Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello Late Wednesday

Good late evening!  It is after 10 PM.  Jerry has already fallen asleep, but I decided to pull the laptop up off the floor to see if I had any email -- hopefully, happy ones.

It is so strange how things happen sometimes.

Terry was here most of the afternoon today.  When she arrived, I was sitting at my computer reading my email and looking at owls.  I had just received a really sweet comment from a reader about how much she liked my videos.  I got up from my computer and commented to Terry how amazing it was that I had never gotten an ugly comment regarding my videos.

Terry made some comment that IF anyone ever did say something ugly, she would sure let them know what she thought about it.

We talked and laughed.  She put a quilt on the longarm, and I made some more owls.

Both of us keep our cell phones nearby in case our husbands need us.  Mine makes a certain sound when I get an email.  Hers makes different sounds.  Mine had made several "You've Got Mail" sounds (I LOVE that movie), so I decided to go to my desk and check them.

I was SHOCKED to have an ugly comment about one of my videos after I had JUST told Terry I never got any!  Some lady complained that I rambled on for 10 minutes about bad service at Hancock's before I showed what I had made.

What was weird was I could not REPLY to her.  Her comment had some kind of link or something.  I wanted to tell her that there was an OFF button that she was free to use any time one of my videos forced its way into her life.  She certainly doesn't have to watch them for 10 seconds, never mind 10 minutes.

I watch a TON of videos where I think the introduction is waaaaaaaaaaay too long, so I will just fast forward to the actual part I want to see which is usually a tutorial.  Other times, I love to hear the person talk, and I listen to every word.  I AM IN CONTROL, is the point.  I don't need to complain to the person who took the time and the effort to make the video which is totally free of charge!

Oh, well.  It's a small thing really.  I just thought it was kind of tacky.

Other than that, this was a perfect day.  Terry was here all afternoon.  She finished quilting two more baby quilts to give away to babies being dedicated at our church.  I didn't think to take pictures of them.  Both of them were very cute.

OH!  I have only one more owl to make.  Hopefully, I will get them all stitched tomorrow.  I'll show you when they are all done.  I quit naming them after Graham because I wanted to change their positions in the quilt, and then they were no longer in alphabetical order.  Goofy, I know!

Think I will join Jerry in Slumberland.

Hugs, Joy


  1. JOY... Ignore the jerky person that felt compelled to leave a snarky comment!!!!!!!!!! It is easy to be brave behind a keyboard.
    I LOVE your videos and wish you would make MORE!!!! You motivate me. It is SO nice to see someone so full of life and energy instead of whiney, low energy griping people (which, sadly, is a lot of YouTube!!!)
    You are always doing something, finishing something, planning something! I love it!
    Here is something you need to remember...... "It is so good that not one single solitary bit of my self worth depends on your opinion of me."
    Don't let the turkeys get you down!!! (just an old saying from maybe the 70's!!)
    diana in Illinois

    1. I totally agree, Diana. Thanks for the reminder. We won't be judged by how OTHERS TREAT US. We will be judged for how WE TREAT OTHERS. I pray the lady finds only pefectly well done videos for the rest of her life!
      As for me, I was woken by Josie at 3 AM last night, and it took me hours to get back to sleep. Hence, I'm getting a very late start this morning. Better get my rear in gear!
      Hugs, Joy

    2. Joy,
      Actually I'm amazed that you have been blogging so long and not had negative comments until now---I have seen some very vicious comments on the internet directed to people that the person making the comment does not even know. How anyone could not appreciate what you do and share with us is beyond me. I first found you on you tube when you and Philly were doing the crotch curve pants video---I've been a fan ever since. I recently found your blog when I became concerned that you hadn't posted a video for awhile and I was concerned if you were ok--turns out you were on vacation--glad you had a good time!

    3. Thank you so much, Barbara!
      I have had 100's of lovely comments that mean the world to me. I have family members that say horrible things about me. One sister has disowned me totally. It is such a heartache to me that I decided to have a relationship with complete strangers instead. So far, it has worked out beautifully for me.
      Right now, I better get my hair dried and some clothes on!
      Hugs, Joy

  2. I say to just focus on the joy you feel with what you share. It always amazes me what some will complain about. Remember, there is another feature besides the off button and that's fast forward. Sooo, just know you are loved and move on :)

  3. I agree with the anonymous writer that when I came across the video with you and Philly doing the crotch curve I was hooked from then on. You are great and don't let anyone make you think any different. I've been watching your video's for several years and have never been bored. You make a person feel like family. Onward Joy, onward.

  4. Don't listen to the sad and angry they only want company , instead of having a laugh or learning something new.


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