Saturday, October 10, 2015

Another VLOG, New Earrings and Leaves

This has been a very busy day.  I spent the entire morning ironing SOME and folding up ALL of the fabric you will see in the video.  The video doesn't show all the fabric on the floor, and there was a mountain there too.  All is contained again, and I am ready to finish owls.

When I get the quilt pieced, I will be adding leaves.  I got them cut out today.  All these leaves -- with SAS2 on the back -- were cut out in less than five minutes!!!

Here is a video I made two days ago.  Hence the thank you to Diana and Barbara, and I owe one to Rhonda too.  WHAT NICE LADIES!

You will see a leftover of ANOTHER hobby I used to have in this video.

And after I fixed Zeke and cleaned up all that fabric and cut out all the leaves, I decided to make some earrings to go with my lost-and-found blouse.

Remember it?

There are really fun.  Making jewelry to match exactly is very exciting to me.  It MUST BE for what I've spent on beads!

And for the lady that asked me what pattern I used for the blue bracelet I sent to Deb, I will post a pic again:
The pattern is called "FLOWER LATTICE" by TrendSetter Akiko Nomura.  I got it "free" from Fusion Beads IF I ordered so much from them.  It wasn't very much though, and you an pick what pattern you want.

Jerry has arrived for the "Booze Bloods".  Gotta go.  YAY!  Tomorrow is Sunday.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Cute earings.

    Cant wait to see all your owls finished

  2. There are many people sharing their vlog and they really like the idea of sharing their life to many.

  3. You are anything but average. I think you are amazing.


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