Monday, September 21, 2015

Our Furry Kids

I love it when my dogs have just had a bath.  Billie, the dog beautician, got majorly carried away with the powder today, and it is bothering not only my nose, but the dogs'!  They are worn out, and I am glad.  I am keeping them in until I leave tomorrow so they don't roll around in the muddy back yard that was rained on for the last two days.

Here's a real short video if you want to see my grown-up Goldendoodles:

I have started packing.

Thank goodness, we aren't going anywhere that requires fancy dressing because I am not comfortable dressed up.  Some people love to dress up, but I never have.  I'm a "comfort first" type of dresser, and then color and style.  I could not care less what is "in style" according to whatever magazine.  My Mom was that way.  I think most styles look ridiculous anyway.

Mini skirts.

Baggy pants falling down and ANYTHING with a skull!!!

Shoes that have toes!

Half a dozen skinny straps hanging half on and half off shoulders.

Clothes that look like underwear.

MOST color-blocking.

Did you know that this Fall the latest "rage" is to have FURRY shoes?

Some of them look like the girl ran over squirrels on her way to work and decided to stop the car, grab up the hides and stuff them into the bottom of her flip-flops!  I'm not kidding!  Fur sticking out on the sides and between her toes!  GROSS!

Here is a lovely pair of FUR SHOES!  These are walking down a runway!  Probably cost thousands of dollars.  N U T S !!!  She looks like a Dr. Seuss character.

Here's a lovely set.  Maybe Jerry would like to try a pair of these.

I bet you thought I was kidding.  Here's some more.  These are probably for dressing up as they appear to have a high heel hidden somewhere inside that fur.

And here are some classy strappy designs.  (PUKE!)


I cannot STAND anymore of those hideous shoes!

WARNING:  If you buy those and come to visit me, you may find me dusting my house with them.

I've got to go anyway.

I am supposed to be packing.

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Those furry shoes are so gross. Think of the dirt and allergens those would pick up! Come to my house in those and they would stay on the front porch.


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