Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thoughts on Tuesday Night

Hello friends!

Another whirlwind day.  You would think with me home most of every day, I would get bored and the days would be long, but that NEVER happens!  I am busy from the time I put my first foot on the ground to the time I close my eyes at night.  So much to do with my hobbies and pets and housekeeping and cooking.

Jerry and I were talking at dinner tonight about how blessed we are to have our employees.  He is ALWAYS bragging about Larece, who he says is his "right arm".  Then I brag on Candi who is my "right arm".  Then we talk about all the others and wonder what we would do without them.  We really like our new girl, Maurissa.  She is wonderful on the phone and she says, "Yes, Ma'am" to me.  Candi must have told her to do that.  I, of course, love it.

And please, dear readers, don't take that last statement wrong like several in my family would.  "You think you are better than everyone."  or  "You think you are perfect!"  or  "You are so self-righteous."  (Those are the NICE things they say about me.  )o=

The reason I love it is because I am the owner of the company, and I am the boss of the employees.  It is a sign of respect and submission to authority to have an employee say "Yes, Sir" or "Yes, Ma'am".  It makes me think VERY HIGHLY of the employee -- NOT of myself.

And the ORIGINAL point I was making was that because of our great employees, I am able to stay home most of the time and enjoy my hobbies.

Jerry and I are enjoying our new friendship with Deborah and her husband, Jim, so much.  We just met them a few weeks ago, yet they are as comfortable as an old pair of shoes!  She is super busy all the time with a full time job and teaching girls to sew at her home in the evenings and on weekends.  I think I may have met a person that has MORE energy than I do.  Jim reupholsters collector cars and is an instant friend to everyone he meets.  They invited us back to their home for Thanksgiving, but Jerry says we can't do it.  Maybe he will change his mind once his birthday boat is back from Bass Pro in Dallas and all the issues with it have been resolved.

Terry has invited us for Thanksgiving at their house a dozen times.  She and Doug have SEVEN kids between them, plus their Moms and their siblings.  Their house will be bursting at the seams if we show up too!  It would mean just a short walk away though.  That would be nice.

Terry just finished a very pretty table runner and matching placemats for her huge table.  I took pics, but they are still in the camera, and the camera is upstairs, and I'm not going up there until tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned.

My clipart site is not cooperating tonight, so I can't post any pictures.  I've never had that happen before, so I guess I'll overlook it this once.

TV time.  Probably the Sharks.

Hugs, Joy



  1. No, I don't see you ever being bored!!! You truly embrace life :) The only way to live!

  2. Hi

    It warms my heart to know someone treat people with respect. You ' are truly bless.

    IMHO Negative comments are too narrow,. As they say take the good and leave the rest behind.
    BYTW: I love your sunny blouse the one with the yellow flowers (oct. 6 post). So, i purchased the same material from the store in Springfield, Mo.

    Thanks for sharing



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