Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A VLOG Today

Hello everyone!

Hey, Diana!  I received the package today.  You wouldn't believe the huge hole that was in it.  Fortunately, everything was still okay that was inside.  I have NEVER seen a tissue box like that before, and I've seen a LOT of tissue boxes!  My Dad used to tell my Mother that we should invest in Kimberly-Clark.  Mom had allergies too.  I am not sure what to do with the apple ruler yet.  Can you send me a picture of what it makes?  Looks like fun!  And a cookie for a day when I haven't had too much non-diet food!  Thank you so much for the very sweet surprise.

I made a little video this morning.  I just blab about this, that and other stuff if you care to listen.  Some of you ask for more videos, and I enjoy making them when I can quiet the sneezes long enough.  Today was a REAL sneezy day for some reason.


I do go on and on about "teenagers these days" in this video.  If you happen to be parents of respectful teenagers, please disregard my rant.  I am talking about the vast majority of those I see, hear or have to deal with these days.

And REMEMBER, I am NOT THE AUTHOR of the book I am referring to -- BUT, I wish I was.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Terry is coming over in the morning to quilt her placemats.  We had the DARNDEST time trying to fix the thread she wants to use.  It broke CONSTANTLY!  We did everything we could possibly think of to fix it, but nothing worked.  Finally, I put ZERO tension on top and bottom, and it seems to be working now.  We shall see what the morning brings.

I think I will get in my jammies and hike up the laptop onto my lap and do some research on breaking thread.

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Past and a New Year Beckons

The weather here is VERY, VERY, VERY WET!  And it is VERY windy!  We left our Edmond home today driving on icy streets as sleet was falling.  Yuk!  Fortunately, we were in Jerry's truck that has 4-wheel drive.  We are now back home in Kingston where it is several degrees warmer, but buckets of rain are falling and blowing.  Ponds are overflowing and some roads are flooded.

GoodNESS!  The dogs are in.  The cats are in.

Honestly, we can't complain.  The weather has been wonderful for weeks.  The weather was very nice Christmas day.

And, speaking of Christmas, I'm sure you all want to know about my super secret gift.  Here it is.  It is a quilt with a bunch of nurse sayings and clipart I put together for my granddaughter who is in nursing school and working 12-hour shifts at OK Heart Hospital.

I have a video on my cell phone of her opening the gift, BUT I cannot get the video to go to my email.  I have sent it at least six times, but it never does transmit.  UGH!
Lindy was sweet and said she liked it, but I think her Mother liked it more than she did.  She didn't even read the pictures and sayings.  I did point out two or three of them.  I spent so many hours on them, but nobody realizes what goes into something like that until they do it themselves.  Hopefully, she looked at it all later.  She was concerned about her boyfriend's whereabouts and kept texting.  It kind of hurt my feelings, but...

Sometimes, what we think is going to be really special to someone, is kind of a flop.

I think it is PAY BACK for when I did something AWFUL one year when my kids were little.

NOTE:  I am NOT insinuating that what Lindy did compares to what I did in the story I'm about to tell you.  Lindy was very sweet and said she liked the quilt.  I'm just saying, maybe I deserved a little disappointment.

My daughters were probably 8 and 10.  My Dad and Mom were ALWAYS at our house for Christmas.  My Mother was an excellent seamstress.  She decided to make me and both my daughters KNIT, LIME GREEN skirts with tie belts that had BLACK FUR BLOBS at each end of the belts.  With my Mother's skills, she probably whipped them all up in less than an hour.  Elastic waists and one seam rectangles.

My Mother had a thing for fur.  I, however, did NOT.

Anyway, I hated the skirts, and the girls hated the skirts.  None of us looked good in lime green, and none of us liked fur blobs on the end of our belts.  I gave them to the Salvation Army as soon as she left.  She asked me later about them -- and STUPID ME -- told her the truth.  She was quite upset, and I realize NOW how much that must have hurt her.  I wish I could go back and REDO that and all three of us wear them at least once and have a picture taken in them.

