom to share to ease his pain but it is a situation he will work out and/or move on on his own. My heart goes out to them both.
    One more thing, I watched your video about sway back where you straightened the back (b/c of dots fabric) and added to the side seam waist and hips. Did you try that on a woven am
    Ned did it work? Or would that only work on a knit b/c knits are more forgiving?
    I also agree with you about Palmer & Pletch & I love Cynthis Guffy. I always have trouble with Peggy's patterns in the armscye because they are too big for me. I have to raise the armhole up about 1/2". Keep smiling.

  2. Monday morning and Praise the Lord it is not thundering and raining. My two dogs are terrified of thunder. We have to medicate them and they have thunder jackets that help a lot but it is just an ordeal for us all. I feel so bad for them. We made our very first trip to our storm shelter on Wednesday night. They did very well and my husband and I are so grateful that we have it.
    I am so sorry that your grandson is having such problems in his life right now and grateful that he can come to you and Jerry for comfort. It is so heartbreaking for us when our love ones are hurting. I will be praying that he gets some answers soon. Must be just awful for him not knowing why she is doing this.
    Sounds like you and Terry had a successful shopping trip. I will be waiting for a fashion show.
    Hopefully we will have a better week and don't all drown or blow away.

  3. Joy - I would really appreciate it if you would advise a little more how to peel off the top layer of the lite stick steam roll glue stuff. I bought some after watching your video but it is not working for me. The top layer just won't peel off. Thank you so much. I really enjoy your blog and videos. Gail

  4. So sorry about your grandson. My stepson is going through the same thing right now. Strange. She just woke up one day and said that's it and filed for divorce. I hope you all are safe and dry out there. We have a Belk's store here in St. Augustine and I just love it. I'll love it more when I'm back in a size 12. Well I'm making a dress for a friend who's going to be in a wedding. I'm using a very nice travel knit fabric. What would you consider the best way to finish the neck and armholes. A facing or binding. I'm really praying on this one.

  5. Joy Sorry about your grandsons heartache. I hope she doesn't rush to divorce. Sometimes just taking a little time off helps.
    Can't wait to see you in your new small outfits with matching jewelry. Hope you have not been affected by all the bad storms.


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