Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Good Tuesday Night

We are finally back home.  We intended to be back home a whole lot sooner than 9:30 PM, but we got hung up at the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield picking up the new boat.

The very nice young man in the Service Department spent three hours going over every single detail of the engine and the boat and the compartments and the shifter thing and the live wells and the storage compartments and the fuses and on and on and on.

I kept telling him we had owned many boats.  He said he had to tell us all that stuff anyway.

We weren't able to get the cats or the dogs because we got home so late, and I really miss them.  My daughter and son-in-law are so good with Jackie and Josie.  Len had set up a huge pen for them to be in when in the large back yard.  It was only for when they had to be separated from all the other dogs in the Kennel.  Our dogs' daddy lives there, and Josie's mom lives there.  I think they sold Jackie's mom.  They have 10 new puppies that were born a few days ago.  LOTS of dogs there.  Jackie and Josie will probably GROWL at us and hope we leave them there!

The cats are being boarded.  They probably think we are NEVER coming to get them.  We will go in the morning.

Tomorrow is Jerry's birthday.  He will be 69 years young!

Time for bed.  Be back soon to show you what I bought on our vacation.

Hugs, Joy

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