Christmas night was at my daughter, Tammy's, house.  She does Christmas like I always did.  Lots of presents and lots of food and lots of fun.  This is Tammy and her hubby, Len:

I took ham.  Tammy fixed AuGrautin Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole (in a very fancy way) and the YUMMIEST salad!

She got the salad recipe from a nurse friend of hers -- I think she said.  It has a can of crushed pineapple with the juice -- chopped apples (she uses different kinds, but NOT "Delicious") -- a box of vanilla or butterscotch pudding -- and a container of cool whip.  You just mix it all together and chill.  You won't believe how delicious it is!

I should have taken a picture of it.  Well, actually I probably would have except I got MANY comments from Len about "everything having to be on my BLOG".  It made me feel a bit intimidated, so I didn't do a lot of what I would have otherwise.  I don't want to make people uncomfortable, and a lot of people don't like their picture taken, and I was at HIS house, not mine.

This was the VERY FIRST present I unwrapped.  It was from my oldest grandson, John.  (I call him "Boo Bear".)  He is a Sergeant in the Army and is stationed at Fort Hood.  He also gave me a wonderful framed picture taken at his promotion, but we left it on Jerry's desk in Edmond.

I squealed with delight and ran over and jumped in John's lap for a photo.  LOVE IT!  His poor fiance' about got crushed.  She is lucky I lost 15 pounds!  There were comments floating around the room such as, "He has ALWAYS been her favorite!"  I don't know WHY they would think that!

And this is my sweet granddaughter, Lindy.

She is the one I made the special nurse quilt for.

She is in nursing school and works in the Emergency Room at the OK Heart Hospital where her Mom also works.  Her Mom works for a doctor there.

Obviously, she is my favorite too!

Lindy gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby because they sell fabric and beads, and she also bought me several pair of warm, fuzzy socks that she remembered I really like.  She got her Papa several bags of dark chocolate (his favorite) and a nice shirt.

And THIS gorgeous young man is Jacob Troy.  All I can say about him is that if his life choices were as good as he is looking, he would be a very prosperous, happy, successful young man. 

Unfortunately, that has not been the case up to now, but I am expecting a major miracle in 2016 for this very loved grandchild of mine who is constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

I told him he was so handsome, he could be a model, so he was modeling his new shirt for me.  He can be QUITE the charmer.

 He played Santa for the night.

And, yes, my husband WAS there.  This is the only picture that was taken, and my camera was on the wrong setting, so it is very fuzzy.  You get the idea, lol.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I almost forgot to show you one of my BESTEST OF ALL gifts.  My daughter is an excellent knitter/crocheter, and I have BEGGED her to make me some fingerless gloves.  I opened these and was so excited.  Tammy kept saying they had a mistake in them, but I told her NOT TO TELL ME!  If there is a mistake, I sure don't know where it is, and I have looked and looked.

I ate a hamburger with these on today!  

IF the video of Lindy opening her quilt EVER COMES ACROSS from my cell phone, I will share it with you.  

Hugs, Joy

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Whose Kid Is This???

I had lunch at Terry's after church today.  I asked her how the sermon was at Victory Life,and she said it was wonderful.

She asked me how the sermon was at Cornerstone.  I told her it was SOOOOO GOOD that I cried.  I told her it gave me hope for a "child of mine" that needs a supernatural touch from the "kid" in Matthew Hagee's sermon today.

I am going to try to repeat the sermon to you now, and I'm sure I will cry again, but it is okay.  I have a real burden for this young man in my life, and I know God can move on his heart and mind JUST LIKE He does mine.

The "kid" in the sermon grows up.  He is now a man, but I will refer to him as the "kid".

He realizes he is to change places with a man condemned to die on Death Row.  He makes arrangements with the people in charge to change places with the man.

He goes into the jail and he walks down Death Row, and he comes to the cell of the condemned man.

He says to the criminal, "You are free to leave today because I am going to take your place."

The criminal, of course, is very confused and doesn't understand.  He asks how that is possible, and the "kid" says that he has taken care of all the necessary arrangements, and the man is FREE to leave the prison.

The man says, "But where will I go?"

The "kid" says, "You will go to MY HOUSE, and knock on the door."

The man argues that nobody will know him there; and even if they did, they surely would NOT let him in.

