Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ski Rope and The Jennifer Jacket

Hello friends.

Hope you had a nice Saturday as I did.  The weather is lovely here.  Terry came over this morning before she had to leave to go to a car/football thing in OKC with Doug.  She wanted to stay here all day with me, but husbands trump friends.  My hubby was in Dallas all day hanging around the Bass Pro Service Center where NOBODY looked at his boat.  They told him after he waited all day yesterday and all day today that they couldn't look at it until Monday.

Jerry did come home with 2 new shirts, a new jacket, a gun case, boat bumpers and guide-ons for the boat trailer.  It was SO FUNNY!  He told me that he actually "saved money" because he got 10% off with his Bass Pro VIP card and another 20% off for signing up for a credit card.

I think he learned THAT from me!

I worked over SEVEN hours just today on my latest jewelry pieces which I am calling "Ski Rope".   I started the ski rope when I was on vacation in Branson.  I sat on the bed at night and worked on it.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  I took a picture for you:

WHY am I calling it "Ski Rope"?

When Jerry got home from Dallas about 5 PM today, I asked him to come upstairs to see what I had just finished.  It was exactly as the picture shows it -- hanging on Lucy's neck.

Jerry took one look at it and said, "It looks like a ski rope."

Fortunately, I didn't rip it off and throw it away.  I still like it, and I will wear it.  Ski ropish, or not!

The real name of the pattern is Daydreamer by Jill Wiseman.  However, I have just received another pattern from Fusion Beads with another lady's name on it.  Strange.

And several of you have asked me about the jacket I am working on.  Here is a picture of the pattern:

As I told you yesterday, the instructions are HORRIBLE.  You still need the pattern for the pattern piece inside.  I will be able to help clarify some of the mystery for you, but I am not really even following the writer's way of doing it.  My way is a lot easier, and Debbie agrees with me.

Gotta go.  I'll let you know when my fabric comes and I start work on the jacket again.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Hugs, Joy

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  1. Love your necklace - beautiful design and colours.

    Pity about the pattern instructions - perhaps they didnt do a test run before publishing.

    Thanks for the quilting video too - I am getting my sewing fix through you at the moment


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