Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Owls Lookin' at You

I worked on these birds ALL DAY LONG.

The owls are done, but the quilt is not.

I still have to do a flange (never have done one before) and the borders.

I made a video so you can see my progress.  Unfortunately, I have not gotten back to the jacket because the fabric must be coming on a sloooooooooooow boat from China!

I also did a tutorial for you, Anne, but I won't have it up until tomorrow.  Videos take forever here, as you know, and the owls wanted to see "my people" today.

Remember Debbie saying, "Show them to your people."

I laughed and laughed.  She was referring to those of you who read my blog.  I love "my people"!

Here is a short video if you are interested in the owl quilt:

I love the pic YouTube chose to put on this one.  You sure can see the embroidery stitches I did.

Nothing else to tell you today.  I'm working on an earring pattern.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Go with the brown Joy, go with the BROWN. That quilt would look perfect on the wall or bed inside a log cabin. You know one of those big vacation log cabins.
    The weather is starting to feel like summer again. I think the whole state of Arkansas is under a burn ban right now. So looking forward to the completed quilt.
    One of your people,

  2. Oh Joy, that quilt is fabulous! I so want to do one now. The black make everything pop and come a life! Can you show the name of the quilt again, pretty please. I also love your quilted jacket, you are so very talented!!!

  3. Fantastic owls such a lot of work!
    I am not going to be any help either the Blackm or brown would be OK
    I will look forward to seeing the quilting

  4. Love your owl quilt....the owls are looking right at you with those little sparkles in their eyes!! And the leaves really rounds it off perfectly! Love it!!!
    The brown flange just melts into the rest of the colors in the quilt....whereas the black flange defines the blocks more.
    Looking forward to see your feathered quilting!

  5. Hi Joy: You did a great job with the owls! I prefer the brown rather than black, but both (brown or black) look good. The embroidered eyes on the owls look fantastic! What type of sewing machine/s do you have?
    Margaret from Canada.

  6. Great quilt, Joy. I prefer the brown to the black, but your strip of black is displayed much wider, which may be why it looks heavy. Do you have something that isn't so solid to try? I've often been successful using a stripe as an intermediate border. Kind regards, Susan

  7. Hi Joy....from a distance the black flange frames better than the brown. .....thank you for all you do....

  8. Hi Joy I like the brown flange with the owls.Love the quilt
    Hugs Lyn

  9. Good Morning Joy! I just recently came across your blog and am enjoying reading about your trials, tribulations and adventures. Thanks for sharing your life with us. My life is much less exciting since retirement and, while I LOVE it that way, I also like peeking in on your busy days. I hope that doesn't make me sound like a stalker!!

    I vote for the black flange - a tiny bit of black (1/4") will make the center of your quilt center pop up from the border rather than blending into it. I have used flanges on my quilts and really think that little accent adds a bit of a punch.

    Love your owls by the way - I do a little appliqué on my quilts now and then, but would never tackle that project! I did use owl fabric to make a diaper bag last week for my soon-to-be-born great-granddaughter, and thought of your owls...'cept my owls were pink and red and green and yellow... :-)

    From another one of "your people"...have a great day! Linda (in chilly MN)

  10. Another one of "your people". I vote for BROWN.

  11. Joy, your video on appliqueing is perfect. Thank you for the tips, too. I didn't know you should decrease the width at points. I will be practicing. I agree with you about the leaves, there are a fantastic addition and really set the mood on the quilt. I vote for the brown, however I think either one would work. I guess it depends on the look you want. I find the black to be a little distracting from the owls since it seems to be more of a contrast. And I love black. But that's me & I'm not there. (Yet). Let us know what Jerry says. Thanks again for appliqué video. I also agree with you regarding the ma'am. I am originally southern and we were taught to always say yes ma'am and sir as a respect for elders and authority.
    Love ya from your people.


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