The "kid" explains that when the door is answered, the person answering it will not see or recognize YOU -- he will only see ME.

The "kid" repeats for him to just go there and knock on the door.  He tells him that his father will receive him and invite him in.

He tells him, "You will sleep in MY ROOM, and you will sleep in MY BED on MY PILLOW."

The criminal asks, What will happen to you?"

He answers, "I WILL SUFFER YOUR PUNISHMENT, and you will go FREE!"


THIS KID is the son of God!  He was sent to take the punishment that all of us deserve because THIS KID was willing to do the will of his Father.

THIS KID is the Christ of Christmas, and He is the reason we celebrate whether or not December 25th is the actual date of his birth.  What is important, is that He came -- not what day it was.

Telling the story in human experience makes the story so real.  At least, it does to me.  It is SO AMAZING that no matter HOW AWFUL WE SCREW UP OUR LIVES, God is still there to rescue us and love us and lead us and guide us, and there is still a place in Heaven for us.


Merry Christmas to all of you, and may you come to have a personal relationship with THIS KID who is the Son of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Hugs, Joy

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Video to Show You My Quilt Shop "SAVINGS"!

Yesterday was a quiet morning, so I took a few moments to share the GRAND OPENING of the bags with you.

I can't stay.

I have the super-secret project all done and ready to wrap but I have to add one more little thing to it.

Be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Again Today!

This week just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!

I started out at 7 AM this morning working on our company's bank statements.  Each store has its own bank.  SOMEHOW, the credit card company mixed up WHICH BANK WENT TO WHICH STORE and all the Credit Card deposits for almost two whole months went to the wrong bank!  I was so mixed up last month, I almost had to be medicated!  By 10:30, I had one bank balanced and the other was only $25.00 off.

I decided I deserved a REWARD for all that hard brain work, so I did what any quilter would do.  I called Terry and said, "Let's go back to that Quilt Shop!"

Terry said, "When shall I be ready?"

As every other day, my day revolves around Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  I really believe it is one of the things I do that helps me keep my weight where it should be.  I ALWAYS eat three times a day with healthy snacks in between.

So, I told Terry I would pick her up at 11:30 so we would arrive in Durant in time for lunch.  I told her that she could pick where we were to eat.  I suggested the few choices available:  Wendy's, Arby's, Salita's and Chili's.

She said she didn't care, BUT she wanted to show me a restaurant that she keeps telling me about, and I keep telling her it is out of business.  She swore to me it wasn't, so I asked if they were open for lunch.  She said they were.

Now, Jerry and I have lived here for almost TWENTY YEARS, and we had NEVER heard about this restaurant until Terry moved here.  The one time we tried to eat there after Terry told us about it, the door was locked and it was dark inside.  It is called The Roadhouse.

We found the ONLY parking place behind the restaurant to park in, and we went inside.  VERY NICE inside with the prettiest Christmas tree.  We hadn't been there 30 seconds when I handed Terry my camera and asked her to take a picture of the TREE, and I jumped over in front of it.  Unfortunately, she got more of me than the tree, but you can sort of see how pretty it was.  It went clear to the ceiling and was very pretty.

That deer is INSIDE the tree limbs.

Notice the jingle bells on my wrist???  That was a Christmas gift from Fire Mountain Gems where I order most of my beads.  I am a Platinum customer because I spend $3,000 or more a year with them.  I just LOVE this bracelet even though it is very cheap.  I showed it to Jerry and asked him how he liked it.  He said, "They SHOULD have sent you DIAMONDS!!!

We sat down right next to the tree and ordered our lunch.  I ordered a Shish-K-Bob and Terry ordered a turkey wrap.  And, YES, I took pics for you:

I was SUPER-delighted with my K-bob.  The steak was cooked PERFECT, and when I ordered it, all I said was, "I want it PINK inside."  It was.  Tender and lucious.  The salad was fresh and crisp.  The tea was really good.  I could not have been more pleased with this lunch!

Terry ordered a turkey wrapped in some kind of green tortilla.  She said it was really good.  Half of it is in my refrigerator right now, and I had to keep Jerry from eating it when he got home from work.  Terry forgot to get it out of my car.

