Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Attic -- By Request

I have had several people ask me how I store my fabric.

Since I just added some shelving to my attic, I decided to do a video for anyone who might care.

It is probably TOO WORDY and TOO LONG and TOO BORING,


You certainly do not have to watch the video just because it is here.  Evidently, a strange lady pops in once in a blue moon and gets upset at my videos being so wordy and silly.

This one is for the nice lady who asked me to show her my storage.  This is just SOME of my storage, but it is wonderful to have.

And I have to go.

Jerry is waiting for us to watch the end of the third season of "Booze Bloods" which is what I call the "Blue Bloods".  I never -- in my entire life -- saw a family drink like this family does.  It is shocking to watch!

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy


  1. Hi Joy, so nice to see how you store your stuff :) Can you please post a photo of the ....hmmmm, what shall I call it.....the contraption with which you hang your batting on the rafters? It looked like a handle and cord knotted at the sides.......I think it is such a clever idea to get the batting out of your way! Thanks, Cala

  2. Thanks to you I have all my patterns organized because I followed your tip on using the brown envelopes and taping the pattern envelope to the front. I did it a little different than you did. I copied the pattern envelope and taped it to the front of the brown envelope so I could keep my original in good condition inside the envelope. Works great. I wish I had a larger space like you but in Florida we don't have basements or attics. Thanks for all your tips. Oh, and I love the blouse. What a perfect fit.

  3. Hi Joy: Thank you for showing us your attic. I store my fabric on shelves and stackable drawers like yours too. Could you please show us your sewing room too? I noticed that you have neatly placed your rulers + thread on the wall. You are very organized.

    I just cleaned up my sewing room last week. Once I start on sewing projects, I don't want to stop to clean, but they say a cluttered house makes a cluttered mind. That is so true for sewing. I have to keep organized.
    I was browsing the internet and came across this blog that has pictures of a fabric shop in the States. Sometimes you can find treasures in some shops--just like the shop you recently visited where the fellow cut extra fabric for you. Well, this shop (on the blog) is really a nightmare! They simply need more space period.

    Anyway, I absolutely love the colour, style and fit of your blue/green top!! I checked online and they still sell the pattern.
    Margaret from Canada


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