Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday VLOG Re: Stuff

I made a video for you today because I have over 3,000 followers of my Youtube Channel.  They watch my videos, but know nothing abouty my BLOG.  At least, I am assuming that since I have only 151 followers of my BLOG.

So here is the latest, up-to-the-minute newsflash of my latest adventures, which are pretty much like all my other ones, lol.

After I made the video,
I found the PERFECT person to send the new bracelet to.

I'm giving it to my newest friend, Deborah, in Ozark, MO.

She has given me two things already, and I am getting behind FAST.  I asked her if she liked this creation at all, and she said she did, so it will be on its way tomorrow.

Gotta go.

I've been working all day on one thing or another.  Just ironed my new blouse and my duck blouse.  I started to get the beads together for my new bracelet, BUT -- AS USUAL -- I need to order more beads.

I'll show you the finished blouse with the bracelet when I get the bracelet done.

Have a FANTABULOUS week my friends!

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy.. I follow you on your blog, but how do I find you on utube?

  2. Just google Joy Bernhardt sewing youtube.

  3. What a fun video - and you looked so pretty - new haircut? Love the rope beads for the blue floral skirt and jacket. You'll look be-a-u-t-ful!' Is Jerry planting fescue? My backyard is a disaster and I'm ashamed for anyone to see it. My neighbor said he would help my go to the store to get the right kind of fescue and he has a hand gadget to spread it. Jerry, you are my hero for replacing the batteries in my smoke detector; of course you had an excellent assistant! So, so sorry about the boat problems. Loved the Blog today; it make me feel better! Love you, Margaret

  4. Hi Joy: You did a good job on your owls and
    I like Jerry's choice of fabric! It matches perfectly!
    You are a very busy lady with all your projects and an inspiration for me to do something as well.
    Margaret from Canada

  5. You are just amazing. Wish I had your energy. Love the border that Jerry picked out (no offense). Like the way you make jewelry to match your outfits. You can say you are truly one of a kind. You are really an inspiration to so many of us. Gotta get back to the cutting table. lol

  6. I love the cloth Jerry picked out. It is perfect. And please show us the new purse patterns you bought.

  7. Love the Owl project and the fabric Jerry picked out is perfect. Joy I have been following you blog from WAY BACK.....I think I joined when you had only about 25 members and look how you have grown. Your videos are excellent and I have shared many of them to friends all over the USA and they love them also. Keep up the good work and NEVER CHANGE for you presentations are so easy to follow and with personality PLUS. VICKY from MAINE.


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