After lunch, we returned to the Quilt Shop sale.  Terry was very good and only spent $30.  She went there yesterday afternoon, so it was her second trip too.  I spent $400!  BUT, you have to think of how much money I SAVED!  Honestly!  Terry will buy some of the fabric on bolts if she uses them for her quilt backings.  I've started pricing everything with my cost unless she already paid for half of it.  We are getting quite a collection of co-owned property.

Jerry is upstairs watching the Thunder play basketball.  I would rather look up quilting or jewelry Youtube videos, but I don't want him to feel neglected.  I'll go sit with him awhile, and THEN I'll look up videos.

By for now, my friends.

Hugs, Joy

Early Christmas for Me -- YAY!

I only have a moment.

I made a video yesterday to give you an update of my activities -- if anyone cares -- but I don't have time to say much more.

I HAVE to get back to my super-secret project.

I'm coming down the home stretch.

Here is the video:

pardon the sneeze at the end.  I THOUGHT I cut that off, but I obviously, forgot to delete the clip.  I have a one-track mind right now.  Sorry!

Be back as soon as I can be.

Hugs, Joy

Friday, December 11, 2015

Dinner Party and Terry's New Room

The party at Terry's last night was W O N D E R F U L !

There were about 15 people there.  Everyone was amazed at Terry's decorations and her tables.  Terry kept telling everyone how much I helped her.  One lady (I found out later that she is the leader) came up and hugged me and thanked me for helping Terry.

I got in trouble.


Jerry and I aren't a part of that group.  Terry invited us because I helped her, AND because we COULD be a part of the group if we wanted to be as it is a Life Group from our church.

Anyway, since we don't know the routine, I was in "Joy routine".  It was the LAW in our home that as soon as you were done eating, you got up from the table and did the dishes.  No ifs, ands or buts.  "Dinner" included doing the dishes afterward.  RIGHT afterward.  It actually always made sense to me, and I have always done it.  I have every dish that can be done before dinner already done before we eat.

So everyone had left the table and had gone out to pray for a lady that was having surgery today.  They were all standing around talking, and the lady left to go home.  She wasn't part of the group.  She stopped by to give Terry a present.  I turned around after the prayer and went back into the kitchen to put food away and do dishes.  I didn't see anyone out there but Terry, and I assumed all the others were still chatting and getting ready to go home.

Terry came to the sink where I was working.  I asked her for some dish towels, and I asked her where the dish soap was, and I asked her if the dishwasher was dirty.

She kept telling me to stop and that I didn't need to do any of that.

UNBEKNOWNST TO ME, everyone had sat down at the long dining room table again, and they were WAITING FOR ME to start their meeting.

I had no idea!  I thought I was helping by doing the dishes.

In a little bit, Terry came up to me and informed me that I needed to STOP doing dishes and sit down.

Sit down!????

I can't do dishes sitting down.

I turned around and there they all were.  Every seat was full but Terry's and mine.

I hollered at Terry today when she was here.  I said, "For heaven's sake, girl, tell me what the heck is going on so I'm NOT such a Dork!"

She laughed.

So I have to show you Terry's super-fabulous sewing room that has been under construction for what seems like forever!  It isn't done, but it is to the point that we can play like we have tables and machines and lots of storage and plug-ins.

This is the part that faces the street in front of their house.  The guy in the back with gray hair is Doug, Terry's other half.

Here is another shot of the part that faces the street.  NOTICE the little sunlight window on the roof.  Doug decided to put a little prayer closet above Terry's room so he can go up there and pray without being disturbed.

I couldn't believe it!  Yes, the prayer room was wonderful.  I have always wanted one.  BUT, it requires a spiral staircase in Terry's space.  I would NOT have been happy about my space being invaded, but Terry isn't like me.  She feels very blessed to be getting the room at all, and she is.  But still.....
Below is part of one wall.  Doug decided TWO QUEEN SIZE Murphy beds were going into this room also. 

