Monday, June 15, 2015

Duck Tape Dress Form

My daughter is SOOOOOOOOOOO dedicated.  She is an amazing nurse at the Heart Hospital and very dedicated to each and every patient assigned to her to the point she works 12 hours without a break or anything to eat.  This upsets me, but there isn't anything I can do about it.

Well, I found out Saturday afternoon when we went to Hancock's to buy Polyfill for our dress forms that she is also very dedicated to complete strangers in a fabric store.

My friends and family have seen me start up conversations with complete strangers wherever I happen to be.  Tammy does it too.  We were in line at the cash register at Hancock's to buy our big boxes of Polyfill.  There were two other ladies in line.

I began talking to the young lady behind me in line and asked her what she was making.  She was talking about a neighborhood "club" of some sort where ladies get together to sew, and she was so excited because they were making a sunglass case, or something simple like that.

She then asked me what was in the big boxes that Tammy and I were buying.  Tammy and I both went into a long, hand-signaled demonstration of what we had been doing all morning.  The young lady (20-ish) was very interested and so was the cashier.  Tammy and I took turns drawing invisible pictures with our hands and arms, and THEN Tammy realized that she had her dress form right outside in the car!

Tammy ran out to her car and grabbed her dress form that she is now calling "Carly" (after Marly at Craftsy) out of her car.  She came back into Hancock's and put it on so the cashier and the customer lady could both see it.  I, of course, ran out to my car and grabbed by cell phone so I could get PROOF that I didn't make this whole story up!

Tammy's husband was quite fascinated with Carly.  He and Tammy couldn't agree as to whether they should put a board on the bottom of Carly or insert a pole up the center of her, so I guess Len decided to give her a hug instead.

This is the only way to hug a girl without a head!
And here is Pinky LaRue.

Don't ask me how I came up with LaRue.  I have no idea!!!

I tore off the waist that Tammy applied to my mystery waistline, and I put this ribbon where I KNOW my waist is.

You can PLAINLY SEE now:  High Shoulder, Low Shoulder
                                                   High Hip, Low Hip

And below you can see:  High Round Back
                                         Sway Back
                                         Flat Butt (or No Butt At ALL!)

And I HAD to try my new top on Pinky.

Amazing!  A perfect fit!

I am going to tape her arms shut, and do something to the bottom.

Jerry said he would cut me a board when I get back home, and then I can stand her on a stool for legs.  I will buy a higher stool though.  I stuffed Pinky a whole bunch more after this pic was taken,  You can literally shove stuffing up inside FOREVER!

OH!  I keep forgetting to tell you that Tammy DOES NOT SEW!  She knits.  This is all about knitting for her; and if you are a knitter, maybe it could help you too.

That is the end of the Duck Tape adventure.  Please try it if you love to sew as I do -- or, if you knit.

It isn't that hard, and it is REALLY YOU!

Hugs, Joy


  1. This reminds me so much of my Mother and me. When we get together you just need to watch out. Neither one of us ever meets a stranger and talk to anyone who will listen. We have so much fun together. I have really enjoyed this adventure so much and I am hoping I can get someone to wrap me. Could you please tell us how many rolls of tape it took for each of you? Hope we get to hear your secret this week.

    1. Anita,
      It took under two rolls for me. I think we used two rolls plus a little of a third one for Tammy. It takes MORE to finish the form if you cover the arm openings and the bottom. Buy at least THREE rolls.
      So glad you enjoyed our fun adventure. Tammy is coming back over for me to measure her using the chart from Marly Bird's Craftsy class.
      I grew up in a very outspoken family of six, and if you didn't speak fast and loud, you didn't get heard.
      I am here in Edmond all week and part of next. I would be happy to wrap you if you didn't feel uncomfortable about me touching you. There is a lot of pushing and patting, lol. I hope I get to "hear" my secret this week too.
      Hugs, Joy

  2. Love the pink color. I did the same thing a few years ago. My mother helped me. This was in Hawaii, very humid. We had so much fun, drinking strong coffee to cool off. My mother moved permanently to Brasil. You too reminded me of good times

    Thanks for sharing



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