I TRIED my very best to talk her out of that, but she says she doesn't care.  Says she will MOVE her tables when the beds come down.  They have seven kids between them, and IF they were ever to all come at once, they need a lot of beds.  I would have suggested one of the rental trailers down at the Marina. (-;

So one part is for a Murphy bed.  The rest is closets and shelving on this wall.  Lots more storage and another bed on the other side of the room.
The pic below shows the entryway.

French doors and windows were installed yesterday.  VERY NICE!
 Here is the inside of that same area.
I believe the dimensions started out to be 20' by 24', but that came down a bit with the Murphy beds and the stair case.

Right now, Terry uses the laundry room for her sewing space.  This will be HEAVEN ON EARTH for her compared to that!  Fortunately, she won't have space for a longarm, so she will STILL be forced to come play with me in my room.  She was here today.  We fit so EASY together.  Does that make sense?

While she was here, Karen, (the leader lady) called her to tell Terry how awesome everything was last night.  She told Terry to please tell Jerry and me that she would love for us to become a part of their group.  We are seriously considering it.  Lovely group of people.

Gotta get.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Terry's Joyful Catering

What a WONderful day this is.

The weather is so pretty that Terry and I swang/swung in the patio swings while we discussed our husbands and their FEW, teeny, tiny faults -- hardly worth discussing -- LOL!

Actually, we mostly discussed the dinner Terry is having tomorrow for what is called "Life Group" from our church.  There are lots of Life Groups all over this town and others, but this one is the only one we ever go to because Terry and Doug have it at their house occasionally.  Terry always cooks and some of the people bring a dish.  Terry thought she was having only 13, but it turns out she is having several more people.  She had only one small turkey.  I offered to make a ham and some other dishes.  She said, "I HATE to ask you."

I reminded her that it is OUR Church too.  She smiled and said, "Well, since you put it that way, YES, please do all that stuff you said."

I asked her last night if there was anything I could do.  She said, "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

She asked if I could make some simple place cards.  Well, if I'm going to make them, they will have to be pretty simple!

Here is what I came up with:

I had to add four more people to that set, but they are all done.

Terry came over to see if I had any Christmas placemats.  I did NOT!  I gave her all the red and burgundy tablecloths that I have.  LOOK what she did with them!

She put her table cloth on top of mine, and then added the gorgeous candles.  SO PRETTY!

Here is the children's table:

they are too pretty to mess up, even with paper plates and plastic silverware.

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Terry takes my buttinski advice, and she actually uses it.  So many people take offense when you try to "teach" them something.  She was here this morning, and I was telling her that I would get that turkey cooked TODAY -- carve it and arrange it on a pretty platter -- clean up the whole mess, and reheat it tomorrow before the party.

She came over to me and took my head in her heads and said we need to meld our brains (or something like that).  She ALSO took my tip from Thanksgiving, and she set her tables the day before.  I have done that a WEEK before and covered it with a sheet.

This is the first pic Terry sent me:

Since the napkins and the silverware and some of the tablecloths came from my house, I GUESS I felt like I should tell Terry that the silverware wasn't on right -- if she cared.

Much to my awe and amazement, she DID care!

I sent her this diagram so she would know I didn't just make it up that the silverware wasn't on "right".
Some of you know that from the time I was NINE YEARS OLD, I was responsible for having dinner for six on the table every night when my parents got home from work.  My Mother taught me how to set a table properly, and it was set that way for EVERY SINGLE EVENING MEAL!  Even the butter plate and the tea cup and saucer.

I realize that most families don't even sit at a table these days, but I think they should.  It was a wonderful family time for us.  We talked and laughed and laughed and laughed.  My sister, Janice, was so funny, we nearly choked on our food watching her imitate situations and people.

I really miss that about our family.

We don't do anything together anymore.  )-:  Jerry and I do have dinner at a set bar every night when he gets home from work, although "dinner" for me may be a shake these days.  I try to do the shakes for breakfast and lunch though.

ANYWAY, if you will scroll back up to the first pic I sent you of Terry's table, you will see she rearranged everything.  She wasn't mad at me AT ALL!  What a blessing.  I told her she can totally boss me around whenever she wants -- and she does, lol.  There was a certain function I did NOT want to attend this year, but Terry and Deb BOTH told me, "YOU ARE GOING!"

I told Terry we should start a catering business because we are such a good team.  She agreed.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you something VERY EXCITING about Terry!!!

Gotta go downstairs and set the bar for dinner.  We will be at Terry's tomorrow night.

Hugs, Joy

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Back Home Again

Hi dear readers!

The weather here is SO BEAUTIFUL.  67 today and tomorrow and 70 the next day.  In December!  Makes me want to decorate for Christmas which I haven't done in years because nobody ever comes here.  I'm thinking I may have a party.  Maybe a dinner party.

And, YES, I can hear you thinking, "WHY does warm weather make her want to decorate?"

The answer to that is because my half decorated Christmas trees are over in Jerry's barn.  You have to bring them down rough wooden stairs and over a rocky driveway.  He gets VERY grumpy at the thought of it, and even more so when we have to put it all back!

I can be VERY persuasive, however, so I may ask in my nicest Mrs. Santa voice and see what he says.  If he won't do it, I may have to beg Terry to come help me.

Do any of you know a CHRISTMAS game?  I used to know lots of party games, but we were so young then.  Think I will google that and see what comes up.

Maybe someone invented Christmas Dominoes or a Light String Dance or a Reindeershoe Toss.

I shall check into it.

Right now, I'm going to go out into my warm attic and start dragging out snowmen and Christmas village houses and bridges and ice skaters and such.

Even if NOBODY comes here, I can show it all to "my people", can't I???

Be back soon!

Hugs, Joy

Monday, December 7, 2015

Adventure VLOG from Trip to Deb's in Ozark

I made a VLOG this morning to show you -- AND myself -- what I brought back from Missouri this past weekend.

We had such a great time.  Deb really has paid attention to my BLOG over the years.  She had everything in that house EXACTLY like I like it.  A tissue box in EVERY ROOM!  A bottle of water on each of our night stands.  A pot of coffee already to brew with a push of a button each morning, and she and Jim don't even have coffee at home in the morning.  Jim suggested she put a mint on our pillows, but all they had was Snicker bars, lol.

WHY OH WHY didn't I take pictures --
she had quilts all over the place!

I didn't realize she was a quilter, but she very much is.  She has lots of gorgeous pieced tops waiting to be quilted.  She has a longarm friend there in Ozark, and she can use her machine, so she will eventually get them all done.

For heaven's sake, Joy!  Show them the VLOG.

So now, you know all about my super-fun shopping spree with Deb.

I can't believe that just a short time ago, I was so upset that I had lost what I thought was a life-long sewing BFF, and I couldn't imagine how I could ever find another one.

But God is SO GOOD TO ME!

I now have TWO sewing/quilting BFF's, and I am having the time of my life.  Deb is going to come for a week in the Spring, and she and Terry will finally get to meet each other.  What a blessing they are to me!  And not only that, Jerry is having a great time with both of their husbands, and we are both welcome in their homes.

Why am I always surprised at how GOOD God is?  Maybe it isn't that I'm surprised.  It is just that I am SO GRATEFUL!

It is time for me to fix my shake for dinner.  I have had to put a sudden HAULT on my eating, so it is back to two shakes a day.  It is very hard to do shakes when you are traveling.

Hugs to all "my people".

Be back soon.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Quick, Sleepy "Hello" VLOG

I made a quick video just to let you know I DO still exist, and I am back from our boat-returning trip to Springfield, MO.

I have lots to tell you and super fun stuff to show you, BUT, you will have to wait until I get a boost of energy.  The date is 12-6-15, NOT 12-9.  It dawned on my lightning fast brain that the date is at the bottom of the computer.

Not only did I not have my computer for 3 days, I didn't have my vitamins either!

Here's the little video that uploaded in LESS THAN A MINUTE!!!

I'll be back soon.

Hugs, Joy

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

VLOG for you Today re: Brows, Bracelets and Boats

Made a video this morning because I had just a few minutes before I HAD to get back to the project I am working on for a special person for Christmas.

Here is the video.  I show you the eyebrow product some of you asked about, some new jewelry I made, and I tell you where we are going tomorrow and why.

I have to go, but I'll be back soon.

Hugs, Joy